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From the Illinois Policy Institute…

Ooh, That’s Awkward
America is a great country, full of wonderful people…but we should probably beef up on history classes. Last weekend, Jay Leno took a quick walk to find out how much his fellow Americans really know about Independence Day. The results?

With Friends Like These…
Which state department was created to give Illinois a financial boost—but with investments in gems like chocolate-themed getaways and a Canadian 4th of July, is looking more like a bust? Click here for our latest Spotlight on State Spending.

Minimum Wage, or Minimum Impact?
The minimum wage is a hot topic here in Illinois. Does it help people struggling to make money…or does it actually end up shutting down jobs? On Tuesday, our CEO John Tillman appeared on Fox News Chicago to weigh in. You can watch here.

Looking for a Recession-Proof Job?
If you’ve been with us for a while, you probably know the punchline: Yes, it’s government work. While citizens across the nation are suffering pay cuts, layoffs, and hour reductions, one sector is doling out pay raises. Click here to learn more.

The Mullets of Freedom
What’s the world coming to when a beloved, all-American haircut gets banned? Find out what’s in Iran’s latest non-optional national style guide—which bans mullets, ponytails, and more—here.

Fiscal Flushes
We’ve been hearing a lot about the state budget lately, but what’s the real deal? Illinois certainly isn’t flush with cash—in fact, it’s flushing something else down the drain. Kristina Rasmussen reveals the details in her latest Examiner column.

“Rules for Radicals”: Join Us On July 29!
What’s the inside story when it comes to Chicago-style “community organizing”? Mark your calendar for Thursday, July 29 for our next big Institute event, and RSVP here!

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