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Canada – More Dangerous To USA Than Mexico
– By Warner Todd Huston

The neo-isolationists that fill the far right of the Conservative movement, fanned on by certain insincere radio hosts, have become so exorcised by Mexico that the issue is close to eclipsing the GWOT; the Global War On Terror.

The gnashing of teeth and wearing of sackcloth has, for some, reached such a fever pitch that no other issue is important to them. They are fixated on the fact that Mexico is the most dangerous thing the USA faces in the 21st century, that Mexico will destroy our culture, or destroy our economy. And this as we prosecute a war, yet.

Of course, we have major problems with our nearest neighbor to the south. We have rampant illegal crossings, drug smuggling with impunity and a loss of a large block of our economy as Mexicans send US dollars home to Mexico instead of spending it here.

But a little perspective would be nice because Mexico isn’t the most imminent danger the USA faces in the neighborhood. Canada is more of an immediate threat to our security by far than is Mexico……….

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