Our Newest Op Ed-By R.A. Hawkins

Arm The Teachers! (Why Not Disarm The Bureaucrats?)
– By R.A. Hawkins

But for one instance that I’m aware of, all of the school shootings have had one thing in common. The kids have been on some type of mood altering drug. The one case where that hasn’t been verified was the shooting in Mississippi. For some strange reason they didn’t want to release the medical records. The refusal to release the records says enough in itself. Who needs the records at this point?

Medical bureaucrats and school counselors prescribed the mood altering drugs in most cases, so it seems to me that it is the bureaucrats and counselors who are the ones we should be focusing on, not the guns. All of the gun laws in the world wouldn’t have prevented the last kid from getting his gun. He used a gun that belonged to his grandfather who is, or was, a policeman. Maybe it would help these bureaucrats understand what kind of fire they are playing with if they had to live with these kids after prescribing this medication.

The problem with most of these medications is that the effects on children aren’t fully understood yet because the drugs aren’t designed for kids. They are designed for adults who don’t have a hormonal rollercoaster ride going on as they experience everything else in life………..
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