Buffalo Soldiers: Will Liberals Attack The Statues to Famous Black Soldiers Who Killed Indians?

-By Warner Todd Huston

In their lust to destroy America’s history, anti-American, Antifa fascists have been attacking Civil War statues, statues to our founders, and even statues to Revolutionary War heroes. In their ignorance, they imagine all these statues are black and white instances of evil. But to prove that history isn’t just a black and white issue, there is the history of the black soldiers of the western armies who became famous killing American Indians. What will these idiots do with statues to the famed Buffalo Soldiers?

It all amounts to a very inconvenient history for these leftist, Antifa thugs.

These leftists think that all American history is evil, certainly. But they pretend that they are sticking up for minorities with their attacks on the tens of thousands of statues and memorials to various historical figures across the nation.

But there are many statues that might pose a particular problem to these disgusting “social justice warriors.” One wonders what these slimeballs who think they are standing up for minorities are going to do with the tricky history of the Buffalo Soldiers?

There are many statues to the famous black soldiers who joined the U.S. Army to fight Indians in the great wild west. Comprising the 9th and 10th Cavalry and the 24th and 25th U.S. Infantry, regiments raised after the Civil War to keep the peace on the frontier.
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Buffalo Soldiers: Will Liberals Attack The Statues to Famous Black Soldiers Who Killed Indians?”

Pope Francis: The Catholics’ Commie Pope Problem is Growing

-By Warner Todd Huston

With his third major address infused with socialist buzzwords, it seems to be official. Pope Francis is the first Commie Pope. And this is a big problem for the Catholic Church and they’d better get a handle on it.

First of all it is disgusting that any member of the cloth would advocate for communism like this Pope seems to be doing. Communism and its sister ideologies socialism and Nazism are responsible for the deaths of more humans than anything man has ever done. Yes, even more than religion–In fact, more than all religions combined. If you are in favor of communism/socialism/Naziism (and there is no material difference between them), then you are an apologist for mass murder. It really is just that simple.

Now, the Catholic Church has enough of a bad history instigating mass murder, so glomming onto communism is not a good PR move.
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Pope Francis: The Catholics’ Commie Pope Problem is Growing”

Now Liberals Want an Obamacare Czar, Telling Obama to Name ‘CEO’

-By Warner Todd Huston

As Obamacare continues to spiral down into an ever deeper morass, Democrats are coming to understand that the law will be an anchor around their necks in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections and so they badly want the mess fixed before it is too late. Now they are urging Obama to pick another czar to fix the healthcare law, this time calling the position a “CEO” for Obamacare.

According to Newsmax, Obama’s supporters have been quietly pushing the President to appoint a single person, a “CEO” of sorts, to head up the fixes for the President’s disastrous takeover of our nation’s healthcare system.

One advocate of this scheme is reportedly Ezekiel Emanuel, one of Obama’s chief healthcare advisors and brother to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Ezekiel is part of the extremist, left-wing, George Soros-funded, anti-American organization misleadingly called the Center for American Progress (CAP), so those folks are behind this hail Mary pass, too.
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Now Liberals Want an Obamacare Czar, Telling Obama to Name ‘CEO’”

CNN’s Evident Bias on Supreme Court Decisions

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over the last several days in the last week of June the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) handed down two important decisions, one striking down part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and one striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) leading to a renewed national dialog in the issues. But for CNN the rulings were just another opportunity to analyze the decisions from a decidedly leftward point of view.

According to a review of CNN’s coverage of the June 25 and 26 Supreme Court decisions conducted by the Media Research Center, the cable network’s coverage of the rulings showed a decided leftward tilt.

In the case of the June 25 Voting Act decision, CNN featured four times as many critics of the decision as supporters.
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CNN’s Evident Bias on Supreme Court Decisions”

Fabulist Matthews Says Hillary Best Since Eisenhower

-By Warner Todd Huston

MSNBC fabulist Chris Matthews has made a new pronouncement, this time that Hillary Clinton is in the most “commanding position” to be anointed president since the general of all the U.S. Armies in WWII, Dwight D. Eisenhower, ran for President in 1952. Matthews also gushed that she is the “most celebrated woman leader” in the entire world.

Matthews began his April 1 broadcast pushing hard on a Hillary for 2016 campaign and his latest comments were aimed at building Hillary up to the level of smartest-woman-in-the-world status. Matthews also likened Mrs. Clinton to WWII hero Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower.

Interestingly, Matthews also seemed to apologize for making such an effusive statement because he’s a man.

Matthews noted that woman have been forced to vote for “men of uneven quality, uneven character and uneven greatness” their whole lives and now the urge to vote a woman into the White House will be too much to resist.
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Fabulist Matthews Says Hillary Best Since Eisenhower”

Congressman Roskam Previews Obama’s State of the Union Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston

I had a few minutes to speak privately to Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam (R, 6th District) about the upcoming State of the Union speech that the President will give tonight and as far as Roskam is concerned the speech tonight will be nothing but a “highly charged and very, very political” speech that won’t contain many actual solutions.

Roskam, the Chief Deputy Whip of the House, said that he hopes that the President will offer ways to grow private sector jobs and a plan to “live within our means,” but he was not sanguine that he will.

“I think the President is going to lapse right into inauguration speech 2.0 and it’s all going to be highly political, and a lot of wedge issues that are not designed to try and get any kind of concessions or solutions on any of these things,” Roskam told me.

“The irony is, he’s got a real opportunity here if he wanted to lead and try and grow the economy but I think he’s just going to follow the old play book.”

Roskam also noted that the President’s Party is also not trying too hard to offer solutions.
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Congressman Roskam Previews Obama’s State of the Union Speech”

NBC Nightly News: Ignores Republican Delight About VP Pick, Says Ryan Got ‘Not So Warm Welcome’

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Tuesday’s broadcast of NBC’s Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams and reporter Peter Alexander made to look at Rep. Paul Ryan’s first few days on the hustings as Mitt Romney’s new VP pick. And what did they see? They didn’t see the almost universal praise by conservatives and Republicans alike, no, what they saw instead was a “not so warm welcome to the Big Leagues” for Paul Ryan.

There have thus far been few, substantive complaints about Paul Ryan from the GOP rank and file or from conservative leaders or conservative commentators. Ryan premiered to solid positive poll ratings, the first major poll featuring the VP pick sees Ryan at 50% approval, a very solid debut rating, and a past poll even found that Ryan is doing well with seniors — exactly the voters that Obama is trying to frighten to death with his obscene campaign rhetoric.

But praise and excitement for Ryan is not what NBC wants people to believe about the Paul Ryan pick. NBC wants people to fear Ryan, to feel he’s “controversial,” and unpopular.
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NBC Nightly News: Ignores Republican Delight About VP Pick, Says Ryan Got ‘Not So Warm Welcome’”

CPAC Chicago, Part 4: Joe Walsh, Randy Hultgren, Straw Poll Results

-By Warner Todd Huston

Finally, in part four we’ll hear from two solid Illinois Congressmen, the 8th District’s Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren of the 14th. We’ll also hear the, perhaps not startling results of the straw poll, the most important question from which was who Romney should pick for his vice presidential candidate (hint, the top picks weren’t any of his one-time rivals for the nomination).

Congressman Joe Walsh

Rep. Joe Walsh gins up the crowd

Joe Walsh of the Illinois 8th District is the one Congressman that the left wants to eliminate more than any other Republican Congressman. This is because Joe has carved out from among his fellows an outsized voice for conservatism. He appears regularly on TV and radio to tout the conservative message. But he’s become a major target of Democrat redistricting and now faces a tough challenge to be reelected in his newly reconfigured 8th District. Me, I think he can easily beat the know-nothing candidate the Democrats have put up against him, but Joe is taking nothing for granted.

One thing is sure, though, Joe Walsh knows how to get a conservative audience in motion.
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CPAC Chicago, Part 4: Joe Walsh, Randy Hultgren, Straw Poll Results”

CPAC Chicago, Part 3: Bobby Jindal, Peter Roskam, Michele Bachman

-By Warner Todd Huston

In part three of our series we’ll take a look at the speeches of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam, and Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Bachmann’s speech was quite interesting for its singular focus on a particular jihad-supporting Muslim group that is operating in America today. Bachmann was vehement that Obama ban this group.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Gov. Bobby Jindal on the main stage

Jindal is another favorite of the greater conservative movement. He has a very compelling story of immigrant parents that came to America to become part of this great nation to finally see their little son become the most powerful man in their adopted state. It’s the perfect American story, for sure.

Speaking of stories, Jindal has a lot of them especially where it concerns his involvement in the BP Oil spill from 2010. I’ve seen Jindal relate this tale several times and it is always a good one. His description of how the federal government was more interested in observing its silly OSHA than deal quickly with the emergency before them was telling and hilarious — though ultimately sad and infuriating. Since this is standard stump speech stuff of Jindal’s, though, I did not Tweet that segment.

Like the others Jindal started praising the Walker win in Wisconsin. One of his funniest lines was that all the news people were proclaiming that the vote would be so close that it would be a long night for Wisconsin as they tallied the votes. But reality proved that the whole thing was over in a matter of hours with Walker’s landslide. Instead of it being a long night for Wisconsin, Jindal joked that it was instead a “long night at Obama headquarters in Chicago!”
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CPAC Chicago, Part 3: Bobby Jindal, Peter Roskam, Michele Bachman”

CPAC Chicago, Part 2: Richard Mourdock, Chris Christie, Herman Cain

-By Warner Todd Huston

In part two of my coverage of CPACs first Midwestern conference event, we will see some of the high spots of the floor speeches of Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie – always a crowd favorite – and the redoubtable Herman Cain. Cain also visited the media room and I have video of that below the fold.

Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock

Richard Mourdock is the current Indiana State treasurer but he also just defeated long-time incumbent Senator Richard Lugar for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate from Indiana. He’ll face the Democrat come November. Mourdock has been widely touted as the insurgent Tea Party candidate that beat Lugar, the old line, establishment man.

“No one expected a lowly state treasurer could take out a 36-year Senator! But we DID,” Mourdock said triumphantly.

Mourdock also noted that Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has called him the “Hoosier headache.” Mourdock was rather proud of that appellation.
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CPAC Chicago, Part 2: Richard Mourdock, Chris Christie, Herman Cain”

CPAC Chicago, Wisconsin Praised, Obama Razed — Part One: Rick Santorum, Ron Johnson

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, Friday evening, June 8, 2012, we marked the end of the first CPAC event held in Chicago and what a great event it was. The triumph in Wisconsin was on everyone’s mind but so was Obama’s dismal record. Not just dismal, but according to several speakers, even dangerous. The economy and the election of Romney were focal points but so was foreign policy this day. One theme, though, was constant: Obama has to go.

Because of other things going on and the several press availability sessions, I didn’t catch every speaker in the main hall, but I did hear the speeches of (in this order) former Senator Rick Santorum, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Illinois Representative Peter Roskam, Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann, and Illinois Representatives Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren. I also heard and recorded the press availability sessions of Herman Caine, Peter Roskam, and Michelle Bachmann and I caught most of Kansas Representative Tim Huelskamp’s.

Other notables whose speeches I missed were Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner, and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.

The event was a great success with well over 2,000 participants, all seats filled for the most part during the speeches and some great groups like the United Republican Fund, the Illinois Policy Institute, the Heartland Institute, Champion News, and others hosting and participating.

I’ll say a few words about the speakers I did see in the order I saw them and I’ll do this in a few installments so that this won’t be one long, overly taxing post. Now, as each of these speakers appeared before us I live Tweeted their comments, so the following quotes are pulled from my Twitter feed.

But before I do that, each speaker was quite enthusiastic over the win of Governor Scott Walker who defeated an effort by the far left and their union overlords to recall him in Wisconsin. Each speaker praised Walker and crowed about the left’s loss in there. I won’t regurgitate the Wisconsin hunk of each speaker as they were pretty much all the same; exuberant. The essential point was that we are all cheeseheads now.

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum on the main stage

Former Pennsylvania Senator and recent GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum gave one of his well-crafted, typically workman-like speeches. One of Santorum’s early points was that America is at a “tipping point” and we’d better be there to tip it in the right direction.
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CPAC Chicago, Wisconsin Praised, Obama Razed — Part One: Rick Santorum, Ron Johnson”

Texas Redistricting: Forget About ‘Justice,’ Obama’s DOJ is ALL About Politics

-By Warner Todd Huston

Obama’s Department Of Justice claims that Texas redistricting is somehow “unfair” because Democrats have lost power. Therefore the DOJ is going to take the state to court over its new map. Yet, in Illinois, the Democrats have decimated Republican districts and slighted several Hispanic districts, yet the DOJ has turned a blind eye to pleas for redress there. This all tends to prove that Obama’s DOJ is less about “fairness” and more about politics. Sadly, Obama is playing politics with justice.

Only days after his inauguration in 2009 President Barack Obama warned Republicans that he wasn’t much interested in what they had to say on policy. In a meeting with congressional leaders he told Republicans “elections have consequences” and “I won.” Obama apparently wanted to stress that those that win elections should set the agenda and run the table. To echo Rep. Joe Wilson, Obama lied.

Take Texas, for instance. Thanks to two years of one failed Democrat policy after another and after two years of a sustained assault on American values, an attack on our business community, capitalism, and an avalanche of regulations quashing any chance of an economic recovery, the political landscape of Teas turned a deep, deep red in the 2010 midterm elections.
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Texas Redistricting: Forget About ‘Justice,’ Obama’s DOJ is ALL About Politics”

Ill. Rep. Tim Johnson Says Redistricting Challenge Useless

-By Warner Todd Huston

Today the bulk of the Illinois GOP delegation to Congress put out a letter decrying the badly gerrymandered recreation of Illinois’ congressional districts. The redistricting mess was denounced by every Illinois Republican Congressman but one.

Recently, a lawsuit has been filed to fight the redistricting that Illinois Democrats pushed through to fruition. The letter from the GOP delegation supported the lawsuit saying, “We look forward to an impartial hearing in court that exposes the fatal flaws in the Democrats’ Illinois congressional redistricting scheme and recognizes the fact that creating fair, compact, and representative congressional districts is not only possible, but necessary.”

One Illinois GOP congressman, though, did not sign onto the letter. That one Republican was Representative Tim Johnson (15th District) of Urbana, Illinois.
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Ill. Rep. Tim Johnson Says Redistricting Challenge Useless”

Statement of GOP House Members from Ill. on the Proposed Congressional Map Filed Today in Federal Court

“The Fair Map filed in federal court today proves that it is possible to create congressional districts that respect both constitutional and democratic principles. More importantly, this map stands in stark contrast to the contorted map passed by the Democrats, which is so gerrymandered that it can have no goal but to maximize partisan advantage by disregarding the will of Illinois voters.

“The Fair Map specifically addresses the problems with the Democrats’ map by providing a second district for the state’s growing Latino population, creating district lines that satisfy the tests for compactness, and protecting communities of interest by keeping them wholly within individual districts.

“We look forward to an impartial hearing in court that exposes the fatal flaws in the Democrats’ Illinois congressional redistricting scheme and recognizes the fact that creating fair, compact, and representative congressional districts is not only possible, but necessary.”

Rep. Peter Roskam (Il-6)
Rep. Joe Walsh (Il-8)
Rep. Robert Dold (Il-10)
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Il-11)
Rep. Judy Biggert (Il-13)
Rep. Randy Hultgren (Il-14)
Rep. Don Manzullo (Il-16)
Rep. Bobby Schilling (Il-17)
Rep. Aaron Schock (Il-18)
Rep. John Shimkus (Il-19)

About The New Illinois 8th District

-By Collin Corbett

When Joe Walsh narrowly upset Democratic incumbent Melissa Bean by 290 votes in last year’s 8th Congressional District race, many insiders assumed that he, along with most of the other Illinois GOP freshmen, would be on the chopping block in the looming Democrat gerrymandering process. True to assumptions the new Congressional map, which could be overturned in court but will likely hold up, draws Walsh out of his current district and makes the 8th District an open seat.

To give you a picture of the new 8th District, here are some important figures to consider:

  • Demographics
  • Increased from 8% to 12% Asian
  • Increased from 17% to 27% Hispanic
  • Increased minority voting population 13.92% overall
  • Voting Trends
    • Went 61.5% for Obama in 2008
    • Went 48.1% to 43.6% for Brady in 2010
    • Went 51.1% to 43.3% for Kirk in 2010
    • Went 55.2% to 39.7% for Rutherford in 2010
  • Geography
    • Comprised roughly of 51% Cook, 40% DuPage, 9% Kane
    • Contains roughly 56% of the old 6th, 26% of the old 8th, 5% of the old 10th, and 13% of the old 14th
    • Kane County portion heavily blue, DuPage County portion fairly red, Cook County portion leans slightly red

    At quick glance, the numbers pulled by Brady, Kirk, and Rutherford in 2010 in the new 8th might lead one to believe that a Republican starts with an advantage. However, the combination of a strong Democrat field, a (so far) weak Republican field, a favorable election year for Illinois Democrats with Obama at the top of the ticket, and demographic trends in the district favoring a minority and/or female candidate lead many to believe that this seat currently leans towards a Democrat pickup.
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    About The New Illinois 8th District”

    Redistricting: Democrat Infested Ill. LegisSLAYture Kills Will of the Voter

    -By Warner Todd Huston

    One of the worst aspects of American politics is the often blatantly partisan process of redistricting and Illinois has just clocked in with one of the worst examples in recent memory. Illinois Democrats just finished their effort to redistrict the state and have proven that the will of the voters is meaningless to them with their proposal. The map just yesterday passed by the General Assembly in Springfield is now headed for Gov. Quinn’s signature.

    Naturally, the new map is a partisan slap in the face to thousands of Illinois voters. As it happens the results of the 2010 midterm election sent five new Republicans to Washington from the Land of Lincoln. Many of these were GOP upsets where freshman Republicans replaced a Democrat. But despite that the will of the voter tended toward Republicans in these five districts, the new map created by Democrats undermines nearly every GOP district and dilutes the voter’s will by adding to them portions of other districts that vote against Republicans.

    Certainly the districts must be redrawn, of that there is no question. According to population stats, Illinois does not rate as many representatives as it had before and one representative was going to be lost for certain. You see, Illinois is failing, losing citizens and struggling thanks to decisions by Democrats but since the Democrats control the state, it was assumed that at least one of those Republicans might lose his district. This goes without saying and, in my opinion, seems assumed — if not a bit annoying.
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    Redistricting: Democrat Infested Ill. LegisSLAYture Kills Will of the Voter”

    Bait-and-Switch: Democrats Unveil New Map

    From the office of Ill. GOP Minority House Leader Tom Cross…

    Dems Deny Vote on Fair Map Proposal; Shun Public Input in Favor of Partisan Map

    In a stunning reversal of their oft-repeated pledge to lead an open and transparent redistricting process, House and Senate Democrats introduced a brand new partisan legislative map late yesterday which was different from the one publicly released last week. This bait-and-switch follows weeks of public hearings held throughout the state to obtain local citizen input on how Illinois’ new map should be drawn; a mere days after three public forums held within the past week on the original publicly-released map.

    So much for transparency.
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    Bait-and-Switch: Democrats Unveil New Map”

    Democrat’s Redistricting Plan: ‘A Disgraceful Insult to the 12.8 Million People of Illinois’

    -By Warner Todd Huston

    The Democrats Party of Illinois has released its plans to destroy the current districts and instead dish up a mangled, contorted mess of a redistricting plan meant only to erode every GOP stronghold in the state.

    Why did the Illinois Democrats feel so threatened in a state that seems solidly Democrat anyway? Because Illinois sent five new Republican congressmen to Washington D.C. in 2010. This will of the voters is something the Democrats are desperate to quash.

    As the official statement of the Illinois Republican Party says, “This proposal appears to be little more than an attempt to undo the results of the elections held just six months ago and we will take whatever steps necessary to achieve a map that more fairly represents the people of Illinois – they deserve nothing less.”
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    Democrat’s Redistricting Plan: ‘A Disgraceful Insult to the 12.8 Million People of Illinois’”