Woman Mailed Citation From Chicago Area Park District After Social Media Post

-By Warner Todd Huston

Apparently police are now cruising the web looking for people who make claims that leads one to believe they could or might or perhaps broke some jackbooted rule, regulation or law and then they are punishing them through the U.S. mails on this hearsay evidence.

The police department of a Chicago area forest preserve district used a local woman’s social media post as a basis to send her a citation in the mail after she made a Facebook post about a county park.

The woman says she wrote a Facebook post that was misinterpreted by Will County forest preserve police as an admission that she was violating park rules. It wasn’t long after she posted her comment that she received a notice of violation in the mail and told she owed the county a fine for illegal use of a park.
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Woman Mailed Citation From Chicago Area Park District After Social Media Post”

Bill Foster: A Lockstep Vote For Nancy Pelosi’s Big-Spending Agenda

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

ST. CHARLES – The Randy Hultgren for Congress campaign issued the following statement today regarding Bill Foster’s steadfast support for Nancy Pelosi’s big-spending agenda, after Foster once again voted to keep the money flowing.

“Congressman Foster’s vote last night to keep on spending wastefully, without a budget, is just more of the same from Big Spending Bill, who has voted for every spending bill since he went to Washington,” said Gill Stevens, a spokesman for the Hultgren campaign. “Bill Foster’s record of voting with Nancy Pelosi 92.6% of the time has been well-documented, but even more troubling is his 100% record when it comes to wasteful spending.[1] Even more outrageous than his support for the Pelosi agenda is his attempts to hoodwink voters: Bill Foster has regularly trumpeted his opposition to the Democrats’ big-spending budgets while still voting for those hundreds of billions of dollars in wasteful government spending.
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Bill Foster: A Lockstep Vote For Nancy Pelosi’s Big-Spending Agenda”

Consumer Confidence Drops to Lowest Level Since February

From the Schilling for Congress…

Schilling: “We need to elect new leadership that will turn this country around.”

EAST MOLINE, IL–Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, commented on a recent report that consumer confidence had dropped to its lowest level since February. The Conference Board stated that their monthly Consumer Confidence Index currently stands at 48.5, down from 53.2 in August.
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Consumer Confidence Drops to Lowest Level Since February”

Statement On Two-Year Anniversary Of Foster’s Government Bailout Vote

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

ST. CHARLES – Randy Hultgren, Republican candidate for Congress in the 14th District, issued the following statement on the two-year anniversary of Democrat Congressman Bill Foster’s disastrous vote to bail out Wall Street.

“Two years ago today, Congressman Bill Foster disregarded the concerns and views of his constituents to support Nancy Pelosi’s Wall Street bailout bill,” said Hultgren. “Unfortunately, that was just the first of Foster’s many votes for bailouts; since then he has voted repeatedly to bail out the private sector using scarce taxpayer dollars while exploiting any opportunity for government intrusion into the marketplace.”

“I’ve spoken to people all across the 14th District and what I’ve consistently heard is they want and expect a more accountable Congress, one that spends responsibly and adheres to a budget,” said Hultgren.


Kilbride Has ‘Forfeited His Right to Serve Another 10 Years’


In the video below, Edward Petka, retired Will County Circuit Judge, former State Senator and former Will County State’s Attorney, discusses Justice Thomas Kilbride’s record of choosing criminals over victims and law enforcement. This video was shot on the site of the 1983 Joliet “Ceramic Shop Massacre”. Thanks to overwhelming evidence, serial killer Milton Johnson was arrested and convicted of that massacre — but Kilbride called for Johnson’s retrial as part of a blanket call for the retrial of 25 Death Row inmates.

Small Illinois Town Makes English Official Language

-By Warner Todd Huston

Homer Township is not a metropolis commonly in the news in Illinois. Situated to the south and west of Chicago about an hour or so, the small town is generally a quiet place. That may be about to change, at least for this week, because the township’s board of trustees just voted to support a new policy making English the official language for government business.

Granted this is not much of a change from what they are already doing. The resolution requires that all business that the government of the township does will all be in English only, something that is already the case. Minutes, notices, agendas, all printing, and all the records of the assessor’s office will be done only in English.

No one on the board, however, is saying that this is a big change. In fact, Township Clerk Steve Balich says that it is all symbolic and meant to start a dialog about illegal immigration.
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Small Illinois Town Makes English Official Language”

Why are the Collar Counties Going GOP? Fiscal Responsibility

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over at Chicago’s NBC blog The Ward Room, Edward McClelland posits that the reason both Mark Kirk and Bill Brady are winning in current polls in the collar counties — those counties surrounding Cook, Chicago’s home — is because Quinn can’t balance a budget and Giannoulias was a failed banker. It’s about fiscal responsibility, says McClelland.

McClelland quotes a poll from the extremist left-winger website the Daily Kos that finds that Republican Kirk leads Democrat Giannoulias 41-38 in the hunt for Obama’s old Senate seat. Anecdotally interesting, yes. Proof of actual numbers, I’m not so sure. There is little of any worth to anything on the Daily Kos, but if even that wholly slanted website is showing Giannoulias down one might take that as a sign that it is true that Kirk is leading at this time.
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Why are the Collar Counties Going GOP? Fiscal Responsibility”

More Between Candidate Isaac Hayes and Mayor of University Park

-By Warner Todd Huston

A few days ago I related an incident between Republican candidate for Congress Isaac Hayes and the Mayor of University Park, Alvin McCowan. Hayes claimed that Mayor McCowan freaked out on him at a recent networking event and kicked him out of a public place after Mr. Hayes had been scheduled to appear there. Apparently, though, the incident is still roiling.

Mayor McCowan is still name calling and mouthing off about this whole thing, it seems. The Hayes campaign released a message from McCowan that shows how much of a creep McCowan is. It starts with punk-act name calling and race baiting, too. What a cretin.

Someone is so desperate for news that the fabricated messages persist. So I suppose Hayes’s white campaign leaders can just come into UP and be disrespectful and talk to the mayor in a disparaging tone and that’s suppose to be acceptable. Then they use the Black press to bring down real Black leaders who have not sold out as Hayes has just to try to get elected. Another Allen Keyes. Stop being blinded.

Glad this race-baiting jerk is taking the high road, eh? Sheese. And this guy is an elected official!
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More Between Candidate Isaac Hayes and Mayor of University Park”

Southside Mayor Kicks Out Republican Candidate from Event for Being… Republican?

-Warner Todd Huston

Looks like the good mayor of University Park hates the American system so much that he refuses to allow Republican candidates to attend events in his town even when they are invited by the event hosts. I wasn’t aware that a mere mayor had such dictatorial powers in the United States of America, but apparently Mayor Alvin McCowan thinks he does.

McCowen, a heavy contributor to 2nd District Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D, Chicago), was incensed that Reverend Isaac Hayes attended a networking-styled event in “his” town recently and threw a childish hissy fit while demanding that candidate Hayes be thrown out of the venue. Hayes is the Republican facing Congressman Jackson in the upcoming 2010 elections.

Candidate Hayes just released a press release on the incident:
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Southside Mayor Kicks Out Republican Candidate from Event for Being… Republican?”

Kinzinger Tops Polls in 11th District

From the Adam Kinzinger for Congress campaign (11th District)…

Adam Kinzinger is currently holding townhalls across the district and after Wednesday night, he will have held 11, Debbie Halvorson, who voted yes for healthcare, has held zero. This is the first poll conducted on the Congressional Level after the Healthcare vote.

Adam Kinzinger currently leads on the ballot test 44%-38% over Congresswoman Halvorson, with 16% of voters undecided. Among high interest voters (8-10s), Kinzinger’s lead improves to 49%-35%, with 13% undecided.
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Kinzinger Tops Polls in 11th District”

Randy Hultgren: Bill Foster’s Vote Betrays the Trust of the 14th District

From the Hultgren for Congress campaign (14th District)…

Tonight, Bill Foster dealt the 14th Congressional District a devastating blow!

Foster’s vote to takeover health care doesn’t only run contrary to the wishes of his constituents, it delivers on the commitment he made to HIS real boss, Andy Stern, head of the Service Employees International Union.

In the Washington Post this week, Stern boasted of the debt owed to SEIU by Foster saying that “Foster, who we ran a significant independent expenditure for, we’re telling him what it is our workers thought they were working for him for” in reference to the Pelosi/Reid health care bill.
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Randy Hultgren: Bill Foster’s Vote Betrays the Trust of the 14th District”

Will County GOP Chief ‘Doesn’t Care’ About the Voters

-By Warner Todd Huston

So, thanks to a decision in the 1970s the Republican voters of Illinois are not allowed to vote for their representatives on the GOP State Central Committee (although Ill. Democrat voters DO have that right). The folks that fill the body that guides the agenda and creates and applies to rules of the state party are appointed to their important seats by the elected GOP committeemen throughout the state. Why is that a problem? Let’s look t Will County to answer that question.

On March 7 I wrote about how the Will County GOP Chairman, Dick Kavanagh engineered the defeat of Central Committee candidate Cory Singer. As it happened big cheese Kavanagh didn’t like Singer and wanted his own, handpicked choice to fill the Will County seat on the GOP State Central Committee.

Kavanagh had a major stumbling block to his desire to put his choice, Bobbie Peterson, back on the board. It was this little thing we call “votes.” You see, Cory Singer had about 9,000 of them while Kavanagh’s buddy Peterson nay had 4,000.

So, to get his way, Kavanagh simply decided to steal the election by voting himself for all the committeemen of Will County that didn’t show up to the Party Convention. Presto Chango, Peterson won the “election” to the State Central Committee.
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Will County GOP Chief ‘Doesn’t Care’ About the Voters”