Controversial New Anti-Gun Ad Debuts Near Anniversary of Crime in Newton, Connecticut

-By Warner Todd Huston

Only ten days before the anniversary of the massacre at a grade school in Newton, Connecticut, a new anti-gun ad exploiting children has debuted.

The ad has been co-sponsored by buttinski New York Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg and his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the anti-Constitution activist group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

The two groups made a 30 second version and a 60 second version of the ad.

The ads were released on December 4 and are expected to run on cable stations later in the month.
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Controversial New Anti-Gun Ad Debuts Near Anniversary of Crime in Newton, Connecticut”

Anti-Gun Penn. Mayor Ousted From Office by Pro-Gun Voters

-By Warner Todd Huston

Let this be a warning to all arrogant politicians who think they don’t have to listen to their constituents. An anti-gun mayor in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania was fired by pro-gun voters this month after he enraged hundreds of voters by joining New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s discredited anti-gun group, Mayors Against Gun Violence.

In the Nov. 5 election, voters in Chambersburg ousted incumbent mayor Democrat Pete Lagiovane in a region steeped in gun culture and hunting traditions.

Mayor-elect Darren Brown, a tea party Republican, was gratified but noted that he was a little worried about how close the election ended up being. “The results are a little closer than I thought they’d be,” Brown said after winning with 52 percent of the vote.

The NRA used its powerful voice in support of Brown, “The only pro-gun candidate in this race,” as the legislative arm of the NRA said in advertisements.
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Anti-Gun Penn. Mayor Ousted From Office by Pro-Gun Voters”

Anti-Constitution Mayor Bloomberg Caught Lying About Gun Deaths of Children

-By Warner Todd Huston

New York’s billionaire Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg is well known as a hater of our Second Amendment rights, of course, but he has been caught again lying about the true facts in order to push his ideology on the country. This time he was caught lying about how many children are shot in America.

Recently Bloomberg made the wild claim that seven children are murdered every day with guns but the facts actually state that 1.2 kids are killed in gun-related incidents per day in America.

-FBI Crime stats for 2011 show 12,664 total murders in America for that year, 67 percent of which involved a firearm. So there were 639 deaths of children and 67% of those were by guns. That would mean that 428 were killed with guns. That’s 1.2 deaths a day. Others could have been starved to death, beaten, shaken, or stabbed.

Of course, one of the ways that Bloomberg could have come up with this outlandish number is to add deaths of young people all the way to young adulthood. But then that would include gang bangers, drug dealers, murderers, and other criminals.
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Anti-Constitution Mayor Bloomberg Caught Lying About Gun Deaths of Children”

Mayors Quitting Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group

-By Warner Todd Huston

New York Mayor Michael “Nanny” Bloomberg has been running all over the country claiming to represent hundreds of America’s mayors with his anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). But Nanny Bloomberg is lately finding that many of those mayors are abandoning his anti-gun group over the mayor’s false advertising about just what his group is about.

A recent look at the 2012 membership rolls of MAIG finds that some 50 mayors have recently quit Bloomberg’s anti-Second Amendment group.

Of course, some of those mayors are off the list because they lost an election or have left office for whatever reason. But many have specifically asked to be removed from the group.

Two mayors in particular have left because they say that Bloomberg misled them about what MAIG was going to be about in the first place.
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Mayors Quitting Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group”

Green Fail: New York Metra Gives Up on Hybrid Busses

-By Warner Todd Huston

In a reversal of greenism, Michael Bloomberg’s New York Metropolitan Transit Agency is giving up on hybrid transportation.

The city with the mayor nicknamed “Nanny Bloomberg” may be stumping for all sorts of chic, activist causes, from the campaign to rid us of our Second Amendment rights, to the elimination of trans fats in our foods, to the downsizing of soda portions, but one cause the city is souring on is hybrid busses.

The New York Post reports that the city hasn’t bought a new hybrid buss in three years and is now moving to retrofit many of the ones it has with diesel engines.

The MTA is reporting that it will retrofit 389 hybrid electric busses with diesel engines because the hybrid engines are too unreliable and too expensive to repair.

“The electric-traction motors are burning out. They’re so expensive to replace that it’ll be cheaper to stick a diesel engine in there,” a source inside the MTA told the Post.
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Green Fail: New York Metra Gives Up on Hybrid Busses”

Bloomberg Assembles Leftist Cartoonists to Attack Second Amendment

-By Warner Todd Huston

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is touting his newest effort to cancel the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment with a gathering of cartoons by 21 cartoonists who have taken a stand against our Constitutional right to self-protection.

As Bloomie has it, they are “the nation’s best loved cartoonists.” But what Bloomberg doesn’t mention is that this gathering isn’t just a bunch of cartoonists goaded to sudden action by current events, but is a list of artists many of whom are well known as left-wing activists. One is even a La Raza activist and is in favor of giving the southwestern US “back” to Mexico.

Far from just a handful of “beloved cartoonists” who found that recent events have proven that a new approach to the Second Amendment is warranted, these folks are long-time left-wingers that have attacked traditional American principals for decades.

The artists are gathered together under the rubric “Cartoonists Demand Action to End Gun Violence” as sponsored by Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
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Bloomberg Assembles Leftist Cartoonists to Attack Second Amendment”

NY Mayor Bloomberg Blames State’s Mess on Gov. Cuomo

-By Warner Todd Huston

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is at it again, this time going off on Governor Cuomo and many other state legislators claiming they aren’t fit for any job in the private sector.

In a recent interview on a New York TV station, Bloomberg slammed the state’s legislators saying, “The average legislator who has to make policy on things that influence our lives, our kids’ lives, our future, would they ever get a job in the private sector making policy on big things? No, not a chance.”

Bloomberg also slammed Gov. Cuomo for his frequent practice of attaching a “message of necessity” to bills sent to the legislature. This practice forces quick votes on bills and prevents lawmakers from having enough time to fully consider them before being expected to cast a vote.
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NY Mayor Bloomberg Blames State’s Mess on Gov. Cuomo”

Nanny Bloomberg Cajoles 21 Companies to Remove Salt from Products

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Monday, February 11, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proudly announced that he had succeeded in cajoling 21 companies to remove more salt from some food products.

Companies such as Butterball, Heinz, Starbucks, Oscar Mayer, and Kraft Foods have committed to taking more sodium out of products ranging from popcorn, to cold cuts, to breakfast sandwiches.

Bloomberg announced that 21 companies out of 24 agreed to the changes.

“These companies have demonstrated their commitment to removing excess sodium from their products and to working with public health authorities toward a shared goal — helping their customers lead longer, healthier lives,” Mayor Bloomberg said.
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Nanny Bloomberg Cajoles 21 Companies to Remove Salt from Products”