Church Wastes $22K On Metal ‘Homeless Jesus’ Statue Instead of Homeless

-By Warner Todd Huston

According to the Bible Jesus was always very concerned with the homeless, the destitute, the poor, the least cared for, wasn’t he? So, shouldn’t his churches echo that worry? OK, so let’s take that as a given as we discuss the actions of an Episcopal Church in North Carolina that wasted $22,000 on a metal statue of a “homeless Jesus” to make a political statement instead of spending that money on, well, you know, the homeless.

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson, North Carolina, installed a stature it is calling a “homeless Jesus” on its property. It is a figure huddled in a blanket and laying sideways on a bench outside the church. The figure is almost entirely wrapped in its bronze blanket and the only way one can tell it is Jesus is a close inspection of the hands and feet where one can see signs of the holes from his crucifixion nails.

The so-called “Homeless Jesus” statue.

The leftist rector of St. Alban’s, Reverend David Buck, essentially admitted that the whole thing is a political stunt meant to further his and his flock’s left wing ideas.
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Church Wastes $22K On Metal ‘Homeless Jesus’ Statue Instead of Homeless”

Hawaii Lawmakers Want to Buy One-Way Tickets Off the Island for Homeless

-By Warner Todd Huston

“Dear homeless, you have been voted off the island.” That is what some Hawaii lawmakers are saying with a plan to allocate state funds to buy one-way tickets off the Island for the state’s homeless population. It is two Democrats sponsoring the program, too.

Now, wait… two Democrats are sponsoring legislation to ship the homeless off the island? Yep. So, doesn’t that break the claim that only the left cares about the homeless. Yep.

It’s all a case of NIMBY, not in my back yard. Oh, these Democrats love the homeless… when they are someone else’s problem.

The “Return To Home” program will give any homeless person a one-way ticket back to the contiguous United States if they can show that someone will take them in.

Lawmakers have funded the program with $100,000 each year for three years. It was created by Democrat state Rep. John Mizuno, the vice speaker of the House of reps.
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Hawaii Lawmakers Want to Buy One-Way Tickets Off the Island for Homeless”

Open Letter to Milwaukee Over its Decision to Boycott Arizona

(This was sent to me from a concerned citizen of the great state of Arizona…)

An Open Letter to Milwaukee City Alderman James Witkowski and His Fellow Aldermen (With the Notable Exception of the Hon. Bob Donovan)

How dare you boycott us, you who have never had thousands of ignorant, poor, opportunistic Canadians pouring into your towns and cities, murdering your farmers and stealing anything else they can get their hands on. How dare you assume we are RACIST? We aren’t racist, you dolts. We have lived as good neighbors to Mexico and Mexicans for hundreds of years. Our friends, our families, our schools, our universities, our workplaces – our whole society here in Arizona – is completely and fully and happily integrated. This isn’t about Americans of Mexican descent it is about Mexicans of Mexican descent, and it infuriates me that you silly, silly people 2,000 miles away would presume to call us racists. We are simply doing what our federal government has refused to do for the last 30 years: we are finally protecting ourselves and our borders with our votes, as we are completely within our rights, human and Constitutional, to do.
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Open Letter to Milwaukee Over its Decision to Boycott Arizona”

Atlanta Homeless Effort Fails. Solution: Throw More Money at it!

-By Warner Todd Huston

Atlanta thought it had a great idea. Instead of its citizens being accosted by bums and panhandlers in the street, the idea was to set up parking meter-like machines for people’s donations instead of handing the money straight to the bums. Then, the money collected from Atlanta’s well-meaning citizens would be used to enlarge government programs for the homeless.

After six months the donation meters have only netted $500, a sum that won’t go too far especially in the over priced world of government programs. In fact, the machines themselves cost far more than that. So, the meters are pretty much a bust. In that case one might think that the Atlanta city council would quietly shelve the idea as one born of that good ol’ college try, but a failed one nonetheless.

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Atlanta Homeless Effort Fails. Solution: Throw More Money at it!”