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Dr. Rubio I Presume – Adressing a Reply to My Watchmen Review
– By Warner Todd Huston

Alexander G. Rubio recently penned a review of a review with a reply to my piece on Alan Moore’s Watchmen series, a comic book series originally published in 1986. I would like to thank Mr. Rubio for taking the time to engage in serious debate of the review I wrote, as well as the concepts and subjects of the Watchmen books. After all, these books are constantly presented to us as the pinnacle of the comic book arts and, therefore, deserving of serious consideration by comic book fans and social commentators alike. I treated the book in that light and Mr. Rubio has responded in kind. Bravo!

Unfortunately, Mr. Rubio either misunderstands many of the points I presented, or misunderstands what it was that Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, was trying to do. Perhaps it is both.

To start with, I find that it might be a good idea for me to fire my psychologist to rely on Mr. Rubio’s expertise in psychoanalysis instead. Mr. Rubio spent a large part of his comments on my review on my state of mind, my unstated motives, and my mental conundrums and less time on what it was that I actually wrote. I am sure Mr. Rubio’s couch would cost me less in the long run and his pseudo-psychological interpretations could easily be the same as what I might find in any dime store Psychologist’s office.

So, with that bit of banter done with, off we go into Mr. Rubio’s (psycho) analysis of my review………….

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  1. Sadly, you are not equipped to discern. An unfortunate result of bad schools, no doubt. The thousands of others who come here daily seem to disagree with your assessment, though.

    But I DO invite you to stop coming here.

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