Here is Why The GOP is Its and Our Worst Enemy

-By Warner Todd Huston

There aren’t really two major parties in our political system. There are three. Sure there are Democrats–the extreme liberal, Euro-like party–and, yes, there are Republicans. But Republicans are not the conservative party. The GOP is the moderate party. The third party is made of the conservatives and even as they are forced to call themselves Republicans, they have a higher calling than mere party power plays.

Of course, the problem is that since the moderate party and the conservative party are encompassed in the same party, the constant struggle causes the “Republican” Party to lose too often.

The latest example of this struggle can be seen in last week’s incident where the moderate party “leaders” purposefully stuck their finger in the eyes of the conservative caucus with the sudden voice vote on “Doc Fix.”

The conservative faction is still furious at the maneuver meant to defeat them launched by their own supposed leaders.
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Here is Why The GOP is Its and Our Worst Enemy”

Even in 2010 Obama Admitted That Millions Would Lose Their Healthcare

-By Warner Todd Huston

On one hand Obama has spent four years lying outright to the American public telling them that they could keep their healthcare insurance and their doctors if they liked them. But now that the extent of his lie has become so obvious, we are looking back at past statements proving that on the other hand Obama knew all along that he was lying. Here is one from 2010 revealed by House GOP leader Eric Cantor’s office.

On February 25 of 2010 there was a big meeting between the leaders of the Republicans in the House of Representatives and President Obama. It was one of the very, very few times Obama bothered to reach out to the GOP to talk to them and listen to their points. But in this segment of the meeting we see Obama admitting that millions will lose their insurance.

Leader Cantor asks Obama about the 8 to 9 million that might lose their insurance (something we now know is assured, not just a “might”). Obama replied admitting that this was likely true. Of course, he then lied saying that his Obamacare policies would be better.

“The 8 to 9 million people that you refer to that might have to change their coverage–keep in mind out of the 300 million Americans that we’re talking about–would be folks who the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, estimates would find the deal in the exchange better,” Obama said to Cantor in 2010.

See, folks. He knew all along that his claim that everyone could keep their insurance–period–was a lie.
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Even in 2010 Obama Admitted That Millions Would Lose Their Healthcare”

Wash. Post: Obama the Failed and Hard-Edged Partisan President

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Washington Post did an amazing thing over the weekend. It published a story that highlights the critical failure of the President to achieve what could have been a signature success in his first term, that of achieving a budget compromise with the GOP.

The Post, usually a paper with a center left perspective, really took Obama to task for creeping up to a compromise with GOP House Leader John Boehner but then abruptly pulling away, jettisoning the nearly accepted compromise, and slamming the GOP with his left-wing ideology instead of reaching the agreement that was just within his grasp.

Many Republicans are likely glad that Boehner’s reaching out to the president was slapped away by a hard-core, left wing hand, but the facts on the ground are — at least according to the WaPo — that it was Obama that torpedoed the compromise, quite despite his lies that it is the partisan GOP what done the dirty deed.

the Post describes the situation back in July of 2011. John Boehner the establishment Republican and leader of the House had crept into the White House through a side door that the media could not see. He brought with him the Tea Party-linked Eric Cantor, a “good sign” that the GOP was ready to compromise, says the Post.
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Wash. Post: Obama the Failed and Hard-Edged Partisan President”

Obama FINALLY Gets a Direct Question on F&F from Old Media, Naturally He Ignores Truth

-By Warner Todd Huston

Jake Tapper aimed a question on Fast and Furious right between Obama’s eyes during his monotonous and uninformative campaign appearance… er, I mean “press conference” … today. Naturally, Obama avoided the question and acted as if everything was juuuuuust fine.

During his nonsense about his so-called jobs bill, Tapper brought up both the Solyndra scandal and Fast and Furious…

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House Republicans: Help Us Cut Spending

This is from Eric Cantor, the House Republican Whip…

The YouCut project is focused on solutions – when we ask for ideas to cut spending, we don’t ask if it is a Republican idea or a Democrat idea, we just ask if it is a good idea.

This week’s YouCut item had the promise of bipartisanship. Last week, four House Democrats proudly announced their own ideas for spending cuts – we took one of their ideas and offered it on the House floor for a vote. We didn’t change their proposal.
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House Republicans: Help Us Cut Spending”