Mr. Uka’s Lesson: Know Your Enemy or Die

-By I.J. Toby Westerman

Four decades ago the U.S. national media misinformed the American public about the events taking place in a place called South Vietnam. The result was America’s first military defeat (although we never lost a major battle) and the destruction of brave allies some 10,000 miles away from American shores.

Today, the same media combine continues to mislead the American public. The enemy, however, is now within our borders. At risk this very moment is not some far away ally, but the very existence of our own nation.

America can no longer afford to tolerate the distortions of the “mainline” media about the threats which are upon us. Information is essential to understanding these threats, but the “mainline” media has left the public uninformed and, therefore, dangerously vulnerable.

One example is the recent shooting of American service personnel in Germany.
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Mr. Uka’s Lesson: Know Your Enemy or Die”