SCOTUS stats of interest

Here is another curiosity for Harriet Miers, though, and that is her age. She is 60 years old whereas Chief Justice John Roberts is ten years her junior. We need to place people who are as young as we can get who are solidly conservative.

Here are some tenure stats on the modern SCOTUS:

“Tenure on the court has increased over time and turnover has
fallen.” National Center for Policy Analysis Senior Fellow Bruce Bartlett

According to Northwestern University law professors Steven Calabresi and James Lindgren since 1971 the average tenure in office for a justice has increased from 12.2 years (1941-1970) to 25.6 years. The average age of a justice upon leaving office has risen from 67.6 years to 78.8 years between the same periods. The average number of years between appointments to the court has almost doubled from one every
1.67 years to one every 3.27 years. The current makeup of the court is one of the longest in history, lasting more than ten years, since the appointment of Justice Stephen Breyer in 1994. “A mistake or error of judgment,” says Mr. Bartlett, “might still be with us 30 or 40 years
from now.” (See Bush, 41; and Souter, David.)

But with Miers at 60, we have at least 5 10 ten years less time for her to sit on the court.

Just some info to chew on.

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