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Tyranny In The Blue Zone (These Judges Were Approved By Liberals)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Has anybody noticed that we haven’t had a single judge appointed to the Supreme Court since the Republican revolution in ’94? Not a single judge has made it through without the approval of what is now the minority (and for a darn good reason) in the Senate and Congress. One of the people responsible for the ethical cave-ins to the left-wingers is the left-wing favorite McCain. I was slightly amused at the Washington Posts view that McCain and Hillary would be unstoppable if they ran together in 2008. I am about as interested in their opinion regarding that, as I am the leftist approval of any judge anywhere. It has about as much validity as the left-wing choice of Tim McVeigh as being representative of Christians.

But I started to point out what kind of judges the liberals have ‘allowed to be’ appointed. Here is a glowing example of the kind of things they tend to do. In the City of New London, Connecticut the city formed a non-profit corporation so they could raze a few blocks and raise a few hackles. They want to put up a series of office buildings so they can harvest more taxes. In order to accomplish this feat they will have to throw a bunch of people out of their houses. Some of them aren’t willing to leave either. Here is how the Supreme Court voted: …………
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