Oil producer opens massive Civil War museum

FORT WORTH, Texas After two decades collecting Civil War treasures, Ray Richey finally reached a turning point.
The 50-year-old Texas oilman had to decide whether to build another storage building, a museum for his collection — or quite collecting.

Richey went with the museum idea — and developed an expansive building just a short walk from his office on Fort Worth’s western outskirts.

But the Texas Civil War Museum, which opened to the public today, is more than just his huge stockpile.

Richey partnered with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, whose Texas collection was displayed in Austin from 1904 to 1988. The U-D-C had been seeking a permanent home for their artifacts since being uprooted by renovation of the State Capitol.

Original source:KLTV
Texas Museum
Oh, how the lefties must HATE this “eeeevil” rich guy opening a Civil War museum!

I applaued the man for seeing it his civic duty to save our history.

One other thing. I am heartened to see this happen by the private sector. See, we DON’T need government to do everything!

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