To Attack Trump Liberals Rehash Lie of LBJ ‘Overcome by Emotion’ in Vietnam Era Photo

-By Warner Todd Huston

Liberals went wild on Monday rehashing a decades-old lie about how President Lyndon Johnson was seen in a 1968 White House photo being “overcome” by the loss of life during the Vietnam War.

The image went viral on Monday as historically illiterate liberals began posting the photo they claimed showed LBJ being overcome with emotion about the loss of American lives. Naturally, it went viral because liberals were using it to claim President Donald Trump is heartless in the face of the death of Americans who have died from the coronavirus.

A typical tweet juxtaposing the falsified photo of LBJ with the supposed heartlessness of Trump was posted by lying liberal Ben LaBolt who moaned that today we don’t have a president with “empathy” like that wonderful LBJ.

The claim that the photo depicts well-known racist, and foul-mouthed ass Lyndon Baines Johnson as crumbling in the face of the toll of American deaths during the Vietnam war has been around for as long as that photo has been in the public eye.

But that characterization is a lie. That photo simply was not snapped when LBJ was hearing about the death toll in Vietnam.

The truth of that moment in time ends up having nothing at all to do with Vietnam, nor does it factually depict LBJ “breaking down,” having “empathy,” or being “overcome” about anything.
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Over 30 of the Top War Movies to Watch on Memorial Day

-By Warner Todd Huston

With Memorial Day weekend here patriots may want to spend a few hours this weekend remembering some of our greatest war films. Here we will talk briefly about over thirty war films, some stir the patriot’s blood, others are amusing, many harrowing, still more are foreboding with a subtle anti-war message. While everyone has their own favorites list — and yours may not be here — all presented here are a great watch.

Band of Brothers


Starring Damian Lewis as Major Dick Winters, the 2001 mini-series Band of Brothers is probably the most faithful film project about World War Two and is a must-see for any war movie fan. At 12 hours in length, it is certainly a commitment to watch, but a viewer is well rewarded at the end and is an experience that will stick with viewers for the rest of their lives. This is as close as you can come to experiencing the camaraderie, deprivation, terror, and hell of war without actually being in one.



Unapologetically patriotic and hardnosed, the George C. Scott vehicle Patton is a tour de force of stirring military action punched by an incredible soundtrack. The nearly three-hour film follows the life, war, and untimely death of WWII General George S. Patton that stands as one of the classic war films of all time.

The Longest Day


The Academy Award-winning The Longest Day can’t help but bring you to the edge of your seat as the film follows one of the toughest battles in U.S. history as Allied forces landed on the coast of France during the D-Day landings. It starred nearly every major Hollywood star of the day including John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, Henry Fonda, Red Buttons, Peter Lawford, Eddie Albert, Jeffrey Hunter, Rod Steiger, George Segal, Robert Wagner, and many, many more. Filmed in black and white, the lack of color makes it all the more gritty and inspiring as the Allies push the Nazis back beginning the push into Europe that would eventually topple Hitler’s regime.

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Over 30 of the Top War Movies to Watch on Memorial Day”

Time to Remember The Many Americans Buried in U.S. Military Cemeteries Across the World

-By Warner Todd Huston

“From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.”–Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

As we prepare to celebrate Memorial Day to pause in thanks for the sacrifices made by millions of Americans who died while fighting to preserve freedom, a documentary called “These Hallowed Grounds” reminds us that our war dead are not just interred here at home, but are spread across the world on battlefields almost lost to the memory of far too many of us.

When we think of our military cemeteries, those final resting places of so many American heroes, we usually think of Arlington National Cemetery, certainly. But do we think of the hundreds of American military cemeteries in such places as France, the Philippines, and other nations across the world? Sadly, not many of us do.

If you are like many of us, you may not be very well informed about all the many American cemeteries erected to memorialize our legions of war dead. To correct that deficit the PBS documentary “These Hallowed Grounds” is an excellent way to learn about these bucolic and solemn memorials.

Most Americans know of the World War Two cemetery at Omaha Beach, Normandy, site of one of the 1944 D-Day landings. But there are some twenty-one other cemeteries in eight other countries memorializing our dead from World Wars One and Two and the documentary tells the powerful tale of many of them.

Our many war cemeteries are maintained by the U.S. government’s American Battle Monuments Commission and contain monuments to some 125,000 American war dead. The names of another 94,000 missing soldiers are inscribed into the Walls Of The Missing at these locations and this film takes viewers on an important journey across the world to see and learn about them.
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Time to Remember The Many Americans Buried in U.S. Military Cemeteries Across the World”

John Kerry’s Swift Boat Supporter Has Silver Star Revoked

-By Warner Todd Huston

Remember all the hub bub of the Swift Boat story during the 2004 presidential run of Democrat John F’n Kerry? Well with all that in mind, you might vaguely recall a certain Captain Wade R. Sanders, Kerry’s military colleague and heavy supporter of the would be president from Massachusetts. Well, in a very unusual move, this “hero” of Viet Nam has just had his Silver Star award revoked by the Navy.

Captain Sanders was the most outspoken member of Kerry’s “band of brothers” coterie of veterans that came to his support during his run for the White House. Sanders even introduced Kerry at the Democrat Convention that put Kerry’s name before the American people as a candidate for president. Sanders trained with Kerry at Naval Base Coronado when the pair were sent to Viet Nam as Navy Swift Boat officers…

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Ill. Mayor’s Lies About His Military Awards

-By Warner Todd Huston

Calumet Park, Illinois is straight south of Chicago nearing the Indiana border. Illinoisans of the area call it Cal Park for short. Unfortunately, it seems to have earned a new nickname thanks to the lies over his military record told by its mayor, Joseph DuPar. Its new name should be Bull Park.

Easily fitting in with other serial military service liars such as Massachusetts District Attorney candidate Richard Blumenthal, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, Mr. John “did you know I served in Vietnam” Kerry, and even fellow Illinoisans Phil Hare and Mark Kirk, Mayor DuPar made a pretty outrageous claim on his bio during his recently successful election campaign.
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Ill. Mayor’s Lies About His Military Awards”

Ill. Congressman Hare: Puffing Military Record and Intimidating Voters

-By Warner Todd Huston

Congressman Phil Hare (IL, 17th District) is the perfect example of the sort of congressman no one should want. He’s arrogant. He’s dismissive. He’s self-important. He’s easy to anger. And worst of all he has disdain for his own voters. The man is simply a creep.

In April we had video of this arrogant cuss saying that he didn’t care about the U.S. Constitution in the Obamacare fight. Apparently that darned old rag of paper is meaningless to this powermad pol.

This time we have Congressman Hare intimidating a voter and demanding that this Vietnam vet supply the congressman with his home address so that he, the congressman, can track the constituent down and further threaten him.
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Ill. Congressman Hare: Puffing Military Record and Intimidating Voters”