Illinois Policy Institute: State of the State is…?

The State of the State is…
Yesterday, Governor Pat Quinn gave his “State of the State” address—and, by pretty much all accounts, Illinois has seen better days. John Tillman appeared on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight last night to give his assessment of Governor Quinn’s speech. You can watch by clicking the video above.

Something’s Gotta Give
Illinois spends over $11,000 per public school student, only to reap abysmal results. Only 20 percent of 12th grade students have the skills to succeed in college, and at least 25 percent of students in Illinois public high schools drop out altogether (in Chicago, that jumps up to a shocking 50%). Fortunately, there is a better way. In his new report, “Ahead of the Curve,” Collin Hitt shows alternatives to our failing public school system—alternatives that give all students a chance for a better education.

Country Tunes and Magical Pie
What do “lying-on-your-back-in-the-sun-wishing-life-wasn’t-so-grown-up” pop/country tunes, magical pie, and capitalism have in common? Jerry Agar explains in his latest blog post, which you can here.

Last Chance To Speak Out!
Want to share your thoughts on one of the top free speech issues of the year? Today is the deadline to comment on the government’s push for “net neutrality,” which would give bureaucrats more power over the Internet. Brian Costin, our Director of Outreach, has the details here.

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Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off
Supporters of “climate change” and “health care reform” legislation are meeting tremendous popular resistance—are they ready to say “oops” and call the whole thing off? Join the Heartland Institute and guest speaker Alexandra Liddy Bourne for the inside scoop from DC.

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