Breaking: Wikipedia to Update ‘Regeime’ Page

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

We have just learned from seasonably reliable sources of certain alleged reference material pending submission to Wikipedia concerning the newly discovered etymological distinction of the word, ‘Regime.’ The reference material was unearthed by John Podesta’s Center for American Progress. Clarion Advisory is pleased to be able to provide you with the following potential communication:

From The Desk of John . . . ‘Progress Ahead of our Time’

19 April 2010
To: Wikipedia
Re: New historical definition of ‘Regime’

Dear Jimmy,

It has been some time since our last communication. If I recall correctly, we last corresponded during President Clinton’s term concerning President Clinton’s recommendations for the word, ‘IS’ and how the word, ‘IS’ could be contextually adapted under numerous circumstances inside the legal realm to mean what the sayer post – facto would like it to mean relative to pending and potentially pending legal cases and affirmative defense strategies. Again, thanks for updating the page on what the meaning of ‘IS . . . IS.’
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Breaking: Wikipedia to Update ‘Regeime’ Page”

‘CNN Production Meeting: The Day After’

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

Before parody is “deemed” unconstitutional, I have herewith prepared a special look into what CNN may have discussed in their production meeting today subsequent to the Tea Party rallies held throughout the country yesterday. For which, the sum total of the rallies provided the MSM nary a controversy to manipulate – or did they?

CNN Atlanta: Production Minutes: 10:45 AM 4/16/10

Chad: Thank you producers for coming . . . Carol, thanks also for the fat free mocha lattes . . . next time, we should hold off on real sugar, just bring Splenda . . . corporate is all over us on this. And also, thanks for remembering my “no – doughnut” rule – it ensures compliance with the 500 calorie or less meeting rule.
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‘CNN Production Meeting: The Day After’”

Professor Paul Krugman: Team Obama’s Prof. K-9

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

One of the left wing’s most vocal and pernicious purveyors of liberal rhetoric is the Nobel prize winning, new age globalist professor of macroeconomics, Paul Krugman. Professor Krugman is one of the left’s most respected economic advisers and has gained much notoriety over the past decade as a constancy providing economic theory and political punditry [centered left of left ] – communicated through a certain arrogance and hubris on a level somewhere between the stratosphere and Valhalla.

One only has to periodically read and watch Mr. Krugman to detect the vanity and self-righteous indignation he holds for those who challenge his findings or opinions; it is quite fascinating and at the same time quite instructive into the politically liberal mindset. A mindset which the ubiquitous Professor Krugman staunchly guards and promotes throughout the media as the liberals’ economic attack dog; code name, Professor K-9.
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Professor Paul Krugman: Team Obama’s Prof. K-9″

Tyranny: Harmonized In High (Unconstitutional) Fidelity

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

Tyranny, an interesting word for sure and one making a unique comeback in modern day usage. The word Tyranny, for all practical purposes, appears to be hitting its current stride due to its increasing role as the preferred word choice invoked by an ever growing number of American citizens; citizens searching for the verbal preciseness to convey their outright disgust and grave concern over the current governance of their country and resulting direction they see their great country heading.

A certain helplessness has captured the mood of the country as the majority of the electorate discerns an unease over the enormous expansion of the federal government into private sector industries such as insurance, banking, auto and now healthcare, with the whole of the student loan industry inexplicably bolted on to the recent passage of healthcare legislation, joining the ride from private to public sector – A modern day type of Coda accompanying the congressional democrats’ first movement of their legislative symphony entitled, Takeover By Decree.
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Tyranny: Harmonized In High (Unconstitutional) Fidelity”

Defending Reagan Against

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

Below are the first several paragraphs of a 3/24/10 article written by Brian Faler, a staff reporter, wherein Mr. Faler attempts to link the former Reagan Administration’s budgetary usage of the “reconciliation rule” with the Obamacare travesty just signed into law by President Obama. Also below is my letter responding to Mr. Faler.

In his article, written under the provocative title, Democrats Owe Thanks to Reagan for Health-Care Vote Procedure, Mr. Faler attempts to arrange through several references and quotes from former Reagan Administration budget officials and a past senate parliamentarian direct linkage between the title of his article and now enacted, Obamacare. While it is true the Reagan and Bush Administrations employed the usage of the reconciliation rule, it was only employed in the reduction of spending and taxes and was never used to advance landmark entitlement legislation.

The above key distinction was left out altogether by Mr.Faler, leaving the reader with an imbalance of information and thus a conclusion, inconclusive of the facts. Facts can have a way of ruining a piece of journalism, especially when they may serve to destroy the entire thesis of a story. [See Mr. Faler’s excerpted story immediately below and my following letter of response]
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Defending Reagan Against”

John Adams & The i-Tunes Pre-Amp

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

One of the most insightful and vivid books covering the formation of our Republic as experienced through the eyes of one of the greatest patriots and founding fathers, is a book simply entitled, “John Adams” written by David McCullough, published in 2001 by Simon & Schuster. The book has rightfully gained much acclaim due to author McCullough’s ability to make our Country’s founding come alive through rich detail and clarity as seen through the eyes of one of its principle founders, making the book read like a suspenseful novel.

John Adams was a country lawyer residing in the colony of Massachusetts who carried himself with honor and conviction and as McCullough describes right away in the book, “John Adams was not a man of the world. He enjoyed no social standing . . . there was no money in his background, no Adams fortune or elegant Adams homestead…”
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John Adams & The i-Tunes Pre-Amp”

Obamacare’s Awaiting Legal Phoenix

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

With the house of representatives’ imminent passage of Obamacare this evening, the mainstream Sunday political talk shows this morning were already starting in with their “post-passage” spin and genuflection styled reverence of the “new” president who ”transcended politics” accomplishing the near impossible, ”healthcare reform.”

What the mainstream media’s new “post-passage” screed conveniently omits, from its freshly painted narrative, is the fact Obamacare legislation has made an absolute mockery of the legislative process; a process that was abused in ways that cannot be defended on account doing as much would be arguing against the very principles of political liberty, equity and fairness as set-forth within the ultimate social contract underpinning our entire system, the Constitution.

A bold statement? You bet it is and it’s in the arena of bold due to the egregious nature of how the Obama administration and its party led congress has conducted itself over the past 14 months in their, “at all costs” pursuit of their prized ideological trophy, Obamacare.
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Obamacare’s Awaiting Legal Phoenix”

Dems’ Chicago Playbook Fail: Federal Court

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

Saying healthcare developments on the hill are anything less than fluid is a statement the deem and pass madame, Louise Slaughter (D., NY) herself would hardly make. However, this would be relying on pragmatic thought, on my part, and these days with the congressional democrats running the hill, pragmatism has been anathema to all things dems, including the political grand daddy of all, the Constitution.

So, on second thought, I’ll leave Rep. Slaughter out of the issue of fluidity, for now. But I will bring her back in on the subject of political strategy, in fact, lets also bring in Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as the two seem to share the same skills sets and a similarly high aptitude in the art and science of political deception.

There are many nuances in politics but when the strategy itself is purposefully moved from the nuance to that which has a big red bull’s eye on its back, it is easy to take the bait and start running in the direction chasing the bulls eye. I have fallen prey to such tactics and before long find myself chasing the allurement of the bulls eye, chasing after it with incredulity that the left could dare be so bold . . . but then it dawned on me.
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Dems’ Chicago Playbook Fail: Federal Court”

Obamacare’s Eminence Front

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) yesterday released its latest report scoring the cost assessment of the healthcare reconciliation [Slaughter i.e. Pass & Deem i.e. Fix] bill that Congressional Democrats have been secretly working on – in their attempts to render an optical illusion that Obamacare, over a 10 year period, would cost less than $1 Trillion, the Congressional Democrat’s version of a $99.99 price-point.

The CBO scored the House’s “fix” bill at around $940 Billion – and from the moment it was released yesterday afternoon, Speaker Pelosi’s office started in with the Maytag super spin cycle and the mainstream media, true to form, fanned the wires with the CBO’s ”good” news through their efficient process of non-fact checking and non -analysis. Feigned reporting from the mainstream media establishment that mainstream America has increasingly come to reject.

The lack of an objective mainstream media over the past several decades has significantly impacted our society by allowing political correctness to manifest and become the reporter’s proxy. Never more than now has the American public needed the application of objective investigative reporting from its traditional news media. As America currently has a collective “pit” in its stomach as it witnesses the Obama administration and congressional democrats running fast and loose with the rules in their attempt to fundamentally transform the American healthcare system.
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Obamacare’s Eminence Front”

800 Pound Gorilla (Squawking 7500) and the Deeming of America

-By Matthew J. O’Connor

We all know ‘the 800 pound gorilla in the room’ expression means, something that is being avoided despite its obvious presence. The healthcare legislation being pushed by the President and Congressional Democrats is about a corrupt and unconstitutional legislative process that has been characterized as much by a majority of Americans who now see President Obama and the Congressional Democrats as breaking the rules to secure passage of their brand of healthcare legislation.

The corruption and ugliness of the process has increasingly caught the attention of common everyday citizens who realize Washington is now playing a different game altogether. One which will affect: their relationship with their government, their liberty and the amount of taxes they pay. A game everyday Americans don’t want to pay detailed attention to but now have to because the stakes are just too high.

A certain unease has cast a pall over the current system in Washington for America common is losing faith in those entrusted to protect the American dream and enterprise.
This is where the story of the current Obamacare showdown is headed. It’s headed to the collective voice of main street. A 21st. century main street that is quite sophisticated, dialed-in and ready to be heard.
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800 Pound Gorilla (Squawking 7500) and the Deeming of America”