A Note on Candidate Press Releases

When I first set out to lend this space to Republican candidates for the primary I decided that anyone that sent me a press release would have the courtesy of having it posted here.

I did this for several reasons: 1). because I had yet to make my own endorsements and wanted to see what everyone was saying, 2). so that others out there who, like me, wanted to see what was going on with the field of candidates could do so, and 3). to serve as an open forum for all Republican candidates.

Well, now we are at only two days before the voting begins and since I have made my endorsement (see them HERE) I have decided that from this point forward only those candidates I endorse will get this space. It is crunch time and time for me to put forth only those candidates I feel are the best ones.

Thanks for sticking with Publius Forum through the run up to the primary and I hope you stick around during and beyond.

Warner Todd Huston
Editor, Publius Forum

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