Obama Jobs By The Numbers

-By Dan Scott

President Obama recently claimed the economy grew by some two millions jobs. This claim was on a seasonally adjusted basis to the middle of 2011. We expect politicians to put their best foot forward and also put the best face they can on their performance, however, as with all things to do with Obama, his rhetoric does not match reality. His claims typically come with an expiration date or a dictionary in liberal speak is needed to decipher his rhetoric into normal understanding. In Obama’s view of the world, we the average person are at fault for not properly understanding what he says, he can’t help if you are not of sufficient intelligence or understanding to grasp the reality of his statements.

Since it’s upon us to elevate our understanding, let’s examine the Bureau of Labor Statistics raw unmassaged numbers to see what actually happened since this recession took hold with a vengeance. Using 2008 as the base year we see some interesting things. Total Employment (total of full and part time workers) on an annual basis was 143,194,000 people holding jobs. In 2009 the first year of his presidency, total employment dropped to 137,775,000. 5,419,000 people lost their jobs in 2009. By 2010, having spent billions on stimulating the economy, and increasing the annual federal budget deficits by over a trillion dollars a year, total employment dropped to 136,858,000. Instead of creating jobs, the total number of people who lost their jobs cumulatively increased to 6,336,000 since 2008. So far by the numbers can you see where President Obama’s policies created 2 million jobs?
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Obama Jobs By The Numbers”

Policy Failures

-By Dan Scott

Over the past year President Obama and liberal Democrats in general have been taking a pounding on the issue of unemployment and their prescription to solve this problem via Keynesian pump priming. They went so far as to issue the now infamous graphic showing their projection of what would happen if they didn’t do anything versus spending money we didn’t have via Stimulus Spending. In two years time, the hype about creating or saving three million jobs has pretty much been dropped by the Obama Administration. Having VP Joe Biden continually and somewhat comically demonstrate the lack of credibility of such a measureless assertion created more cynicism among the voters than confidence. The elections of November 2010 put an end to this silly meritless assertion since the voters seeing 9+% unemployment demonstrated they weren’t buying what was being foisted.

The wild annual trillion dollar deficit spending by a prolificate Congress with little to show for it frightened the voters enough that change was deemed necessary. Now that Barack Obama is looking to get re-elected in 2012, it seems the metrics need to be changed in his favor. Perversely, part of this change was the faulty definition of unemployment. By the definition a person is only considered unemployed if their period of joblessness is less than a year. To be fair, this definition was in place long before Obama became president. Under normal recessions this definition never truly impacted the math determining the unemployment rate. However, this is no normal recession and it is not unusual for a person to be unemployed for greater than a year in high unemployment areas, which brings us to some needed context.
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Policy Failures”

The Next Iran

-By Dan Scott

The chaos in Egypt as presented by the MSM is one of an oppressed population fed up with years of totalitarian rule using the Internet to spontaneously cry for their freedom. The MSM from the beginning has been characterizing President Barack Obama as the one calling for peace, reason and restraint from the demonstrators and the Egyptian government. The MSM for it’s part is playing the Egyptian government’s efforts to protect itself and calm civil unrest as the efforts of an oppressive government attempting to crush the people’s aspiration for freedom.

As usual, the MSM doesn’t tell the facts that aren’t convenient to the narrative. Chris Matthews curiously began dissembling for the Obama Administration by claiming that this unrest was all George W Bush’s fault. Now why would Chris Matthews claim it’s Bush’s fault when he’s been out of office for two full years? Why indeed? Could it be that he knows full well that the Obama Administration since taking office has worked with opponents of Egypt’s lawful government and instead instigated this uprising? By making the ridiculous charge that it was George W Bush’s fault, Chris Matthews is attempting to create the moral equivalence of absurdity to cover for Barack Obama when it is finally exposed that he was the one who helped destabilize the government of Egypt. That’s right, the Obama Administration has been interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign country that is our ally.
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The Next Iran”

The Truth about Social Security and the Federal Budget

-By Dan Scott

The coming federal budget debacle is one shrouded by lies wrapped in euphemisms, obfuscated by spin. Just as an example of the less than truthful statements coming from the Federal Government in it’s denial of the impending disaster to befall the nation I need only to point to the excerpt from the Trustee’s Report on Social Security.

The outlook for Medicare has improved substantially because of program changes made in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as amended by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (the “Affordable Care Act” or ACA). Despite lower near-term revenues resulting from the economic recession, the Hospital Insurance (HI) Trust Fund is now expected to remain solvent until 2029, 12 years longer than was projected last year, and the 75-year HI financial shortfall has been reduced to 0.66 percent of taxable payroll from 3.88 percent in last year’s report. Nearly all of this improvement in HI finances is due to the ACA. The ACA is also expected to substantially reduce costs for the Medicare Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) program; projected program costs as a share of GDP over the next 75 years are down 23 percent relative to the costs projected for the 2009 report.
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The Truth about Social Security and the Federal Budget”

Cause and Effect

-By Dan Scott

Have you ever listened to an argument made plausible by the clever rhetoric of a person skilled in public speaking? How about attending one of those time share sales meetings where you know something is not quite right but you just can’t put your finger on it? In the end, you reject the sales pitch not because of their failure to be persuasive or factual but because deep down inside you know intuitively that somehow what they are pitching can’t possibly be correct and more importantly will separate you from your money. Intuition, which many call the sniff test is an important part of a healthy self- defense mechanism that protects many of us from being conned by fast-talking hucksters even though we can’t articulate exactly what our objection is. We don’t know where the faulty logic begins but we sure know what a faulty conclusion looks like by life experience or effect.

Most confidence men (women) base their persuasive arguments on a plausible false assumption that they get their mark to buy into by condoning the concept. When I speak of condoning, I speak of the failure to assert an objection whereby we demand proof of the assumption being presented to us. The failure to object in essence implies your acceptance of the assertion as fact without proof or truth. A clever lawyer can insert many an unsubstantiated fact via an unchallenged assertion without the need of proof. Much like the false proof in geometry, the failure to question the assumptions whether spoken or unspoken is the basis of many a false conclusion. Using the logic of geometry or even math we can using flawless logic reach the false conclusion by using a false assumption as a starting point. I call this the process of condoning the assumption.
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Cause and Effect”

The Red Herring

-By Dan Scott

The shocking actions of Judge Walker in raising specious rationalizations as to why gay marriage is a civil right has put the liberal agenda front and center to the body politic. In his zeal to create rights out of the whole cloth where they never before existed, Judge Walker may have actually set the country on the path to dictatorship. Not only it seems liberals have finally destroyed the concept of marriage as a union between one man and one woman as has been recognized by Law for over 200+ years in this Republic, he has also put the whole concept of self governance into question.

Some have made the remark that “marriage” is not mentioned in the US Constitution and thus gave an out to the destruction of marriage, as we knew it. It is implied under the 10th Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
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The Red Herring”

The Final Straw

-By Dan Scott

There comes a point in time when the cumulative actions of an individual or regime has become so outrageous that not only do they need to be called out but removed from a position of power. Over the past 19 months the country has endured a litany of embarrassment, missteps and outright criminality. The Obama regime has finally if not inevitably gone too far.

Among the many questionable actions of the Obama regime the country has been forced to endure is the continuing failure in regards to the oil spill clean up. Not only was the regime inept in its handling of the clean up by refusing help from foreign countries with the proper equipment, continually impeded clean up efforts via it’s numerous bureaucracies and then attempted to politicize one of the largest environment disasters in US history for Obama’s pet agenda item, namely Cap & Trade. To rub salt into the wound, Obama’s legal team has repeatedly attempted to put tens of thousands more people out of work via an oil-drilling moratorium. So far the Courts have struck down two attempts and Obama is trying again a third time. The effect of this latest behavior has just sent one oil-drilling rig off to Egypt with others sure to follow. To sum up Obama’s actions regarding the oil spill is incompetence. We are not talking about simple straightforward incompetence mind you, but stubbornly willful incompetence since Obama has yet to demonstrate he has actually “learned” anything from this experience. As you can see the use of the word “Administration” is a joke when recounting Obama’s actions and therefore the word regime is a far better descriptor.
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The Final Straw”

Obama’s War of Choice

-By Dan Scott

The recent spat over comments made by Michael Steele, the chairman of the GOP demonstrates the sensitivity of the MSM regarding their love child Barack Obama. The slobbering love affair the MSM has had with Obama is now on it last gasps; the honeymoon is just about over. The MSM and pundits would love you to believe this is about Michael Steele when in fact this is really about the continuing incompetence of President Barack Obama as viewed from the left.

This is what Steele said:

“Keep in mind again, federal candidates, this was a war of Obama’s choosing. This was not something that the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in,” he said. “But it was the president who was trying to be cute by half by building a script demonizing Iraq, while saying the battle really should be in Afghanistan. Well, if he is such a student of history, has he not understood that you know that’s the one thing you don’t do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan?”

Obama does own the Afghanistan war as he campaigned for it in the primaries and in the general election. His entire argument against the Iraq Surge was that the US should be fighting in Afghanistan. What Steele recently said was just poorly worded and as such he should be chastised for a poor rhetorical performance.
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Obama’s War of Choice”

Obama’s Non Sequitur

-By Dan Scott

President Obama’s recent speech on the progress of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico seems to have come up short for many people. While insisting he was in charge of the whole oil spill clean up and oil well plugging operation, he still didn’t take responsibility for the incoherence of the clean up process. It goes without saying that if you can’t take responsibility for the failure, you can’t take credit for the success much less engage in corrective action.

Near the end, President Obama turned to his campaign promise, the enactment of Cap & Trade as a means to reduce or eliminate the need to drill in deep water. Furthermore, he pushed wind generation and solar panels as the implied solution. There is only one wee little problem with Obama’s solution; oil for the most part isn’t used to produce electricity. Wind and solar are not alternatives to oil but to natural gas, coal and nuclear power in order to produce electricity. Now as President of the United States surely Obama has access to the EIA (Energy Information Agency) which publishes on the internet for everyone to see how the US uses oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, etc.

Please take a moment to review the facts as presented by the EIA.
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Obama’s Non Sequitur”

Obama’s Encounter With A Library

-By Dan Scott

After Paul McCartney’s classless swipe at former President George W Bush at an award ceremony hosted by Barack Obama, one has to wonder at the maturity of modern liberals. Are they 12 year olds or adults? Was this the behavior of an infantile child or a gentleman? The fact that Paul McCartney believed his comments would be accepted without reservation by his host, Barack Obama speaks to the measure of both so-called men. Why else would McCartney utter such tasteless and irrelevant comments at a ceremony to honor achievement? Did Barack Obama attempt to diffuse the inappropriate comment or otherwise do anything other than condone it with his silence? Not to anyone’s knowledge. The comment in question: “After the last eight years, it’s great to have a President who knows what a library is,” This is in reference to the liberal mythology that George W Bush was dumb. It’s amazing how stupid people can come off by drinking their own Kool-Aid.

Take a long hard look on the internet, use any search engine, do you find one mention listing Barack Obama’s grades? You can find the grades of George W Bush, Al Gore and John Kerry with little trouble. Notice how the The Washington Post and Boston Globe had no problems with obtaining university transcripts of George W Bush, Al Gore and John Kerry . Has there been any serious candidate for president in modern history that sealed their educational records in a deliberate attempt to conceal from the public the educational performance of a person who intends to be the leader of the US? Then why is Barack Obama allowed to conceal his academic performance? It should go without saying that a person who made average or better grades would have nothing to hide in their transcripts and academic life at public universities. What is he ashamed of that the public would find negative or give a less than positive light? Or has Barack Obama and the liberal mythmakers learned their lesson not to reveal actual facts that may undercut their false assertions? John Kerry and Al Gore both found out the hard way that George W Bush was as smart if not smarter than they were according to quantifiable academic performance standards when an actual inspection of grades were allowed. The underlying question is what makes a person smart or are we to be subjected to the immature childish braying of insecure people acting like they are in grade school?
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Obama’s Encounter With A Library”

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

-By Dan Scott

President Obama during his news conference took great pains to impress upon the public and notably the MSM that he was in charge and was so since day one. He proclaimed on the very first day he had put together a special situational awareness group just to track the progress of the oil spill. So let’s take President Obama at his word that he was in charge since day one and that the buck stopped with him. Let’s look at three of his decisions since the major oil leak turned into an ecological catastrophe of historic proportions.

The government for some years now had worked out a contingency plan for just such an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The well-researched protocol called for a burn off of the fresh crude oil reaching the water’s surface to prevent it from dispersing and drifting to the Gulf Coast. In the event of a massive spill there were only two alternatives, burn it off OR disperse it. The problem with dispersants and why ships in port normally ban its use is it contaminates the water column making it potentially poisonous to all marine life. This is on top of the potential poisonous nature of the dispersant itself. Once the magnitude of the spill became clear, only a few days were available to burn off the crude before it dispersed too widely for an effective burn off. President Obama, the man who claims to be in charge in essence made the fateful decision to disregard the oil spill protocol and dither thus forcing the use of dispersant to mitigate the damage to the estuaries. You may want to defend him to say, people in the various agencies made these decisions such as the EPA, NOAA, USCG, Army Corps of Engineers and MMS. However, as the man in charge, the buck stops with him and as such not only is he responsible for their actions because he hand picked most of the department heads, he was fully apprised every step of the way. The insight here is President Obama’s management style of decision by committee, where he, the President gets the credit for all the correct decisions and anytime a wrong decision is made someone gets thrown under the bus. Hence Elizabeth Birnbaum (hand picked by Obama) of MMS falls on her sword, resigning because she was responsible for the lack of monthly inspections of the oilrig that never took place while Obama was in office. Yes apparently inspections didn’t occur under George W Bush’s watch either, however, missing 15 months worth is still way too many to claim Bush did it when Obama’s hand picked leader was running the show.
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Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way”

The Inflationary Spiral

-By Dan Scott

The wild spending policies of Barack Obama and his allies in Congress give one pause to consider if anyone with a half a brain could not foresee-ably know such deficit spending will not end well for the country. This pattern has played itself out many times in countries such as Zimbabwe. No matter how insular a demagogue is he has to face reality at some point and at least have considered the issue of hyperinflation because his critics warned him about it. Given that liberals like Barack Obama operate under the principle of Equality of Outcome, it has become very clear that such policies are designed to LOWER the living standard of the wealthy via taxes and regulations BUT NOT increase the living standard of the poor by maintaining their cost of living. Or have you not noticed that liberals constantly harp on the issue of income inequality and the widening gap between the richest person and the poorest? What easier way is there to wipe out income inequality but to inflate the dollars in the hands of the poor while making the dollars in the hands of the rich worth less?

Inflation while decreasing the buying power and accumulated wealth of the rich gives the illusion to the poor that their increased wages or subsidies have made them richer while not advancing at all. The initial economic growth with inflation as its base is insidiously deceptive at first since everyone defines “growth” or “increased” economic output in terms of currency usage. The GDP is defined and counted in Dollars. At first the economy seems to be moving again however, what’s really happening is investors are liquidating their cash equivalent positions in a move to harder assets like stocks, land or durable goods. Once inflation takes hold, an inflation psychology develops discouraging saving and investment. The flight from cash is in reality the draining of liquidity preventing the finance system from making loans for future expansion killing off a real recovery such as experienced under President Carter.
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The Inflationary Spiral”

The New Crisis?

-By Dan Scott

Rahm Emanuel was quoted as saying “Let no crisis go to waste.” This is a corollary to the long-standing tactic of the left in America to create charges and victims out of whole cloth in order to advance their many agendas. The fake but true narrative is a time-tested formula. In the last few weeks a new crisis seems to be resurrected, that being the threat of armed and violent extremist right wing groups. I say resurrected since the initial attempt to gin up this issue flopped badly when Janet Napolitano, the head of DHS commissioned a smear campaign in a report on Right Wing Extremists written by a known left leaning group at the beginning of the Obama Presidency in 2009. Their plan tripped over it’s own two feet with over the top suggestive finger pointing (innuendo) at those who honorably served in the military. What made the Report on Right Wing Extremists even more outrageous was that it was actually distributed to police departments around the country with zero public comment beforehand. No proof was offered for their absurd accusations and furthermore, all instances of violence at that time was from the left, as it is to this very day. In fact, this odious report commissioned by Obama’s hand picked DHS leader if read literally essentially labels anyone who participates in the Tea Party movement as potential Right Wing Extremists. In 2010 we begin to see the fruit of that initial attempt this month.

It seems the liberals are ginning up the “Right Wing Extremist” activities just like Clinton did during his tenure. Recently, the MSM has been attempting to link broken windows at Representative Slaughter’s offices to the Tea Party movement, of course this is done with absolutely no proof whatsoever, but what’s new for the low journalistic standards using innuendo by the MSM? The MSM itself is the de facto propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and of the Obama Administration. The MSM conveniently fails to mention all the similar threats and activities against Republicans. This universal failure of reporting indicates a concerted effort to foist a false and misleading narrative upon the American People. We should not be surprised at this universality of (in)action by the MSM as they have regular daily teleconferences with Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s political advisor.

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The New Crisis?”

Civil Disobedience

-By Dan Scott

ObamaCare has managed to pass the House of Representatives and it is only a matter of a few days before they complete the package with their reconciliation bill. Those who passed the Law had very little respect for those they claimed to represent given they were unwilling to present themselves and their bill to the electorate in November for their judgment. So cowardly were the bill’s backers for a while they actually contemplated passing the Law without voting on it, however, with their fig leaf of deception exposed they realized such an action would give them no political cover. Obviously filling Washington, DC’s streets with protestors was not effective, neither was vocally opposing ObamaCare at Town hall meetings. Do we quit and give up to let the usurpers have their way? Or do we step up to the next level of expressing our discontent and opposition to this imposed Law against the consent of the governed?

Will making legal challenges in Court be sufficient? Are we really confident to leave such matters to the Courts when in the past they have repeatedly failed the American People (Kelo Decision, EPA to regulate CO2) when it concerns the consent of the governed? Yes there will be legal challenges, but in the meantime the most egregious parts of the Law will go into effect immediately such as the annual billions of dollars in taxes to further suppress the economy by robbing businesses and individuals of investment income.

Many of you now having woken up to a radical agenda that has been foisted upon the country may now consider either running for office or becoming volunteer staff at a local political campaign office this November. If you are upset at the outrage that occurred in the night hours of March 21st, then get involved at the local level in your county and purge those who are not faithful as representatives. Choose your political representative carefully, there were 34 Democrats in the House of Representatives who voted against this monstrosity and therefore deserve at minimum your consideration of the positions they hold on other issues. Healthcare was only the tip of the iceberg that will be foisted upon the country to its harm in the months to come. This November, some Senatorial Republicans may not deserve your vote and need to be removed during the primaries.
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Civil Disobedience”

Just One More Scam

-By Dan Scott

While reading an article on low tax Texas vs. high tax California, it reminded me of the quickly dropped issue of the US Census. Last year’s scandal revolved around President Obama making some of his White House flunkies overseers of the Census.  We all understood the implications of a highly partisan administration attempting to influence the outcome of the count.  That being some states will be winners and others losers when it comes to the House of Representatives, along with federal funding.  Given the predilections of this politician, padding the count is the Chicago way.

I would like to draw everyone’s attention back to something we have lost sight of regarding the Census.  The counting that is done is without respect to citizenship.  When the Founding Fathers wrote the provision of the Census into the Constitution, the intent was to count people who were current citizens or becoming citizens by virtue of choice, i.e. voting with their feet to live here.  In today’s environment, we have some 13 to 20 million people illegally residing within the borders of our country who for the most part are economic sojourners with little desire for the responsibilities that come with citizenship.  Furthermore, most of these people are here due to the incompetence of our government in securing the borders and to add insult to injury recently those (DHS) who enforce the laws have intentionally turned a blind eye to their presence.  In all cases, local political officials have misused their positions of power to attract as many of these people as possible by refusing to and in most cases obstructing the enforcement of the law.
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Just One More Scam”

What James Madison said about Hope and Change

-By Dan Scott

What would the Founding Fathers say about our handling of the country if they were able to comment on the current state of affairs? It is easy to put words in their mouths but fortunately, we have for posterity recorded their words and intents to refer to for clarity in times of need. Some may say that this is a new day and age, therefore what the Founding Fathers had to say is simply not relevant to our current circumstances. Those who say this do so in ignorance of human nature and for self-serving reasons. Humans over the past 5000 years of recorded history may have advanced in terms of knowledge; however, their motivations and emotions are still no different now then they were in the past. It is motivation and emotion that govern human character, not knowledge and the Founding Fathers knew well the passions that influence those in power.

We were warned 200+ years ago against fickle governments. In fact, we were warned that the point of fickleness in government was for the few to gain an advantage at the expense of the many. Here is what James Madison had to say about Hope and Change as espoused by Barack Obama when he said he wanted to remake our society:
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What James Madison said about Hope and Change”

Obama’s Tax On The Banks

-By Dan Scott

President Obama and his advisors announced they were asking Congress to pass a tax on banks to loosely as he put it, pay back every dime of TARP funds used to save them. His condescending announcement blaming the banks was laughable ignorance at best and deceitful at worst. He further went on to imply that the banks should desist from sending lawyers and lobbyists to Washington and just do the responsible thing as though the banks have been shirking this financial obligation. This is great populist sloganeering, however, like most liberal assertions; they are falsehoods just waiting to be exposed. So is this a simple case of ignorance on President Obama’s part or was he lying for some ulterior motive?

The facts are: all the banks except Citicorp and Wells Fargo have paid back every dime of TARP money they in some cases were forced to accept from the government lest CEOs be removed from their positions. Both of these two banks are working diligently to pay this money back. Why? Self-interest, they don’t want to be under the government’s control. Which begs the question, didn’t Obama appoint a czar to “regulate” the salary and bonus issue of TARP borrowers that he is railing about? It wasn’t until the banks publicly complained and the Taxpayers (Tea Party Protesters) demonstrating in the streets against spend thrift behavior that the government relented to allow these institutions to pay back the TARP funds. In the liberal world apparently this was all done for the benefit of these institutions when many of them didn’t want a dime of government money in the first place, then the banks had the audacity of still turning a profit and paying bonuses to employees who’s activities made that profit possible. You see, since the banks are turning a profit and paying bonuses during the very same period they received TARP funds, then clearly they never needed the money in the first place thus conflicting with the liberal narrative, “it was a crisis, they had to do something.” The reality was, what they did wasn’t necessary much less proper, most Americans already knew this intuitively, the banks just proved it in black and white on their financial statements. Liberals really hate those pesky facts.

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Obama’s Tax On The Banks”

Obama’s Foreign Policy Failure

-By Dan Scott

How much puzzling did President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran rebuffed them? Remember how liberal Democrats claimed the world hated the US because of President Bush and then tossed up the canard that 911 was the result of Bush’s power projection? Barely eight months in office President Bush hadn’t even visited Israel yet by September 2001 let alone stirred the hornet’s nest in the Middle East. He didn’t visit Israel until 2008; in fact prior to his election in 2000 there were questions whether he would be pro-Israel at all. Iran was just a footnote in the long line of nettlesome issues yet to raise its ugly head. After eight years of Clinton foreign policy failures, Rwanda, Darfur, Somalia and liberal assertions of women’s rights to the UN by the year 2000, the world, namely the Muslim world hated the US to the point extremists attacked US overseas targets some ten times. The 911 event was conceived, planned, financed and trained for under President Clinton’s watch and then executed eight months later after President Bush took office. So what did President Clinton do over eight years to raise the ire of the Muslim world? To the point a former ally in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden attacked us?

Despite a liberal Democrat as the President of the US apologizing for the previous eight years of President Bush’s term, the Muslim world still hates us. I wonder why? Since the day President Obama took office his administration has pushed the liberal line at the UN of Kum Ba Yah, that the US is only one nation among many and we are prepared to give away all our wealth under Copenhagen, yet the world still hates us. It appears the liberals have never learned the lesson from the overthrow of the Shah of Iran when President Carter, a liberal Democrat, was in office. The liberal line (talking point) was Iranians were angry that President Eisenhower (Republican) helped overthrow a previous Iranian government. In other words, we meddled in their internal affairs. Liberal Democrats of Obama’s stripe are typical of demagogues, they hear only what they want to hear and prattle their talking points, they never listen and hence they never seek to understand or acknowledge contrary points of view. Domestically, we as conservatives know this all too well when liberals typically in their hyperbole mischaracterize our positions. Thus the liberal Democrat’s line that the (Muslim) world hates us because we are well off and they are poor. If only things were that simple, but then simpletons require simple problems with simple solutions. It’s all very populist sounding that way and the solution is throwing money at the problem just as they are wont to do here domestically. Unfortunately for all of us, this comes off very condescending to Muslims and no one likes to be treated in a condescending manner.
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Obama’s Foreign Policy Failure”

Who’s Next Under The Bus?

-By Dan Scott

Since the Climategate story has been broken over a week ago, we have begun to see the cracks in the AGW edifice. George Monbiot, an AGW proponent has called for the resignation of Phil Jones from the IPCC. Source The emails implicated Phil Jones, Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf in a scheme to rig the Peer Review process to only allow pro-AGW papers through while banning anything remotely unfavorable regardless of any inconvenient facts. Both Messrs. Monbiot’s and Zorita’s desire to toss the high profile offenders under the bus are purely self serving, since the sacrifice of Jones, Mann and Rahmstorf is merely a means to claim isolated individual overzealousness in an attempt to distract the public from the real issue regarding the wholesale scientific fraud of AGW.

We have corroborating proof regarding the rigged Peer Review process from the personal account of Vincent Gray, PhD. His experience shows any paper with unfriendly AGW leanings were sent to file 13. It should be noted that another famous hurricane researcher by the same last name, Professor William Gray lost his funding for Hurricane research because of his stance against AGW. There is no denying the obvious when it comes to being politically incorrect regarding AGW. Science was supposed to be a debate of theories, not the suppression of facts to support the theory du jour.
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Who’s Next Under The Bus?”

The Rule Of Law

-By Dan Scott

The Obama Administration via Attorney General Holder has announced that they will try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) in the US, specifically New York. The location of the trial is rationalized as the so-called location of where the crime was committed. As with many things liberals foist upon the public it seems to make some shallow sense until we start digging beneath the surface. Why would President Obama and liberals in general insist on the location of the trial being in the jurisdiction of the crime? In general principle of US Law, the trial of any defendant should occur as a matter of practicality where the crime was committed in order to ensure witnesses are available to testify to the details of the crime. Sounds good so far, except 911 was not a criminal offense, but an act of War, specifically a war crime.

Terrorism it so happens, falls in a gray area of being between a criminal act and an act of War. When Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, his act of terrorism was a criminal act. Why? Timothy McVeigh was not allied or working at the behest of any foreign or transnational group such as al Qaeda. Timothy McVeigh was NOT an agent of a foreign power, whether that be a country or a group like al Qaeda. Timothy McVeigh was DOMESTIC TERRORIST; his crimes were of civil insurrection not war. KSM by his own admission was an agent of al Qaeda, a foreign entity who publicly declared war upon the US. The US Congress in granting President Bush powers to prosecute action against al Qaeda, formally DECLARED WAR against it. A state of war exists between al Qaeda, it’s allies (including self directed individuals) and the US government. Therefore any prisoners taken by the US in the prosecution of that war is by definition a prisoner of war. Since the legalities of uniformed combat as recognized by the Geneva Convention didn’t fully deal with non-uniformed or irregulars, they were called enemy combatants. KSM falls in this category but the US has for it’s stated purposes treated him as a prisoner of war.
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The Rule Of Law”

The Beginning Of The End

-By Dan Scott

To hear President Obama crow in vindication of his Stimulus Bill, one would think the light at the end of the tunnel is visible on the economic front. Obama has taken credit for the third quarter GDP growth of 3.5% as well he should. However, we need to examine what that growth was based upon and whether it was a bona fide growth of the economy or the counting of stolen booty.

The increase in real GDP in the third quarter primarily reflected positive contributions from personal consumption expenditures (PCE), exports, private inventory investment, federal government spending, and residential fixed investment…

…Motor vehicle output added 1.66 percentage points to the third-quarter change in real GDP after adding 0.19 percentage point to the second-quarter change…

… Durable goods increased 22.3 percent, in contrast to a decrease of 5.6 percent. The third-quarter increase largely reflected motor vehicle purchases under the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009 (popularly called, “Cash for Clunkers” Program).
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The Beginning Of The End”

The Liberal False Choice

-By Dan Scott

To say the least, liberals have a peculiar view of the world and no more peculiar is their view of economics. The assertions based on this view are thinly veiled promises of prosperity and equality for all. Senator Mary Landrieu (D) of Louisiana expressed this worldview in a WSJ opinion piece recently. As I have said many times, the best told lies are those sprinkled with facts.

Nationwide, small firms will spend $156 billion on health premiums this year. In place of those high premiums, small business owners could employ 10 million additional workers—the entire state of Michigan—at minimum wage for a year.


The central assertion offered to the public to accept ObamaCare is the idea billions of dollars will be saved if their so called Reform is passed and furthermore those savings would create 10 million new jobs. In fact, isn’t that similar to what we hear from President Obama? Healthcare Reform will create jobs and is essential to get the economy growing again? Let’s examine what she said; firstly small businesses spend $156 billion annually on health insurance premiums. I’m not sure where this figure is derived, however, let’s just accept for the moment that as accurate for the sake of argument without passing judgment on it or doing lots of research to verify or discredit it. Then she goes on to make the claim IF, in place of spending that money on health insurance small businesses could employ 10 million people at minimum wage. Her math is correct, $156 billion divided by 10 million people do indeed equate to minimum wage of $7.35 an hour. However, this is where the lie occurs, you notice small businesses in order to have the money to create these jobs would have to drop health insurance altogether, not merely saving on some of the premiums.
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The Liberal False Choice”

Out of Touch

-By Dan Scott

A turning point in US history has come; either the Elites who advocate for the statist cause for control prevails or the self-governance by the citizenry prevails. We are at the tipping point of government micromanagement versus individual responsibility (power). Unless you have been living as a hermit these past few years most people now recognize the stark choice that is before the country. Will the government be allowed to usurp individual choice and responsibility without opposition by reason of clever arguments by those who claim they know better or will the people rise up and clean house in the 2010 elections to remove the Elites? Who runs the country? The Elites or the People?

The following quotes are brought up for your consideration regarding the attitudes and behavior of government officials (Elites) regarding self-rule in a Republic.

“Everybody thinks there’s still an appetite for California bonds,” Lockyer said. “There’s certainly a continuing need for long-term investments in schools, high-speed rail, stem-cell research centers and so on.”


As you can see, the idea of fiscal restraint to prioritize government action in the face of limited resources does not exist. Furthermore, notice what are considered investments? All three are liberal boondoggles. Public schools are turning out less and less high school graduates each year as a percent of enrollment yet more and more money is thrown ineffectively at the situation doubling down using the same failed methods. Bureaucrats are foisting their vision of the future with expensive (billions) pipe dreams of high speed rail that is neither cost effective or energy efficient and (embryonic) stem cell research which has never produced even one medical therapy. Had the billions wasted on these boondoggles been not diverted from investment in the economy, millions of jobs would have been created. Money it seems can be borrowed without thought of repayment and printed as monopoly paper without consequence destroying its underlying value. The national debt is spiraling out of control on a federal level due to the same sky’s the limit mentality of the Elites at the State level who believe they know better.
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Out of Touch”

A Program Looking For A Justification

-By Dan Scott

With all the rationalizations going around by liberals to justify a government take over of the health care system, the newest one is a Harvard Study claiming approximately 45,000 people a year die due to a lack of health insurance. President Obama used a similar tact to rationalize his position on the public option for the uninsured, but as it turned out one of his examples was shall we say was not quite what he represented. Setting aside the veracity of such claims, does it justify a starting point of a trillion dollars of tax increases for the first 10 years? It needs to be said the following 10 years will be even more expensive. Is the public option the only option to paying for health care for those who are economically disadvantaged? Why is it the Harvard Study thinks the lack of health insurance is the cause of the deaths and not the attitudes of those people who have mostly preventable diseases? This is not to say that all diseases are preventable and that an individual’s genetics may predispose them to certain ailments.

So many questions but the Harvard Study managed to avoid them all. The money quote for the Harvard Study is quite telling as to the reach taken by the liberal elites to rationalize the public option. “We doctors have many new ways to prevent deaths from hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease — but only if patients can get into our offices and afford their medications.” Notice that each of these diseases used as an example are mostly preventable by lifestyle. In addition, apparently the Harvard Study did not take into account that pharmacies with companies like Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, CVS or Walgreen’s offer significant drug prescription discount plans that address the cost of drugs for a 30 day supply for chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease are less than a pack of cigarettes.
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A Program Looking For A Justification”

We Support Freedom for Iran!

Here at Publius Forum, we support the people of Iran in their quest to shake off the oppression of the religious Mullahs and their iron-fisted control of the Iranian government.

Dan Scott will be posting updates here about the developing situation in Iran as time goes on.

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Clashes erupt on day of dueling demonstrations — 9/18/09

The Reason Why Obama Is Stumped On Afghanistan

-By Dan Scott

We have been hearing in the news lately that President Obama and his cadre of advisors are stumped as to what to do with Afghanistan. The Left is telling him to cut and run and the Right is accusing him of being soft on terrorism. Obama’s response so far has been to dither. Politically, Obama is in a tough spot because he painted himself in a corner. Only the incompetents paint themselves in a corner. If Obama doesn’t lay out a concise plan to get out of Afghanistan then Nancy Pelosi will have no choice but to throw Obama under the bus as she is beholding to the lunatic left fringe. Any plan that doesn’t involve a quick exit strategy or gives the appearance of slogging it out with terrorists (freedom fighters and aggrieved poor not on US welfare to the left) means he is merely following the policies of the hated George W Bush. On the other hand, if Afghanistan falls into chaos where the Taliban and al Qaeda go back to business as usual pre-911, Barack Obama will go down in history as the one who led the US (a superpower) to defeat at the hands of a group of people who don’t even own a tank or fighter jet. He will be known as Jimmy Carter the second, you know the guy who gave us Khomeini. The repercussions at the 2010 and 2012 elections would be decisive in toppling the Democrat Party from power.

Any reading of the liberal criticisms regarding both Iraq and Afghanistan will be consistent with Obama’s current remarks about his dithering on sending more troops to Afghanistan. This is the same group of people who said the Surge wouldn’t work.

fundamental objectives President Obama announced in his March 27 speech, “…to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future.”
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The Reason Why Obama Is Stumped On Afghanistan”

Your House Is On Fire, Oh, I Didn’t Notice

-By Dan Scott

Liberals, their plans, veracity and activities have been under a lot of public scrutiny lately. They seem to be very uncomfortable with the light of public gaze upon them, even to the point of walking on eggshells. When they can’t find what they believe is an non revealing answer which they know will anger the public to some very straightforward questions they pretend to be obtuse on the issue at hand. Feigning obtuseness seems to be the best they can do to not come clean on the issues. The point of feigning obtuseness is to avoid the really uncomfortable questions of why they failed to respond to something, which so obviously is inappropriate. It’s the old, “what did you know” and “when did you know it” quagmire. The failure to respond appropriately is a very telling disconnect of “affect” which calls into question one’s competence, motives or agenda.

The disconnect of affect was raised to the ridiculous with the growing scandals involving ACORN. Charles Gibson, an ABC news anchor was asked why the media wasn’t covering the cut off of funds by Congress to ACORN. Gibson claimed he didn’t know anything about it. How likely was his answer? Let’s add some background context to answer that question. A person working for the media doesn’t know anything (to the point of cluelessness) about an organization squandering public funds engaging in clearly unethical activity caught on video tape, the story gone viral on the internet, talked about on the radio waves and reported on by at least one media outlet and one print outlet. Furthermore, the standard procedure for all media organizations is to monitor their competitors so they aren’t scooped which would cause a loss of ratings share. A loss of ratings share means a LOSS of advertising revenue, and that’s their lifeblood. Is it likely Charles Gibson didn’t know about the ACORN story? NOT LIKELY. Why did Gibson give such a lame response? To not answer the question what did you know, when did you know about it and what was your reason to not report on it? You notice Gibson never answered the question why he wasn’t reporting on it. It makes one wonder what else the media hasn’t covered and what were their reasons.
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Your House Is On Fire, Oh, I Didn’t Notice”

Update On The (Proxy) War With Iran

-By Dan Scott

Since the opening shot by Iran at Khobar Towers in 1996, the response of the US handling the conflict has been confused at best and misguided at worst. Iran has been battling the US in the Middle East on a number of fronts using proxies for decades with little consequence to itself. In terms of a military strategy for a smaller country against a superpower, it has been a resounding success. This is not to say that the initiator of a proxy war is immune to consequences such as economic ones. Iran’s research and development on nuclear weapons has been certainly hampered but ultimately not stopped.

The beauty of a proxy war for a small country with designs of expanding it’s power and influence is to frame a conflict in limited terms commensurate to their resources and abilities. In other words, Iran has chosen to fight at the time and place of their choosing. This strategy limits the response of a superpower like the US to only reacting to the circumstances of the confrontation instead of pro-acting against the actual perpetrator, the initiator or mastermind. Because of this, US efforts have had limited success repeatedly due to the failure to recognize and properly respond to Iran in addition to the proxies. Obama has confirmed this continuing failure of response by saying he is focusing on killing Osama Bin Laden and defeating al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Iran’s front in Iraq has now been mostly settled by the surge, a reactive strategy to Iran supplying weapons, IEDs, training and money to insurgents attempting to destabilize Iraq. The objective by Iran was to cause an intractable situation of an ungovernable and deadly Iraq to re-create the Vietnam War scenario. It almost worked. Now that the Iraq front is not panning out for the current moment, a new front in Afghanistan has been opened. Do not be lulled into a sense of complacency that the situation in Iraq is settled, Iran is merely waiting for the circumstances on the ground to change back to its favor in Iraq. There will continue to be sporadic bombings and incidents in order to probe the readiness of both the Iraq and US militaries.
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Update On The (Proxy) War With Iran”

The Kennedy Irony

-By Dan Scott

In a desperate bid to legitimize a government take over of the health care industry; Democrats now are seeking to gain political cover and traction with the recent death of Senator Ted Kennedy. Senator Kennedy died of brain cancer this week, a condition that on average had a 33% survival rate over 5 years. To say the least, his condition was one no one would wish upon another human being. So it is interesting that Democrats wanting to use Senator Kennedy’s death from this horrible disease fail to recognize the irony of their shallow maneuver. Given the life years and the efficacy requirements that would judge the cost effectiveness of a treatment, in all likelihood, Senator Kennedy at age 77, would have been denied treatment or even worse under a government run system rationing the dollars allocated to health care would not be attempting improve the efficacy of such treatments.

As more information comes to light regarding what is in HR 3200, the public is increasingly opposing the bill and seeing the disconnect between what President Obama says the bill will do versus what is actually written in it. This disconnect is highlighted by the faulty premise that underlies the idea of government run health care. Even if a quote single payer system is not implemented, health care will still be government run by the virtue of the fact Congress has usurped authority to be calling the shots via legislation imposing rules and regulations that are contrary to free market principles.

The premise of government run health care is to limit the total dollar amount spent for the population as a whole due to an individual’s ability to pay under the guise of providing equal access to everyone. Whereas, under the current free market system there is no such limitation due to overall cost. Otherwise why are they wanting to eliminate a successful program like Medicare Advantage for seniors to obtain more money for uninsured people? The only limitation is the individual’s ability to pay for any particular medical procedure. Does it not occur to Democrats and liberals that those who are financially well off provide the seed money for new treatments that will in the long run SAVE money on a per treatment basis because medical providers are taking the risk to find ever more effective means to offer these treatments to a greater number of people? The profit premise that modern capitalism operates under is sales volume. Yes, the total spent on health care is more under the current system than in a government run system such as Canada or England. Why? Because medical providers in our current free market system are continually developing more treatments for the purpose of making a significant profit from customers who have the ability to pay. So whose money is it to spend in the first place?
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The Kennedy Irony”

Primer On The Economy

-By Dan Scott

Speaking of misinformation, here is a question, how can the MSM crow that the recession is over when 1) positive GDP quarterly results haven’t been reported. 2) the EIA is reporting we once again used LESS gasoline than the disastrous year before??? 3) Summer job hires were virtually nil. 4) The gross number of unemployed has not dropped in any month despite the statistical skewing of the unemployment rate due to the continuing reduction in civilian labor force because all those on unemployment for over a year are NOT being counted as unemployed. And 5) Tax collections revenue continues to nose dive.

What we need to determine here is what are the reasonable non-political indications a recession is over because we are not getting it from the MSM or the prattling fools in Congress desperately hoping to gin up a recovery in a vain attempt in talking up the economy. Just because you can talk it down, it does not follow you can talk it up. I think they are taking this “animal spirits” thing too far, expecting people to believe the latest story line that the economy is on the rebound. At what point is the assertion falsified (
Karl Popper )? Falsification is the logical process verifying an assertion or theory is sound. A sound assertion or theory must be able to be disproved by being mutually exclusive of contradictory occurrences such as claiming the plane is not crashing because the rate of speed isn’t as great as before even though it is still headed straight to the ground. It is contradictory to claim an increase when objective measures say a decline is still present. I suggest reading what Karl Popper had to say as it really does speak directly to the current situation with the liberal spin.

How can we show an assertion of economics to be falsified? What benchmarks would be appropriate to not be simply deemed a pessimist? What are the objective terms of measure can we present that are easily understandable and difficult to spin without coming off as propagandizing for one side or the other? The point here is to give the public the means to firmly suspend their disbelief in giving the benefit of the doubt to the current administration. It is the benefit of the doubt that gives cover to the multitude of rosy stories being told.
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Primer On The Economy”