Taft Signs Voter ID Into Law (Ohio Gets an ATTABOY!)

This is certainly good news. Ohio’s Gov. Taft has signed a law that will require voters to present a driver’s license or other specific identification before they will be allowed to vote in Ohio elections. Until today, an Ohioan could just walk up to a polling place and claim verbally who they were and where they lived, without registration or any real proof.

I am a bit surprised that the leftward leaning Taft made this conciliatory gesture to conservative Ohioans, to tell the truth. Taft must be sensing how tenuous his position is at long last.

Here are a few segments from a recent report on the signing of this bill.

Democrats argued that the ID requirements will make it harder for seniors, the poor and disabled to vote.

Obviously poor people and old folk are just too stupid to understand that they must prove that they actually qualify to vote, I suppose. Is there no end to Democrat condescension?

DeWine and Speaker Jon Husted, also from suburban Dayton, said they expect voters won’t experience problems at the polls but will instead have more confidence in election security.

Dewine trying to regain so much lost credibility. It’s doubtful it will work for him this late in the game.

A union steward who votes Democratic, she said she was glad the ID requirement would increase security.

“It’s not a burden,” she said. “You could be anybody that’s walking in to vote for somebody else.”

Now there is a smart woman!

But Julie Batey, 39, a Democratic Party volunteer from Wadsworth in northeast Ohio, said she used to work in personnel and found that many low-income people don’t have a valid ID.

“I think it’s kind of a Republican ploy to kind of affect the voters out there who would possibly vote Democratic,” she said.

Oh, please. They have to find someone touting the blind, leftist talking points. It’s just more Democratic fear mongering. Just like the lies that blacks were kept from voting in florida, believed as gospel even though there is not a shred of proof to the allegations.

Anyway, good going Ohio. Let’s hope this will spread to other states.


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