Quick Takes-Spain votes for the EU

Well, the EeeeEwww (that’s European Union, or EU, to the uninitiated) has fooled another nation into its foolishness. Spain has voted and approved further investigation into belonging to the EU.

But to show the false facade that these pernicious thieves hide behind, look at how they phrased the question put before Spanish voters:

“Do you approve the treaty establishing a constitution for Europe?”

Yeah, right. Seemingly innocent enough. Notice how this bland question doesn’t inform the voters what they are in for, eh? The EU will rob all its member states to fund an unwieldy monster of a nanny state that will give free rides to france and Germany, whilst everyone else will be expected to foot the bill. So far that is its history and I don’t see any reason why that should change.

But, the Spaniards have been easy to fool before, now haven’t they?

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