Our Newest Op Ed- By R.A.Hawkins

New York Times Up Bush Down? (Getting It Wrong Again)
– By R.A. Hawkins

It was interesting to see the crude oil prices spike again recently. It reminded me of the way in which lemmings run off of cliffs in a rapture that only they could ever understand. Somebody said they thought the prices could reach $110 per barrel and everybody that could jump on that did. I really have to wonder why that is. One would think that after the good ole dotcom con that people would be a little more cautious about such advice. Apparently not. The per barrel price began to drop within a week. That was but a sideshow to Liberal American Politics, which tend to be driven by money and self interest. The part I enjoyed was reading the delight of the New York Times, as they seemed to be viewing this as the death knell to Bush’s political future.

In the New York Times article of April 8th ‘U.S. Report Sees Gasoline Prices Moving Higher Still’, written by Richard W. Stevenson and Matthew L. Wald, there were some interesting quotes. “When gas prices go up to the level they’re at now, they are in some ways the economic equivalent of the color-coded terrorism alerts. They work their way through into public opinion very quickly in terms of affecting people’s opinions about the direction of the nation and raising the stakes on pocketbook issues generally.” That was Geoff Garin, a Democratic pollster. They also quoted another Democratic pollster by the name of Mark Mellman. “This is not just an economic problem. It is also, in the public judgment, a national security problem. There is a widespread belief in the country that the problem could be solved or a real dent made in it, but that this administration, because it is tied to big oil, is unwilling to take the steps necessary to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.” ………..
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