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Perhaps America Should Act Like the United Nations
– By Justin Darr

Here is a quick “Final Jeopardy” question for you: “Name an organization that within the last year has been found complicit in child molestation and prostitution, abandoning hundreds of thousands of civilians to genocide because they are not Muslim, summarily terminating the employment of those who wrote a book outlining the organization’s systematic patterns of abuse, actively working to obstruct an investigation that proved that its employees where taking bribes and kickbacks from funds intended to feed women and children, and still receives the praises of those who feel America should yield its national sovereignty over to it.”

“What is the United Nations, Alex?”

“Very good! You get to move on to the next round and for the rest of you, here is the home version of the game and a couple of boxes of ‘Rice-a-Roni’.”. ………….
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