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Prager, Medved, Hewitt: Promoting a Troubled Charity
– By Warner Todd Huston

The hurricane in Louisiana and surrounding states at the end of August was a horrible event and it will take months if not years to figure the cost of it all to the American people as we struggle to clean up and rebuild the many devastated areas. Many people from around the country are trying to find a place to donate money to help these victims. Unfortunately, there are many, many supposed charities that just aren’t worth giving to and many more that are outright frauds. This is a warning report about just one of those charities.

The Salem Radio Network has under contract such fine broadcasters of the center right as Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt each of whom have millions of faithful listeners, and rightfully so for they are excellent commentators. Salem Radio Network has also chosen a charity to help during this tragedy; Feed the Children is that charity.

Unfortunately, this charity has a troubled history and people must be warned that there are far better places to donate to help the victims of this hurricane when the need is so immediate and pressing……….

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