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After Fundraising Scandal, College Republicans Brace for Contested Election
– By John T. Plecnik

As our nation gets used to the idea of Howard Dean serving as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, another national, political organization is looking for leadership. The College Republican National Committee (CRNC) is preparing to host elections during its 56th biennial convention in Arlington, V.A. From June 24-26, the most influential members of the College Republicans will join their elder cousins in the GOP for a massive rally and election. Every national office, from Chairman to Treasurer, is up for grabs.

For anyone foolish enough to write off the CRNC as child’s play, consider the millions of dollars they’ve raised, their paid staff and army of volunteers. Even the White House keeps an eye on their favorite students. The elections for national office are no game, and some candidates are expected to raise thousands of dollars for their campaigns.

Ironically, all this money might be our biggest problem. While various factions jockey for position, the infamous fundraising scandal of last fall remains, pardon the pun, the elephant in the room. ………
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