DANGEROUS RUMORS Taking Today’s Gossip Seriously

-By Resa LaRu Kirkland

I received the following email from a colleague right after Bush’s speech:

I’m doing a show on the speech, and some things don’t make sense, given the wire the last couple of months that something big was going to happen in early 07. Now we are getting 20,000 more troops, 3 carrier battle groups, and offensive ops in Somalia. Throw in the Iranian officers we’ve captured, and something smells like sulfur. Have you heard of anything from your Israeli contacts, or anyone else as to what is really happening? No way in hell we send 3 carriers to the gulf for Iraq…–Casey Hendrickson show, KXNT Las Vegas.

Hmmm…rumors are dangerous things. Pass it on mentality is often cruel and flawed. But this time, it makes me think back on other rumors in our past.

In the fall of 1950, only weeks after the greatest landing operation in American history–Inchon–our frontline men in Korea began taking Chinese Communist Forces prisoner. All summer and into the fall, Big Mac and the CIA had adamantly stuck to their guns that the Chinese would NOT enter the war. In spite of the abundance of ominous evidence otherwise–Chairman Mao had ordered the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army into the war in the first week of October–their denial continued, until on November 25, when 300,000 troops poured over the North Korean border, starting the horrific, bloody fighting of the famed Chosin Reservoir.

Denial ended abruptly, brutally. The rumors were true. It would seem that one of the dangers of rumors is discounting them, over and over again. (Note the date)

I suppose the wisdom in dealing with rumors is knowing when they’re worthy of a second look and when they should be disregarded. Fortunately for us, we have an even easier way of determining truth from fiction: Is the Hippy Press reporting it?

If the answer is “yes,” you can be sure it’s a lie. If the answer is “no,” therein lies the reality they are desperate to deny.

Case in point, this from fellow truth-holder and friend Angie.

I wanted to let you know about a story coming out of Ft. Benning, Georgia that is not being reported and thought you might like to be one of the first.

My fiance, Danny, just joined the military. He is 35 years old. After 9/11, he wanted to join but was too old. Last year, the Army raised the enlistment age to 42. Danny saw this as a sign and joined.

He started his new journey last week at Ft. Benning here in Georgia. I was worried because I thought he was going to be the “old man” and would be picked on. When he arrived at Ft. Benning, there were over 1000 recruits along with him.

Here is the story, most of the guys are between the ages of 27-39. I am tired of the left saying that the only one’s joining are these “18 year old “poor” kids who have no other choice in life but to join.” This simply is NOT true. These are grown men who believe in our President and support the war on terror. Danny and others have “requested” to go to Iraq. They are not naive young kids who have been fooled by recruiters into to joining the military. They understand exactly what is at stake and are willing to leave their own children, wives, and careers to sacrifice their own lives to protect this country and its freedom’s.

I personally, am very proud of ALL of them and feel this is a story that needs to be told because these men are TRUE American heroes. They deserve the respect, recognition, and honor.

Sean Hannity is suppose to call me Monday to discuss this subject on his radio show, but I wanted to give you the story also. This is something I feel needs to be told.

This is true, because it passes the Hippy Press test; they aren’t touching it. Why? Isn’t it apparent? If they lose the “poor, minority, immature young men” angle, it calls into question all of their other fundamental beliefs.

Remember in WWII when the average age of the soldier was 27? In Korea, it lowered a little to 23. By Vietnam, it bottomed out at 19. The difference in maturity couldn’t be more crystal if it was made by Swarovski. But here’s the thing: in all three wars, every single young man won. We beat the axis in WWII, stopped the communists right where they began in Korea, and never lost a single battle in all of Vietnam. Not a single battle. (If you’re puzzled and asking yourself, “Then why did we lose?” you need only research one lying, traitorous bastard: Walter Cronkite.)

The American warriors’ commitment is not in question here, nor are his motives; never have been. It is the goal of the hippies and their spawn, and their motives, however, that are.

Why do they choose the sides they choose? Why is their hatred so virulent, their choice of sides so consistently depraved? You can click off their choice even before they make it. If it’s the environment, they’ll cry for the tree and stump for the fact-less fear-mongering of hippies and other losers. If it’s war, they’ll lean so far toward the enemy that a mere sneeze would put them across the line. If it’s American Warriors, they’ll talk support in a frantic attempt to prove that they aren’t the vile, contemptible bowel movements that good people know them to be, but act saboteur when they think we aren’t looking. If it’s illegals, they’ll distract you with the word “immigration” while opening the door to condone all manner of crimes; an absolute inevitability once we excuse those who have no problem breaking our laws from day one. If it’s Judeo/Christian beliefs, they’ll ignore any good history or accomplishment and pound home the insidious actions of a few individuals. (If they tried the same thing with “people of color,” they would be called “racists,” which is why they choose the safe territory of Jew/Christian bashing.)

And if it’s Israel, they’re always pro-anyone but. Oh, they’ll talk self-righteously about the evils of Hitler (but oddly enough say nothing against Stalin, who killed even more Jews than Hitler did) as if that somehow proves they aren’t the blatant anti-semites that they truly are. They utterly ignore the fact that Israel has NEVER broken a single treaty made with any nation–including the make-believe nation of Palestine–and tout the cause of nations–real and otherwise–who have yet to keep a single one. They won’t even acknowledge the fact that Hizbollah has yet to return the three kidnapped young soldiers–an “unconditional” mandate by the UN in exchange for Israel ceasing fire–and yawn at the 20 and counting violations and daily shelling that Lebanon is free to launch without fear of so much as one article of disgust for their continued dishonorable and gutless behavior.

Let Israel defend itself ONCE or say “Enough!” and there aren’t enough trees out there to contain the plethora of “How dare you’s!” sure to show up across the nation’s newsprint. (With New York Times leading the pathetic charge.)

The Rabbi Meir Kahane gave us this wise caveat when it came to the motives of those who are enemies of Jews over a decade ago, but it easily applies to America and our warriors, too: So listen and look very carefully at the one who claims to love Jews (or Americans or our warriors). Does he physically threaten other Jews — even in the name of “the cause”? That person does not love, he hates. Are his speeches filled with bile so bitter that the listener can almost taste it? Are his words ravings against Everyone without the slightest praise for Anyone? Beware of that person.

Kahane called it. The times the Hippy Press supports America, Israel, or those fighting for our freedoms are so rare they are rendered useless. If we refuse to fight, we choose slavery. No nation has ever survived once it refused to back its own beliefs. If we ignore the bubbling rumors now, we’ll pay attention only when it’s too late; such has been the unfortunate tendency of mankind. Is history so dreary and freedom so redundant as to render them unworthy of teaching us a lesson now?

There are truths and absolutes in life, black and white, rights and wrongs. Choosing which side we would stand with remarkable, intelligent, articulate man. He is indeed magnificent. His piece on what Thomas Jefferson learned from the Koran is magnificent and worthy of a worldwide classroom. But his most eternal truth came from a statement he uses often. Simple in its logic, eternal in its indisputable truth, only the fool would try to deny it. (Which is why you’ll see the Hippies soon vilifying him)

If all of the Arabs put down their arms, there will be no more war. If all of the Jews put down their arms, there will be no more Jews. David Ha’ivri

No more Jews, no more soldiers, no more America. That is exactly what the hippies want. In the name of peace they will welcome slavery and bow before evil. They have created the only thing more foul than Islam and communism–wretched capitulation and acceptance of subservience to those who take glee in oppression.

They must be stopped–not the terrorists, but those who excuse them and enable them to murder at will, with no accountability whatsoever.

Pass it on…this rumor is right.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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