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Politically Correct Conservatives?
– By Warner Todd Huston

“Lighten Up!”

That is what both Michelle Malkin (famed for her conservative views on immigration) and Wlady Pleszczynski (editorial director of the conservative magazine The American Spectator) have been told by hundreds of their conservative fans by email after their stern and humorless responses to Laura Bush’s “funnin” at the White house Correspondent’s Dinner earlier this week. And rightfully so, have the duo been so scolded.

First of all, don’t imagine that I am worried what the left thinks of we conservatives. I could not care less if Michael Moore looks at Michelle and Wlady’s lack of humor as some sort of “proof” of our untrustworthiness or an example of how we are not real people. However, this is what the Left says about us when they are excoriating us in front of the general public. And it is they, the general public, who needs to see that we are not sticks in the mud as the hatemongers on the Left attempt to paint us. Let’s face it. The American people like their leader to be “real” to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, some conservatives have taken the bait and are being reeled in by leftist anglers as we speak. And it’s a shame that we are confirming the dour portraits painted by the left to represent us in caricature………….
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