Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is the PERFECT Example for Repeal of the 17th Amendment

-By Warner Todd Huston

As Washingtonians continue to angle for position over immigration policy, senators like Illinois’ Dick Durbin and New York’s Chuck Schumer have come to insist that their chief concern is to work on behalf of illegal aliens instead of American citizens. But this situation does prove definitively that the founders were right about how to elect senators and that the 17th Amendment has been one of America’ greatest mistakes. It should be repealed.

The current immigration debate centers on two policies. One is the fate of the so-called DREAMERs — those who were brought into the country illegally by their lawbreaking parents. The second is the idea of “chain migration” — a policy maintaining that once a single illegal is given status he should be allowed to bring dozens of relatives here. Washington is in an uproar over these issues with one side saying that we should only allow immigrants with merit to enter the U.S. while the other side thinks we shouldn’t have any immigration laws at all and we should let everyone who wants to come here do so whether they are useful to our society or not.

One thing is certain, the Democrats simply do not care even a tiny bit what the American people think about immigration. Indeed, a recent Harvard-Harris poll (no right leaning group, for sure) found that 80 percent of Americans are against chain migration and want it ended. Indeed, it is even higher among their own voters. Fully 85 percent of African Americans want merit-based immigration and are against chain migration.
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Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is the PERFECT Example for Repeal of the 17th Amendment”

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Has a Long History of Lies and Calumny

-By Warner Todd Huston

The nation recently discovered Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin after he made the so far unsupported claim that President Donald Trump called several third world nations “sh**hole countries.” But, what most Americans don’t know is that Dick Durbin has a long history of lying in service to the Democrat Party and the anti-American, left-wing cause.

Durbin hit the airwaves last week claiming that Trump disparaged several foreign nations, including Haiti, Durbin proclaimed Trump a racist (again) and attacked him for being un-presidential. But the comment, IF Trump even said it, was said in a private meeting, not in a public forum. So, in truth we have no actual proof it was said.

The ensuing media frenzy is entirely hypocritical of the press considering that, to one degree or another, nearly every single president (and vice president, for that matter) has had a potty mouth in private meetings. And yet, the press has never reported on the salty language of past presidents. But Trump? Oh, yeah, the media went wild to report on the claimed cursing by Trump, despite the lack of proof he even said it.

But, what about that “proof”? The claims the media fell all over itself to report upon came from no less than Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin. And Durbin has decades of lies piled up to his credit. In fact, Durbin is one of the biggest liars in the whole of the upper chamber.
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Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Has a Long History of Lies and Calumny”

Sen. Durbin’s Wife A Lobbyist Who ‘Accidentally’ Got High Dollar Federal Contracts

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois Senior Senator, Democrat Dick Durbin was forced to respond to a Chicago Tribune story that revealed that his wife is a lobbyist who received high-dollar federal contracts. Durbin said it was purely coincidental… then offered to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge.

Durbin told the Tribune that his wife only lobbies with the State of Illinois, not the federal government, so the millions she rakes in from federal contracts is just a coincidence. Really. It was… a totally, unseen, completely accidental coincidence… that a Senator who is the third in line of power in the US Senate has a wife who just coincidentally got millions in federal contracts.
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Sen. Durbin’s Wife A Lobbyist Who ‘Accidentally’ Got High Dollar Federal Contracts”

Millionaire Sen. Dick Durbin Happy to Pay More for Food for Min Wage Hike And Wants to Force You To

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois’ millionaire Democrat Senator Dick Durbin says he’s happy to pay more for his food if workers get a hike in their minimum wage.

The super rich Durbin who makes far and away more than the average citizen in his state and who has a net worth of far more still, said hew would be pleased as punch to pay “a nickel more” for a hamburger if workers get more per hour than they do now.

So, this rich guy doesn’t mind paying more for food in a state that has the worst unemployment record in the country? He wants his own citizens to pay more for things when they can’t afford to get by now?

In fact, the very people who his policies have already helped ruin are living in a state that is in one of the worst financial conditions than nearly every state in nearly every category.
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Millionaire Sen. Dick Durbin Happy to Pay More for Food for Min Wage Hike And Wants to Force You To”

Senator Mark Kirk is NOT a Republican, Now By His Own Admission

-By Warner Todd Huston

Senator Mark Kirk (RINO, ILL) has always been a 50 percenter with the Republican Party, meaning that he only supports the party he is supposed to belong to around 50 percent of the time. But now, seemingly by his own admission, he’s become a full Democrat with his decision to fight against the GOP nominee for Senate and support the re-election of Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, the single most left-wing promulgator of lies in the U.S. Senate.

Today, Mark Kirk has just taken the penultimate step to becoming a Democrat with this decision to support Democrat Durbin over his own party’s nominee for U.S. Senate, Jim Oberweis.

Democrat Kirk, the cripple from Lake County, just said that he would rather “protect” his “relationship” with the most left-wing liar in the Senate than help a fellow Republican get elected.

“I’m going to be protecting my relationship with Dick and not launching into a partisan jihad that hurts our partnership to both pull together for Illinois,” Kirk said Monday during an event for Texas Senator John Cornyn.
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Senator Mark Kirk is NOT a Republican, Now By His Own Admission”

Senator Dick Durbin Lies With Impunity

-By Warner Todd Huston

Senator Dick Durbin is at it again, lying through his teeth, this time about Obamacare. On Sunday’s Meet The Press, Illinois Democrat Durbin made the wild-eyed claim that ten million Americans found new health insurance thanks to Obamacare. He also claimed that Obamacare would lower the deficit. But even the Washington Post gave its worst rating to Durbin’s lies.

As the discussion shifted to healthcare during the Feb. 5 broadcast, host Bob Schieffer lamented that Obamacare is still confusing everyone and asked Durbin if there is “any hope of getting it straightened out”?

Durbin lied with his very first words.

“Bob, let’s look at the bottom line. The bottom line is this. Ten million Americans have health insurance today who would not have had it without the Affordable Care Act–10 million.”

Then he lied about the deficit:
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Senator Dick Durbin Lies With Impunity”

Sen. McCain Slams Republicans Comes to Aid of Extremist Democrat Durbin

-By Warner Todd Huston

Folks, here is just another example of why Senator John McCain is a traitor to the Republican Party. On October 28, McCain came to the support of Democrat Dick Durbin, one of the worst, most partisan hacks for leftism in the Senate.

Last week Durbin promulgated the outright lie that Republican House members insulted President Obama to his face in a meeting at the White House. Durbin not only pushed the lie he sent out fundraising letters using the lie as its chief message.

Durbin told the nation that Republicans said to Obama’s face that they “cannot stand to even look at him.” This was a lie. It never happened and even the White House agreed that it never happened.

Almost immediately Durbin was informed that he was pushing a lie. But he did not back down. In fact, he sent out fundraising emails built on the lie.
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Sen. McCain Slams Republicans Comes to Aid of Extremist Democrat Durbin”

Dem. Senator Dick Durbin Lies That Republican Said He Couldn’t Stand to Look at Obama

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin has not only been caught red (or blue) handed in a lie, but now he’s doubling down on that lie by claiming that a Republican leader in the House of Reps. told the President to his face that he “cannot stand to look at him.”

Senator Durbin, the second highest ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate, took to his Facebook page to call Republicans names (as he usually does) and passed on the lie that Republican leadership hates Obama so much they “cannot even stand to look at” him.


Durbin is also trying to raise money on this lie sending out fundraiser emails to supporters pushing the lie that Republicans insulted the President to his face.

See Illinois Review for the story.

Here is what Durbin posted on October 20 at 11AM:

Many Republicans searching for something to say in defense of the disastrous shutdown strategy will say President Obama just doesn’t try hard enough to communicate with Republicans. But in a “negotiation” meeting with the president, one GOP House Leader told the president: “I cannot even stand to look at you.”

What are the chances of an honest conversation with someone who has just said something so disrespectful?

But as soon as this calumny was belched out by the Soldier-hating Senator (see video above) denials from Republican leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor were released. It just didn’t happen, they said.
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Dem. Senator Dick Durbin Lies That Republican Said He Couldn’t Stand to Look at Obama”

Dem. Senator Durbin Not Sure if Bloggers Deserve Constitutional Protection

-By Warner Todd Huston

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, senior Illinois Senator, Democrat Dick Durbin, expressed his doubt as to whether bloggers deserved Constitutional protection for their work online.

On the May 26 broadcast of the Sunday show, Durbin told host Chris Wallace that he wasn’t sure if bloggers or “someone who is Tweeting” should be given protections under a media shield law.

Durbin noted that he was not prepared to ask for a special counsel to investigate Eric Holder and his snooping on the business and personal phone calls of nearly 100 reporters of the Associated Press, but he went further to question just who a media shield law would cover.

But here is the bottom line–the media shield law, which I am prepared to support, and I know Sen. Graham supports, still leaves an unanswered question, which I have raised many times: What is a journalist today in 2013? We know it’s someone that works for Fox or AP, but does it include a blogger? Does it include someone who is tweeting? Are these people journalists and entitled to constitutional protection? We need to ask 21st century questions about a provision in our Constitution that was written over 200 years ago.

Durbin did not go on to attempt to clarify what those limits should be.

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Dem. Senator Durbin Not Sure if Bloggers Deserve Constitutional Protection”

Godless Illinois Democrat Gets Mad Being Asked Why God Was Dropped from Dem Platform

-By Warner Todd Huston

One of the most vile members of the Senate is Dick “Turban” Durbin and he once again proved his ignorance and hatemongering on Fox News when asked why the Democrats removed God from their platform.

On Sept. 4, Durbin appeared on Fox with Bret Baier when the discussion turned to the removal of the word “God” from the Democrat Party platform. Now, correspondent Baier drew no conclusions about the removal of God from the platform. He just asked, straight away and without commentary, why did the Democrats remove God from the platform.

Instead of answering the question, this scumbag Durbin went on a wild rant on how Baier and “your network” are calling the Democrats Godless.

But, again, Baier drew no conclusions. He just asked the question.

This is how the biggest jerk next to the liar Harry Reid in the Senate replied to the simple question:

Now, the fact is, even though Bret Baier did not call names like idiot Durbin did, the fact is Democrats do hate religion. They hate God, they hate Christianity, they hate everything to do with our nation’s traditional creeds. The Democrats removed God from their platform because they are a godless, un-American group. Dick Turbin knows this fact and his defensive, explosive, over-the-top reaction was proof positive that he knows that his party is anti-Christianity.

If you are a Christian and a Democrat, one wonders how you square that circle?
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Godless Illinois Democrat Gets Mad Being Asked Why God Was Dropped from Dem Platform”

Senator Dick Durbin: Pants on Fire

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois Senior Senator, Democrat Dickie Durbin wants you to know that the fact that the Democrats have not passed a full, working budget in over 900 days is all because of those wascally Republicans.

Never mind that the Democrats have had the majority for over three years in the Senate, never mind that before the 2010 midterm elections they had 100% control of both Congress and the White House… it’s all them gosh darn Republican’s fault.

Never mind that they passed the boondoggle healthcare bill that will cause the U.S. to go bankrupt, never mind that Obama has gotten all his little sops to Big Labor to spite the faltering economy, never mind…. well, never mid all the things the Democrats seemed to have no problem getting done, they just can’t get that danged ld budget passed.

The fact is, Democrats are playing politics with one of the only real Constitutional duties they have, creating and passing a federal budget. Yet, the Old Media allows Obama to stand before the American people and pretend that he and his party are the ones interested in fiscal sanity? This is why our politics is so messed up. The Democrats operate on bald faced lies and the Old Media allows them get away with it.
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Senator Dick Durbin: Pants on Fire”

Once Again Reporters Try to Decide Who is Allowed to be ‘The Press’

-By Warner Todd Huston

In yet another example of collusion between “the press” and the Democrats, Bill Kelly of Chicago tried to ask a question of Democrat Senator Dick Durbin at a press availability at Chicago’s City Club and met, shall we say, some resistance? As Kelly tried to ask his question, the reporters standing next to Kelly tried to interrupt and shut Kelly down claiming he wasn’t “allowed” to ask a question because he wasn’t “with the press.”

To further prove the hard left bent of the press and to show their contempt for all of us, one of these reporters offered that Kelly was just a Tea Party organizer — “he runs Tea Party rallies,” she said. You can just hear the dripping contempt for the Tea Party that these leftists have.

Even more ridiculous, the Illinois Radio Network’s Jim Anderson himself turned to Kelly and imagined HE had the right to threaten Kelly with removal by “the cops.”

“If you’re not quiet, we’re gonna have you thrown out of the room by the cops, OK? Because you’re trespassing. You have no right to be here,” Anderson blurted out.

Who’s this “we” Anderson was talking about? And, the “right”? Kelly has no “right” to ask his elected official a question?
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Once Again Reporters Try to Decide Who is Allowed to be ‘The Press’”

Perry Parries Iowan’s Ire

-By Warner Todd Huston

Texas Governor Rick Perry has made it known that he’s going to announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president at the Red State Conference in South Carolina on August 13, the same weekend as the Ames, Iowa straw poll. This didn’t sit well with the Iowa Republican blog. The paper called Perry’s timing a “slap in the face to Iowa Republicans.”

The Iowa GOP uses the well-publicized straw poll as a fundraiser for the party and it is also has a sort of pride of place being one of the early, notable primary time events. So, it is easy to see how the Iowans would be a tad upset that Perry decided to use another state on the same weekend to make his announcement. Iowa Republicans would naturally feel he should have used their own stomping grounds for his announcement…

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Why Does Sen. Durbin Think Illegal Aliens Can Become President?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Once again we see a Democrat in Congress that is completely out of touch with, or unknowledgeable about, our U.S. Constitution, the law of the land. This time it’s Senator Dick Durbin that is so contemptuous of our immigration laws, so interested to pander to illegal immigrants, that he somehow imagines that an illegal alien could become president some day.

Durbin was once again advocating for the DREAM Act, a law that would give cash, education, and freebies to the children of illegal immigrants merely because they are illegals and he and his staff had stacked the audience in his hearing with illegal immigrants.

After pandering to the illegals in the audience at the Capitol (you know, those illegals so afraid of America that they have to “hide in the shadows”), Senator Durbin started his loving tribute to those bright, shinning faces in attendance…
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Why Does Sen. Durbin Think Illegal Aliens Can Become President?”

Sen. Dick Durbin Caused ‘Gang of 6’ Talks to Fall Apart

-By Warner Todd Huston

From a gang of six to a gang of Dicks, Durbin torpedoes compromise once again

The “gang of six” is a group of senators who had taken it upon themselves to come to some sort of agreement over the competing budget ideas between Republicans and Democrats. It was hoped that these six senators could find a compromise that could kick off the debate with some sort of general agreement right at the start. But it was doomed to begin with. In fact, it is easy to understand how the new “gang of six” talks fell apart in the U.S. Senate this week.

The gang of six had the misfortune of having Dick Durbin (D, IL), one of the most partisan, far left senators in America, as a member. Compromise was never in the cards.
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Sen. Dick Durbin Caused ‘Gang of 6’ Talks to Fall Apart”

Obama Chief of Staff Emanuel Subpoenaed For Blago Trial

-By Warner Todd Huston

It has been confirmed that Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, has been subpoenaed by Rod Blagojevich’s defense team in his upcoming trial the Sun-Times is reporting.

Blago defense team Shelly Sorosky told the Times, “Yes, he’s been subpoenaed by the defense,” and went on to call Emanuel a “critical witness.”

Sorosky said there are two areas of interest involving Emanuel: the alleged attempted extortion of Emanuel by then-Gov. Blagojevich and the U.S. senate seat selection concerning now-White House adviser Valerie Jarrett.

According to Sorosky, the blago team has subpoenaed a whole retinue of Washington types for just-in-case needs. Already they’ve subpoenaed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Former Governor Blagojevich is under indictment for attempting to sell Barack Obama’s vacated illinois Senate seat.

The trial is now empanelling the jurors and the trial will soon be under way.
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Obama Chief of Staff Emanuel Subpoenaed For Blago Trial”