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Oceans Eleven Plus One (Sleezeburger In Paradise)
– By R.A. Hawkins

I don’t know how many of my readers have taken a cruise, but I have to say that it is always quite interesting. Last week my best friend (my wife) and I took a short cruise down to the eastern coast of Mexico to take a look at the Chacchoben Ruins at Costa Maya. Last year we went to see the ruins at Tulum and there was one particularly interesting thing that occurred there that explained the world to me. The tour guide was telling us about the people that had lived there when it was in its heyday. He asked the group if we knew what the head priest had looked like. Most of the people there didn’t have a clue as to why he asked that question but I already knew the answer. I chose that moment to do a little people-watching. As soon as the tour guide realized nobody had any idea what the head priest looked like he answered his own question. It went something like this: “Keep in mind that this was around 795 AD. I know you have all seen the locals, most of whom are Mayan in heritage, and you would expect the head priest to be less than five feet tall with a dark complexion. But look at some of the doorways here. They are a little taller than that. As local legend has it the head priest here was about six feet tall with fair skin, blonde hair and green eyes.”

I was of course waiting to see the reaction from our fellow adventurers. It was kind of like watching people notice the streetlight was still red. In other words, there was absolutely no reaction. It was an epiphany. Suddenly I realized how Bill Clinton got into office that second time. People quite often don’t pay attention to anything ………..
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