Ill. State Senator Chris Lauzen Friends: We Need your Survey Vote Now!‏

From the office of Ill. State Senator Chris Lauzen (24th District)…

Can you help us out? There is an online “non-scientific” poll being conducted for the next few hours. Here’s what you need to do: cut and paste, and you’ll see the “Patch Poll: If GOP Primary were today who would you vote for in the Kane County Chairman race?” VOTE for CHRIS LAUZEN.

On August 13, before more than 850 friends and supporters at our annual Porky Picnic, I announced that I would run for Kane County Board Chairman. I explained that my State Senate responsibilities will continue for the next year and a quarter and my focus remains on representing the 350,000 constituents within the 25th Senate District.

Just as I pledged in my first campaign, I promise to continue to “work hard, stay honest and use the same common sense that you do in your home and business.” My top three priorities, if elected to the Chairman role, will be to Freeze the County Property Tax Levy; Treat People Respectfully; and Honest Competent Administration through Innovation and Austerity.

Our campaign momentum continues to build. Email us at to volunteer for a yard sign, telephone calls or Friend-to-Friend cards. There’s still time to help circulate Nominating Petitions, too.

Chris Lauzen
Ill. State Senate, 24th District

Chris Lauzen: Direct Election of Republican State Central Committeemen

From the office of State Senator Chris Lauzen (R, 25th District)…

“You Decide . . . .” That’s what SB35 (the old SB600) is all about.

If you think it’s “OK” for Republican State Central Committeemen to give thousands of dollars and serious support to Mayor Daley, Governor Blagojevich, and other Democrat politicians . . . if you think it makes any sense at all to have Jim Oberweis, who has spent more than $10,000,000 to lose five (5) major elections, advising Republicans about how to win political campaigns . . . and, if you think it is in any way appropriate for the Republican State Central Committee to threaten Republican precinct committeemen with punishment for not supporting every single Republican candidate on the ticket, no matter how corrupt or opposed to the Illinois Republican Party Platform they are . . . do not support fundamental reform and change. No need to read further.

SB35 provides for direct election of Republican State Central Committeemen. Proponents want the right to vote for their leaders just like Republicans had for more than fifty (50) years, before Governor Thompson and his allies took it away through legislation. We want what Democrat primary voters have continued to enjoy.

If Republicans were in good shape in Illinois, I would say it doesn’t make any difference how we elect our leaders. However, Democrats have been slaughtering us with nine (9) years of corrupt or incompetent Governors and nearly veto-proof majorities in the State House and Senate. This gross mismanagement has led to a staggering 67% personal income tax increase, a redefinition of marriage in homosexual “unions”, constant threats to our right to self-defense, the obvious bankruptcy of our state through crippling spending and debt, and now the protection of murderers, terrorists and rapists from the death penalty.
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Chris Lauzen: Direct Election of Republican State Central Committeemen”

Guarded Optimism, But Show Us The Cuts

From the Office of State Senator Chris Lauzen (21st District)…

I am generally a gullible person, typically believing what people tell me. Age is tempering my natural inclination by teaching me that it is wiser to watch what people do, rather than to immediately believe what they say.

I hope that I am not being naïve to be encouraged by several developments within the swamp of Springfield events. My constituents can barely endure discussing the state’s current political and financial situation. They avert their eyes from the train wreck. They shake their heads, throw up their hands, and finally stick out their tongues. They instinctively realize that bankruptcy is the most severe failure of financial trust. And, Illinois is bankrupt.
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Guarded Optimism, But Show Us The Cuts”

Happy New Years from Downtown Chicago Democrats

From the office of State Senator Chris Lauzen (25th District)…

Majorities in 99 out of 102 counties voted for his opponent, however Governor Pat Quinn declares that he has a mandate to raise our taxes. If the State of Illinois spent what we currently sacrifice in taxes prudently and ethically, the Governor and his enablers in the Legislature might be able to make their case against my assessment that we are “taxed enough already”.

Illinois Medicaid eligibility levels substantially higher than averages, grants for favorite pork projects like Oswego Park District’s purchase and bulldozing of perfectly good and property-tax-paying homes, and unsustainable public employee pensions are all examples of cuts to unnecessary government spending that have not been made. It is no secret that public employee unions provided the money and manpower to get Quinn elected; now “to the victors to the spoils” . . . at your expense . . . during already difficult times for most taxpaying families in Illinois.

During the election, Pat Quinn claimed that he had cut state spending by $3 Billion. This is false – – some people would say it is a deliberate campaign lie. According to a report (that I would be happy to provide you) that his own Budget Office sent last summer to New York bankers and bond rating agencies, Quinn has actually increased spending $1 Billion. I would think that he would be embarrassed by a $4 B error, and that the Establishment Press would scold him every time he lied. Did you know that Quinn promised the state’s employee union that there will be no layoffs for them for the next two years? He did accept their endorsement and did cash their campaign contribution check.
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Happy New Years from Downtown Chicago Democrats”

Carnival Shell Game with Illinois State Pensions

From the office of State Senator Chris Lauzen (25th District)…

On November 4, 2010, all State Senators were called to Springfield ostensibly to vote on a $4B proposal to pay into state employee pension plans. The Democrat leadership had a political caucus off-site, but no vote was taken on the important fiscal matter, nor any other substantive issue.

Last year I believed Governor Quinn’s promise that he would spend approximately $3.5 Billion in borrowed funds wisely and, incredibly (for me), I voted “yes” to give him broad borrowing and spending authority. Unfortunately, that promise was broken and nearly all of that debt was used to pay for public employee pension deposits, while our schools languished and social service agencies were decimated.

Fool me once, shame on you – – fool me twice shame on me.

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Carnival Shell Game with Illinois State Pensions”

Senator Chris Lauzen: Ridden Hard and Hung Up Wet

-By State Senator Chris Lauzen, 25th District

The decent, hard-working taxpayers of Illinois – – of our entire country – – have been “ridden hard and hung up wet”, as they say in the Deep South.

I was shocked to read about a focus group of “Wal-Mart Moms”, a new political demographic of disappointed female voters, a significant portion whom feel sorry for President Obama. I don’t fully understand this emotion considering the aggressive passage of healthcare, cap-and-trade, so-called stimulus/takeovers and multiple expensive vacation trips for him and Michelle, but I am listening closely.
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Senator Chris Lauzen: Ridden Hard and Hung Up Wet”

What If It Was Your Child Being Deployed? – Part II

From the Office of State Senator Chris Lauzen (25th District)…

(Part Two of a Two-Part Series)

Permanent recession, perpetual war, persistent anxiety and fear . . . these are not what we want. These are not the American Promise in either the Declaration of Independence or U.S. Constitution. But, that is what our current policies are delivering in domestic and foreign affairs.

We are not victims to some miserable fate. Wisdom and willpower produce lasting peace and prosperity.

So, where do we go from here in Afghanistan and Iraq?
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What If It Was Your Child Being Deployed? – Part II”

What If It Was Your Child Being Deployed?– Part I

From the Office of State Senator Chris Lauzen (25th District)…

(Part One of a Two-Part Series)

If it was your son or daughter who was being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, what would be your opinion of these wars?

I recognize that I’m no foreign policy or military strategy expert, but I can see how bravely parents of deployed troops silently bear their pain and fear. I watch how intensely Mike and Cindy pray for the safety of their sons and their comrades at church each Sunday—almost holding their breath until they return home. At the local grocery store, you see mothers staring at the cereal displays lost in their private thoughts. When I ask how their military son or daughter is doing, they answer with nervous pride, and we both avoid that deeper emotion that’s like adding one more drop of water to a glass full to the brim before it overflows.

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What If It Was Your Child Being Deployed?– Part I”

Lauzen’s Legislative Top Ten

From the office of State Senator Chris Lauzen, 25th District…

Until Governor Quinn and Ruling Majorities in the House and Senate reduce Medicaid eligibility to the national average, dramatically reform and fund public employee pensions for future and current employees, secure spending flexibility on billions of federal so-called stimulus dollars, and conduct a hard scrubbing for efficiency of every agency and program in state government, Illinois will continue the budget “death spiral” that is causing employers to evacuate with their jobs, senior citizens with assets to relocate to other states, and bond rating companies to double-downgrade the financial prospects of 12.9 million Illinoisans.

To avoid wearing out my welcome by replaying budget and job-creation solutions that I have repeatedly proposed here and in Springfield, I will devote this article to “Lauzen’s Top 10” legislative initiatives that I am proposing this Spring on your behalf:
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Lauzen’s Legislative Top Ten”

Republican reformation: honest competence

From the Office of State Senator Chris Lauzen, 25th District…

I deeply appreciate the landslide support that voters in the Republican Primary provided for me and our volunteers. It is a privilege to work for you, and I will do my best for you and your family.

The people I serve just want honest competence from their government. I have learned that constituents will forgive me for making mistakes, as long as I learn from them, and if they can trust that I won’t lie to them and won’t steal from them.
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Republican reformation: honest competence”

Anti-Robo Call Bill Introduced in Springfield

-By Warner Todd Huston

There was an earlier attempt to do this, but here it is again. Senators Dale A. Righter (R, Matoon) and Chris Lauzen (R, Aurora) have introduced the Electioneering-Autodialer Call bill. This bill would provide for citizens being able to sign a registry that would prevent their phone numbers from being susceptible to the ever present political Robo-call during election time.

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Automatic Telephone Dialers Act and the Restricted Call Registry Act. Provides that the Automatic Telephone Dialers Act applies to electioneering autodialer telephone calls but does not apply to other telephone calls made by an autodialer and placed on behalf of a political organization. Prohibits electioneering autodialer telephone calls to telephone service subscribers who have registered their telephone number or numbers on the Restricted Call (“Do Not Call”) Registry. Defines “electioneering autodialer telephone call” to mean any voice communication over a telephone line, through the use of an autodialer or autodialer system, that refers to a clearly identified political candidate, political party, or question of public policy and is an appeal to vote for or against a clearly identified candidate, political party, or question of public policy. Effective immediately.

The bill has already had it’s first read and is now in the Assignments committee.

Well, I guess I am for this one. It doesn’t make robo-calls illegal which I think would violate political free speech of politicians and their supporters, but does provide for citizens to opt out from having to be bothered with them if they’d like.

I can get behind this one as long as it doesn’t outlaw the calls, as annoying as they are. I think this strikes the right balance between Constitutional rights to political free speech and a certain amount of an expectation of privacy.
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Anti-Robo Call Bill Introduced in Springfield”