Our Newet Op Ed- By Vince Johnson

Open letter to ABC, CBS, NBC, FoxNews, CNN
– By Vince Johnson

You keep telling us how terrorists are killing people all around the world. Day after day we hear how terrorist suicide bombers have killed soldiers and innocent civilians. You tell us how Saddam’s terrorists used poison gas to kill thousands and thousands of innocent human beings. You tell us how Saddam siphoned off billions of dollars intended for food and humanitarian services for his own people.

You tell us of mass graves where Saddam’s terrorists slaughtered several thousand people who resisted him. You tell us how terrorists used civilians as shields when they fired upon our marines. You tell us how soldiers are killed by snipers positioned in Mosques protected by international law. On each anniversary of 9-11 you remind us about the sickening “thuds” that were heard as still living victims rained down from the World Trade Center just before it collapsed.

You tell us how the terrorists behead civilians out of extreme hatred for America. You tell us how terrorists wave white flags of surrender then shoot our marines when they make the mistake of moving into view. You tell us how the terrorists convert their dead comrades into booby traps designed to kill anyone who would touch them. You tell us how terrorists feign death or being wounded for the purpose catching our Marines off guard long enough to shoot them………..
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