William Daley, New Obama Chief of Staff

-By Warner Todd Huston

The AP is now reporting that President Obama is, indeed, hiring Chicago Mayor Daley’s brother, William, as his newest White House Chief of Staff.

“President Barack Obama has chosen Daley, a former commerce secretary, to replace interim chief of staff Pete Rouse,” says the APs Ben Feller.

The question from the conservative side of the aisle will be one of how this news will be received by the left. Will leftists celebrate their Obammessiah’s choice? Or will they stick to their anti-corporate “principles” and denounce the move?

After all, Bill Daley is a major player at JPMorgan Chase having joined the company in 2004 and has been the president of communications of SBC since 2008. If the left is to stand on principle they should take this news badly.

My guess is, however, the left’s purportedly hard held “principles” will evaporate in their blind support for Obama. Likely the left will grumble a bit and otherwise ignore the whole deal.

Hypocrites, for sure.
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William Daley, New Obama Chief of Staff”

President Obama About to Name Another Chicagoan Chief of Staff?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Julianna Goldman of Bloomberg News is reporting that President Obama may be about to name Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s brother, Bill, to become the next White House Chief of Staff.

That will make yet another Chicago crony working for the Obama White House. Bill Daley will be joining the ranks of Chicagoans Rahm Emanuel, Valarie Jarrett and several others whom the Obama’s worked with in Chicago before Barack became president.

Bill Daley, 62, was once the U.S. Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton and chaired Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000. Daley co-chaired Obama’s transition team as he prepared to take office and also served as an economic adviser.
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President Obama About to Name Another Chicagoan Chief of Staff?”