The 3rd Annual Sammies: We are ALL Activists Now!

The Sam Adams Alliance is a free market think tank based in Chicago, Illinois…

It’s that time again! We’re pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Sammies, a contest recognizing exceptional citizen leaders committed to a free society.

The theme of this year’s Sammies, “We Are All Activists Now,” draws inspiration from 2009’s historic
explosion of political engagement, manifest in tea parties, town halls, and a surge of citizen leadership at the state and local levels.

Cash prizes totaling $20,000 will be awarded to individuals who make significant contributions to the advancement of economic and individual liberty in the following categories (click on each for more info):

  • Blogger: Cover state and local issues in your blog? Broken a story recently? An award for a dedicated citizen journalist who not only breaks the story but who strategically frames the debate: $3,000.
  • Video: Know how to edit video? Have the skills to go viral? An award for an exceptional online video that presents the ideals of liberty in relation to a contemporary issue: $3,000.
  • Watchdog: Fancy yourself a private eye? Good with FOIA? An award for an intrepid citizen investigator who uncovers government waste, abuse, patronage, and/or fraud: $3,000.
  • Town Hall: Give a town hall speech? Capture it on video? An award for an individual who delivered an eloquent and passionate town hall speech and, moreover, used that experience as a launchpad to speak out on other issues and work for local change: $3,000.
  • Tea Party: Organize a tea party? Turn that protest into concrete action? An award for the leader of a successful and ongoing local tea party movement: $3,000.
  • Modern-Day Sam Adams: The grand prize. An award for a remarkable individual who achieved a major political victory for freedom: $5,000.

All entries are due by February 17, 2010, and winners will be flown to Chicago and awarded at a red-carpet event in April.

To enter the Sammies, visit the Sammies website at For additional information, please check out the video promo or email

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