Governor Rauner Should Appoint Adam Andrzejewski as His State Comptroller

-By Warner Todd Huston

Adam Andrzejewski has thrown his hat in the ring to become the new Illinois Governor’s pick to replace deceased State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka and I think there isn’t a better, more qualified candidate than Adam.

Patriots In Action recently sent out a letter to supporters urging them to contact Rauner’s transition team to have the incoming governor consider Adam Andrzejewski (And-gee-efski) for the position.

Here is what she sent out…

You may be aware that Adam Andrzejewski has made application for the appointment to the open Illinois Comptroller position.

I realize it is a very busy time of the year, but time is of the essence.

If you would be so kind, to let Governor Elect Bruce Rauner know your thoughts and recommendation.

For quick background, Mike Flynn- a Quincy, IL native and editor at Breibart wrote a great column last week about this.

Please take a few minutes and write an e-mail recommending Adam to this most important financial office in Illinois.

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Governor Rauner Should Appoint Adam Andrzejewski as His State Comptroller”

2014 Illinois Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party Rally in St. Charles

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Illinois Tea Party ( held its sixth annual Chicago Tax Day Tea Party rally, but this year without the “Chicago” part as the group held their rally in the western suburbs. Specifically, the event was held in the Arcadia Theater in St. Charles where some 300 participants attended to hear candidates for office, activists, and patriotic music.

The April 15 rally targeted Obamacare and Senator Dick Durbin, of course, but mentions of the Illinois Republican Party, Sec. of Treasury candidate and establishment GOPer Tom Cross, and Senator Mark Kirk drew as many boos as the Democrats showing that grass roots conservatives have about had it with the feckless, powerless Illinois GOP.

Head of the Illinois Tea Party Denise Cattoni

Not all elected Republicans were opposed, though. One of the very first speakers introduced by Ill. Tea Party chief Denise Cattoni was State Rep. Jeanne Ives of Wheaton. Ives, while not a dynamic speaker, had a great five-minute speech written up with her key point being that she was going to be troublesome to the state Republican Party. “I will continue to be troublesome, just as troublesome as possible in Springfield,” she said warming to her theme.

State Rep. Jeanne Ives

The first speaker was State Senator Jim Oberweis, who went on first so he could get to a fundraiser.

Candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Oberweis

Oberweis is running as an admitted “underdog” to ultra left-wing Senator Dick Durbin. Obie, as his supporters affectionately dub him, noted that we need to stop the extremism in Washington and made to whip the audience up to dump Durbin by having them repeat, “Millionaire. Career politician. Dick Durbin. Must Go!”
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2014 Illinois Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party Rally in St. Charles”

Illinois Conservatives Criticize Rauner Over Tribune Photo

-By Warner Todd Huston

Friday morning’s Chicago Tribune (8/16/13) featured a photo of businessman and GOP candidate for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner getting a big smooch on the lips from “friend and supporter Susan Petty.” The phot got many conservatives up in arms.

Venture capitalist Bruce Rauner, a Republican candidate for Illinois governor, kisses friend and supporter Susan Petty on Thursday after riding to the Illinois State Fair in Springfield on his motorcycle. Thursday was Republican Day at the fair. (Tribune caption)

The photo, taken by John J. Kim at the Republican Day event at the Illinois State Fair, raised criticism from several directions. Some raised concerns about moral issues and some found it a telling illustration of political coalition building.

First of all the woman delivering the smooch is one Susan Petty, a political operative who was until the end of July on the payroll of Adam Andrzejewski’s For the Good of Illinois.
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Illinois Conservatives Criticize Rauner Over Tribune Photo”

Adam Andrzejewski: ‘I’m Not Running for Office in 2014’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Many thought that conservative activist Adam Andrzejewski was going to announce that he would be running for Illinois State Treasurer this afternoon, but he pulled a fast one on everyone with his announcement on March 19 at the University Club in Chicago.

Andrzejewski, who ran for Governor on a reform agenda in 2010, called a press conference on Tuesday morning leaving some in the room clearly stunned when he announced that instead of seeking office in 2014, he would dedicate himself to his various government transparency efforts.

“After consulting with supporters, donors, advisors, and my family,” Andrzejewski said in a statement, “I have decided not to run for office in 2014 election cycle.”

Andrzejewski went on to announce that he is going to dedicate himself to his newest project to put the federal checkbook online. The effort called Open The Books ( will give citizens access to government spending across the nation.
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Adam Andrzejewski: ‘I’m Not Running for Office in 2014’”

VIDEO: FreePac Speech of Adam Andrzejewski of For The Good Of Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Friday, October 26, I attended Freepac, Chicago held at the Schaumburg Convention Center. The event, sponsored by Freedomworks, had many fine speakers including Judge Andrew Napolitano, former President of Poland Lech Walesa, John Fund, CL Bryant, Deneen Borelli, John Tillman, Congressman Joe Walsh, and Adam Andrzejewski, hosted by Freedmworks CEO Matt Kibbe.

Here is the video I took of Adam Andrzejewski, chief of For The Good Of Illinois.

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VIDEO: FreePac Speech of Adam Andrzejewski of For The Good Of Illinois”

Rep. Roger Eddy- Total Tax-Paid Compensation of $283,520 Plus

-By Adam Andrzejewski


For 2011, Eddy has a total compensation package funded by Illinois taxpayers of over $283,520 per year. When our Freedom of Information Requests are fulfilled regarding his government health benefits and his accumulated “bank account” of unused sick days, we will update our analysis. We anticipate his annual compensation will exceed $300,000.

For the past 30 years, Roger Eddy has served in public education. Beginning as a teacher and coach, he has lived his new American Dream.

For the past 16 years, Eddy has been the superintendent of rural Hutsonville School District Unit 1. For the past 9 years (2003), Eddy has also been an elected Republican State Representative. The median Hutsonville household income is $32,500. Located four hours south of Chicago, it’s situated in the Wabash River Valley of East-Central Illinois.

Roger Eddy is a poster boy example of Illinois public greed…

Be sure and read the rest of this entry at For The Good Of Illinois.

Kirk/Kinzinger Highlight Dec. 3rd Deadline to Mail Holiday Packages to Troops Overseas

From the office of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R, Illinois 11th District)…

USPS Deadline: December 3rd

CHICAGO – With the holidays upon us, U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.-11) today joined with student veterans at DePaul University to highlight the fast approaching U.S. Postal Service mailing deadline to send care packages to U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East.

“This is the season of giving, and we must not forget the brave service members who sacrifice so much for our freedom” Sen. Kirk said. “Every American should make a conscious effort to support them in anyway possible.”

“Having served a few tours overseas, getting something in the mail from home – whether it was a letter or package – always reminded me that my family and friends back in the States were thinking of me,” Rep. Kinzinger said. “Our courageous men and women forgo spending the holidays with their loved ones to answer the call of duty and put their life at risk for the sake of all Americans. We must be especially mindful to show our gratitude for their sacrifice during the holiday season. Their fortitude is the reason for our liberty.”

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Kirk/Kinzinger Highlight Dec. 3rd Deadline to Mail Holiday Packages to Troops Overseas”

Abuse: Union Leaders Pull Down Millions in Public Pensions in Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston

Andrew Thomason of the Illinois Statehouse News agency has a pair of stores on the criminal syndicate that is unions in the Land of Lincoln this week that have to be seen to be believed. In fact, these stories and the ones like them we’ve seen for the past several months in Illinois are proof positive that unions should be illegal for government employees.

In one story, Thomason reports the tale of Michael Johnson, a corrupt teacher out to milk the taxpayers dry by collecting $209,379.43 in pension benefits while at the same time also collected $324,785 from a separate Illinois pension fund. And so far this crook has already collected $1.1 million of our tax dollars on top of the $198,105 a year he makes for “part-time work” for the school district.

This is called double dipping. Johnson was able to do this because he worked at one job in Illinois education, “retired” from it, then took a second job in the same field. This means he gets two pensions to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, likely totaling up to millions by the time he dies. All paid for by the taxpayers of Illinois.
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Abuse: Union Leaders Pull Down Millions in Public Pensions in Illinois”

State of Illinois Salaries Posted Online – The Books Are Open!‏

From For the Good of Illinois…

We opened the books. We posted the payroll and pensions of virtually every public employee from every level of Illinois government. Click here to visit the new website.

Open the books on your local taxing body. See how they are spending your property, sales, and income taxes. Then, please forward this email to your entire address book.

Our purpose was to help you answer a simple question, “How much does my government cost?” For the first time in history, you can quickly and privately find an answer.
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State of Illinois Salaries Posted Online – The Books Are Open!‏”

Kinzinger Calls for Serious Efforts to Address the Budget

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week I wondered aloud if Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, 11th District) was going against his claims of being fiscally responsible when I saw his poor support of the budget cuts in HR1.

There were 22 budget cutting measures in HR1 and Kinzinger only supported 38% of those cuts. I found this odd for a guy that ran as a fiscal hawk. I have, however, had communication with the newly minted congressman over this issue and he has a logical explanation for not having voted for all the cost-cutting amendments.

First of all Kinzinger reiterated that he “strongly supports the additional cuts” that the freshman class in Congress is pushing. He remains an advocate of the cuts being pushed “behind the scenes,” too. But he feels that he wasn’t given enough time to fully understand the amendments in HR1 and he felt it wasn’t proper for him to vote on amendments he didn’t fully understand. In that case he only voted on the amendments he felt he fully understood.
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Kinzinger Calls for Serious Efforts to Address the Budget”

For The Good Of Illinois: Go out with a bang…‏

From Adam Andrzejewski of For The Good Of Illinois…

As 2010 draws to a close, I wanted to share a few reflections on what we’ve achieved together during the past year.

I began the year as a candidate for governor in Illinois running on a platform of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, and traditional American values. We captured the votes of more than 110,000 Illinoisans, but fell short of the Republican nomination.

Like many of you, I believed the fight we waged against the underperforming Illinois establishment had not come to an end. With your encouragement, we set out to re-launch For the Good of Illinois and introduced For the Good of Illinois PAC.
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For The Good Of Illinois: Go out with a bang…‏”

Who’s Afraid of the Forensic Audit?

From Adam Andrzejewski and For The Good of Illinois…

An orchestrated attempt to discredit the forensic audit is well underway.

On Sunday, Bernie Schoenburg wrote an article defending Illinois Audit General William Holland. Holland claims that we misunderstand the term “forensic audit”. Holland said, “A forensic audit normally involves using accounting methods to investigate criminal activity, such as embezzlement and fraud.” Click here to read the full article in the State Journal-Register.

Whew, thanks for the clarification Auditor Holland. Sure glad we don’t have to worry about criminal activity, embezzlement, or fraud here in squeaky-clean Illinois. Guess we’ll just ignore the $4 million in wire transfer receipts that were found in Blago’s desk.
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Who’s Afraid of the Forensic Audit?”

A legend has returned; the super hero revealed

From Adam Andrzejews​ki, For the Good of Illinois…

Abraham Lincoln’s legacy is invoked in an iconic comic superhero named Super Abe, which will live at the center of the Illinois political counter-narrative. Super Abe is an exciting symbolic champion and defender of limited, accountable and transparent government on behalf of the people of Illinois.

Stan Lee, creator of such comics as Spiderman, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk once said, “People have always wanted heroes and always will. Unfortunately, sometimes the time isn’t right for us, because our leaders don’t seem to be heroes.”

It’s time for fresh thinking and new ideas that invite every Illinoisan to be a part of their government. At present, many of our leaders seem to be anything but heroes—some even go on to officially earn the title of villain. We need something unique to reach more Illinoisans more effectively. Super Abe is a dynamic new approach we believe will reach Illinoisans that may not have otherwise considered being a part of the democratic process.
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A legend has returned; the super hero revealed”

Suburban Mom Beats Chicago Machine‏

From Adam Andrzejewski of For the Good of Illinois

One month ago, For the Good of Illinois returned to promote self-governance in Illinois by engaging, educating, and empowering citizens to demand limited, accountable, and transparent government of, by, and for the people.

As part of this mission, we launched For the Good of Illinois PAC to allow our members to support viable candidates at the state level who believe in the principles of limited, accountable, and transparent government.

One of our first candidates, Cedra Crenshaw, quickly became the target of the Chicago Machine. Cedra’s opponent, Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi (IL-43rd), unleashed top election lawyer, Michael Kasper, to unjustly knock Cedra off the ballot on a 2-1 party line vote by the Will County Board of Elections.
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Suburban Mom Beats Chicago Machine‏”

For The Good Of Illinois: Grand Relaunch

From For The Good Of Illinois….

The wait is over! Today, For the Good Of Illinois is officially relaunching!

We’re excited to announce the return of a legendary hero to champion limited, accountable and transparent government in Illinois.

A culture of corruption fueled by failed political parties, patronage armies and gerrymandered political fiefdoms threatens to crush the spirit of our once great state.
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For The Good Of Illinois: Grand Relaunch”

When Does 2 + 2 = 5?‏ Illinois Doesn’t Add Up

From Adam Andrzejewski of For the Good of Illinois…

When it comes to Illinois politics, something just doesn’t add up.

Last week, the Illinois House voted down landmark school choice legislation introduced by Sen. Meeks (D). This decision denies 22,000 children from Chicago’s worst-performing and most-overcrowded elementary schools the opportunity to transfer to private or parochial schools.
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When Does 2 + 2 = 5?‏ Illinois Doesn’t Add Up”

Adam Andrzejewski: Illinois Can’t Afford Quinn‏

From Adam Andrzejewski and For the Good of Illinois

Thanks to you, we’re winning the fight to Open the Books!

Over the past couple weeks, advocates of transparent and accountable government in Illinois have been winning more and more small victories.

Quinn’s canoe czar, $85,000 per year, STOPPED!
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Adam Andrzejewski: Illinois Can’t Afford Quinn‏”

Governor Quinn Says There’s a Tax for That‏

From Adam Andrzejewski and For the Good of Illinois…

One week ago today, I had the honor of speaking at five tea parties throughout Illinois. Their message – government is out of control, spending has reached unsustainable levels and we’re Taxed Enough Already.
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Governor Quinn Says There’s a Tax for That‏”

Tea Party Express Hits Rockford, Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston

No posts have emerged from me today because I was away for most of the day witnessing the Tea Party Express as it rolled into rolled into Rockford, Illinois.

Rockford is situated about 90 miles west (and a bit north) of Chicago in Northern Illinois. It’s a region that has been hit particularly hard by this recession and has the highest unemployment rate in a state that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

The Tea Party Express is ranging across the country in an effort to keep the Tea Party spirit alive. If you want to find out if the Tea Party Express is coming to a town near you, check out the itinerary at

The Rockford Tea Party folks had hoped to get 1,000 Illinoisans to attend their rally, but there was at least 2,000 that actually came (some say 3,000) so they most certainly met their goals. These were some great Constitution-loving Americans that were very concerned about the downward direction that their country is taking. These people were worried, of course, but all seemed buoyed by their shared fellowship in patriotism. These are all great Americans. With citizens like this, we may yet bring our nation back from the brink of the leftism that is destroying Europe… unless Obama, his regime and their co-conspirators can help it.

The pre-event was held by the Rockford Tea Party folks ( And they had a nice line-up of local Illinois pols and political folks.
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Tea Party Express Hits Rockford, Illinois”

Tea Party Express Rolling Into A Town Near You

From Adam Andrzejewski’s For The Good Of Illinois

April 5 and 6, the Tea Party Express will be stopping in Illinois.

First stop, Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield at 6pm on Monday.

Second stop, Davis Park in Rockford at 2:30pm on Tuesday.

The Tea Party Express is a national bus tour, which hosts tea party rallies all across the nation. The bus launched from Sen. Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, NV on March 27th and will conclude in Washington, D.C. on Tax Day – April 15th.
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Tea Party Express Rolling Into A Town Near You”

Attorney General Lisa Madigan Punts on Important Transparency Issue

From Adam Andrzejewski, founder of For The Good Of Illinois…

On February 17th , 2010, for the first time in Illinois history, the Illinois Senate met in a secret budget meeting defined as a “joint caucus”. The Chicago Tribune editorial board used the term “probably illegal” to describe the meeting.

“The Illinois Senate used the statehouse as their personal private meeting hall, abusing the state constitution, the open meetings act, and the spirit of open and transparent Government. Discussing the severity of and solutions to the Illinois budget crisis, a topic that is negatively impacting every Illinois citizen and business, the Senate Sergeant at Arms held order and barred entry to the press under threat of arrest,” Andrzejewski related. “The people of Illinois pay for the lights, heat, building, and the salaries of the every state employee and legislator; yet, the people of Illinois were locked out of the discussion.”
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Attorney General Lisa Madigan Punts on Important Transparency Issue”

Andrzejewski Calls on Illinois Republican Party to Reverse Rule

From Adam Andrzejewski…

Today, Adam Andrzejewski, founder of good government organization For the Good of Illinois and former Republican Gubernatorial candidate, called for the Illinois Republican Party to reform itself in the name of good government. “In the election of the Republican State Central Committee, County Chairman are allowed to vote vacant precincts. This allows them to benefit from vacancies, and creates a strong disincentive to build our party. If county chairman can cast the votes of the empty precincts- why do the hard work of filling them?”, Andrzejewski stated.

“While running for Governor, my campaign took the time to identify and help hundreds of new people run for precinct committeemen. Allowing County bosses to vote vacant precincts dilutes the vote of committeemen who actually do the heavy lifting of electing Republicans,” Andrzejewski continued, “Let’s welcome our new committeemen, respect our existing ones.”
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Andrzejewski Calls on Illinois Republican Party to Reverse Rule”