Chicago Reveals How Evil the Democrat Party Has Become

-By Warner Todd Huston

Two separate incidents concerning memorial street signs in Chicago encapsulates perfectly how warped, truly immoral, and evil the Democrat Party in the U.S.A. has become.

The City of Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in America, there is simply no doubt. Last year there were a shocking 4,379 citizens shot and 716 shot and killed — and another 84 murdered by other means — in the city run by former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. 2016 was the city’s bloodiest year in 60 years.

If that wasn’t bad enough, 2017 is already shaping up to be worse than last year. In the first two months of the year the city has already seen 512 total shootings with 98 killed plus an additional 5 murdered by other means. But according to the Chicago Sun-Times, February of 2016 ended with 187 shootings and only 43 murders.

Chicago isn’t just dangerous in the city’s worst areas, either. The Windy City’s trains are fraught with violence, there are roving gangs of teens attacking shoppers in the city’s shopping districts, attacks on joggers on the lake front, children being murdered, dismembered, and thrown in a city lagoon — all these incidents occurred outside the so-called “dangerous” areas of the city.
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Chicago Reveals How Evil the Democrat Party Has Become”

The Myth of Mass Incarceration

I never do this, but I am republishing this whole piece. The stats in it are incredibly important but since WSJ is hidden behind a pay wall, few will get to see this stuff. So, as much for myself as you, the reader, I am reposting this here so that I can reference it later.Just a reminder to anyone coming to this site, this site is not a money maker for me, so I am not making $$ of someone else’s work, here. But this info is just too important to lose behind a pay wall.

The most shocking revelation in Mr. Latzer’s piece is that only 1.2 percent of America’s African American population are incarcerated. This makes the lie that blacks are being “warehoused” in prisons. That makes the lie to the Black Lives Matter movement, too.

Finally, this article makes the lie to the push for “sentencing reform” being pushed by both Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

The Myth of Mass Incarceration
-By Barry Latzer
Wall Street Journal, Feb. 22, 2016

Violent crime, not drugs, has driven imprisonment. And drug offenses usually are for dealing, not using.

It has become a boogeyman in public discourse: “mass incarceration.” Both left and right, from Hillary Clinton to Rand Paul, agree that it must be ended. But a close examination of the data shows that U.S. imprisonment has been driven largely by violent crime—and thus significantly reducing incarceration may be impossible.

Less than one-half of 1% of the U.S. population is incarcerated, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), so “mass” is a bit of hyperbole. The proportion of African-Americans in prison, 1.2%, is high compared with whites (0.25%), but not in absolute terms.

There’s a lot of historical amnesia about the cause of prison expansion, a mistaken sense that it was all about drugs or race and had very little to do with serious crime. This ignores the facts. Between 1960 and 1990, the rate of violent crime in the U.S. surged by over 350%, according to FBI data, the biggest sustained buildup in the country’s history.

One major reason was that as crime rose the criminal-justice system caved. Prison commitments fell, as did time served per conviction. For every 1,000 arrests for serious crimes in 1970, 170 defendants went to prison, compared with 261 defendants five years earlier. Murderers released in 1960 had served a median 4.3 years, which wasn’t long to begin with. By 1970 that figure had dropped to 3.5 years.
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The Myth of Mass Incarceration”

Feds to Release Nearly 6,000 Inmates to ‘Reduce Over Crowding’

-By Warner Todd Huston

The federal Bureau of Prisons has announced the release of nearly 6,000 prisoners in an effort, the agency says, to reduce prison overcrowding. But one Senator is warning that many violent offenders will end up being released early.

Officials say that the releases will begin later this month and will be just the beginning of “tens of thousands” of early releases.

The plans were initiated by the U.S. Sentencing Commission which recently lowered the maximum sentences for offenders last year. The new sentencing rules were made retroactive to all current inmates.

The new rules, being called “drugs minus two,” could reduce the sentencing of as many as 46,000 convicted criminals. Supporters say the rules should affect the sentences only of non-violent offenders.

But Senate Judiciary Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley (R, IA) criticized the new rules saying that thousands of violent felons could also be released out into the public.
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Feds to Release Nearly 6,000 Inmates to ‘Reduce Over Crowding’”

Illinois Wants Potheads to Give Up Their Second Amendment Rights

-By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois is mulling a new medical marijuana law that would force pot users to sign away their right to bear arms.

Those who focus on the right to bear arms love to say, “what part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t you understand,” as a catch phrase to show that the founders did not want government to be able to sweep in and take away our rights to self defense. That phrase can be asked of Illinois legislators who are proposing that to get a medical marijuana permit citizens would have to relinquish their right to bear arms.

The plan would require pot users to be fingerprinted for a background check, they’d have to pay a yearly $150 permit fee, and they would be forced to give up their Second Amendment rights to be allowed to get pot.

Interestingly, the National Rifle Association is not too keen to jump into this one. Apparently coming to the aid of pot users is a role they aren’t comfortable with so for now the NRA is not taking a position on the proposed law other than to say it will be interesting to see how the courts are going to reconcile it.
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Illinois Wants Potheads to Give Up Their Second Amendment Rights”

One Day After Colorado Legalizes Pot, a 2-Year-Old Tests Positive for the Drug

-By Warner Todd Huston

Only one day after Colorado legalized marijuana, a 2-year-old child was tested positive for pot when she found and ate a cookie laced with the drug that was lying on the ground near her home.

Pot was legalized on January 1 and only a day later, on Wednesday January 2, a little child was rushed to the hospital after her mother, Aida Hernandez, observed her daughter acting like she was drunk.

Aida Hernandez her her 2-year-old daughter Evelyn.

“She was asleep, she was opening and closing her eyes and she couldn’t walk really well. She was weak,” Hernandez told Colorado’s CBS affiliate.
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One Day After Colorado Legalizes Pot, a 2-Year-Old Tests Positive for the Drug”

Cops Confiscate HUGE Cache of Heroin Packets Stamped ‘Obama Care’

-By Warner Todd Huston

The President may want to find whoever is supplying heroin marked “Obamacare” so he can take some and forget the mess he made with his singularly failed takeover of our nation’s healthcare system, but he may have to find a new supply after cops in Massachusetts confiscated this batch.

State troopers in Massachusetts recently reported on their Facebook page that they confiscated 1,250 bags of heroin stamped “Obamacare” on Friday.

The State Police reported that Trooper Joe Petty assisted by Tooper Dave Stucenski and his K9 “officer” Frankie, Located 1250 Bags of Heroin in Hatfield, Massachusetts on December 20.
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Cops Confiscate HUGE Cache of Heroin Packets Stamped ‘Obama Care’”

Is It Outrageous That Denver Newspaper Now has a Pot Reviewer? Bill O’Reilly Thinks it is

-By Warner Todd Huston

It is now legal in Colorado to sell and buy marijuana. As a result of this law, The Denver Post newspaper has hired a “pot editor.” Bill O’Reilly thinks this is an outrage.

The venerable, left-wing Denver paper hired toker Ricardo Baca to review pot sellers and write about the issues around the current legal status as the Centennial State moves forward with counties and communities figuring out how to write laws and ordinances to accommodate the new pot laws.

Well, maybe “toker” isn’t the right word to use for Baca. In an appearance on the Stephen Colbert show he noted that he doesn’t smoke weed. But he does eat it.

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Is It Outrageous That Denver Newspaper Now has a Pot Reviewer? Bill O’Reilly Thinks it is”

Mexican Drug Cartels Recruiting American Teens

-By Warner Todd Huston

A few days ago we talked about how Mexican drug cartels are recruiting members of the U.S. military to act as hit men inside and outside the US. But members or former members of our armed forces aren’t the only ones the cartels are hiring. They are also combing through our own criminal base. But, frighteningly, they are hiring American teenagers, too.

We talked about the several members of the U.S. military that have been convicted of murders related to the Mexican drug cartels. The military isn’t the only fertile ground the cartels are finding willing criminal associates.

One recent story reported in August revealed the tale of Rosalio Reta, now 24, who first started killing people for the Los Zetas drug cartel when he was only 13.

Reta grew up in Laredo, Texas and was recruited to the drug cartels along with his friend Gabriel Cardona, now 26.
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Mexican Drug Cartels Recruiting American Teens”

Are Mexican Drug Cartels Using US Military Personnel as ‘Guns-for-Hire’?

-By Warner Todd Huston

A shocking new report finds that murderous Mexican drug cartels may be hiring members of the US military to act as guns-for-hire both in Mexico and the United States.

After the conviction of a member of the army who was a gang member before entering the service, many are starting to worry that some members of the military are turning mercenary and selling their services to the drug dealers.

Recently Private Michael Apodaca, former Army Lt. Kevin Corley, and Sgt. Samuel Walker were all arrested and convicted of taking murder-for-hire contracts from Juarez and Los Zetas drug cartels.

Some of this is born of gang affiliation, a problem that has been growing inside the U.S. military for some time.
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Are Mexican Drug Cartels Using US Military Personnel as ‘Guns-for-Hire’?”

Richard Branson: US War on Drugs is ‘Racist’

Richard Branson: US War on Drugs is ‘Racist’
-By Warner Todd Huston

On Wednesday, while reacting to the death of an American border agent, Sir Richard Branson told Reuters that the American War on Drugs is not only a failure, it is also “racist.”

Speaking at the offices of the Metro Newspaper in New York where he was acting as a “global guest editor,” Branson said that he was part of a commission that spent two years looking at the war on drugs and they came to the conclusion that it is “patently obvious it’s failed.”

Branson noted that other nations, like Portugal, have made changes to their policies that have helped alleviate their drug problems and suggested that the U.S. follow suit.

When asked if the U.S. is different, Branson went on a tirade of sorts claiming that the American war on drugs will be harder to change for the better because it’s all about racism.
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Richard Branson: US War on Drugs is ‘Racist’”

Separated at Birth: Rachel Maddow and Convicted Criminal Cameron Douglas

-By Warner Todd Huston

For a little Saturday fun, were these two people separated at birth?

Check out these photos of Cameron Douglas and Rachel Maddow and you decide.

Douglas is the convicted criminal son of actor Michael Douglas and grandson of famed actor Kirk Douglas. In 2010, Douglas was convicted of possession of drugs and sent to prison for a five year sentence.

Maddow is the host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

Convicted criminal Cameron Douglas

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

Both are sick in the head, anyway.
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Separated at Birth: Rachel Maddow and Convicted Criminal Cameron Douglas”

Obama Invokes Nixonian Executive Privilege But Scolded Bush for the Same Thing

-By Warner Todd Huston

Good for me but not for thee is Obama’s refrain as he invoked Executive Privilege to keep hidden his actions with the disastrous Justice Dept. program called Fast & Furious — a program responsible for several deaths of American law enforcement officers as well as hundreds of Mexican citizens.

In 2007 when George W. Bush fired a small handful of U.S. Attorneys, he invoked Executive Privilege to prevent a Democrat controlled Congress from looking into his firings. At that time Obama went before the cameras of the Larry King Show to denounce Bush for hiding “behind Executive Privilege every time there’s something a little shaky taking place.”

Yet now that Congressional investigators are looking into the disastrous and murderous gun running program sponsored by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama is suddenly invoking the very thing he scolded Bush for using.
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Obama Invokes Nixonian Executive Privilege But Scolded Bush for the Same Thing”

PANAMA: Another Narcotics-Dictatorship Massacre

-By Mauro Zuñiga Arauz

On February 5 in the early morning hours the narcotics-dictatorship that oppresses the Panamanians, led by the fascist Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, began a repression against indigenous Gnoble-Bugle groups, who keep the Interamerican road closed to protest against the approval of the law that allows mining and the construction of dams in the indigenous territory. These same groups were victims in July 2010 of another slaughter for the same reasons and by the same government. At the time of writing this article, two natives were known dead and hundreds were injured. The information is incomplete because the tyranny cut all communications with the provinces, such that we are only receiving fragmented news in the capital city. There are indigenous leaders who speak of eleven dead.

For several months I’ve been reporting the Martinelli administration’s dictatorial nature. Panama is a country of 3.5 million people. According to recent figures, foreign debt increased by three billion dollars, so that the much vaunted economic growth is nothing more than a mortgage on future generations as I have pointed out on another occasion. The cost of basic food items rises every day and with it, poverty rates. Crime and public insecurity are at the highest levels in our history. Insecurity is promoted by the government itself to justify hiring more soldiers with the corresponding expenses.
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PANAMA: Another Narcotics-Dictatorship Massacre”

PANAMA: Drug Gang-Owned Government Becomes Stronger

-By Mauro Zuñiga Arauz

It is a known fact that many state governments producing and trafficking drugs have been, in one form or another, linked to drug traffickers. The same can be said about some institutions and administrative sectors of the importing countries. There is a triangulation between government, businessmen and traffickers. Mexican writer Anabela Hernandez studied the connection between former presidents Echevarria, Salina de Gortari, Vicente Fox and current President Felipe Calderon, and this illicit business. Former President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, is also mentioned in this activity. Manuel Antonio Noriega, Panama’s former strongman, was arrested in the United States for drug trafficking. The latter was perhaps the only one that rose to power being a drug dealer; all others, as is becoming a trend, are helped in their propaganda campaigns to involve them in the crime later.

The case of Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal, current President of Panama, has features that must be highlighted. He first got involved in money laundering in the late seventies of last century with Manuel Antonio Noriega, through his first supermarket. Later he became involved in drug trafficking, following in General Noriega’s footsteps, such that before becoming President, he already was a kingpin. This is an open secret in Panama, but the subject is banned in the two major television channels and in all written news media. I have reported these links, but Martinelli has given these media strict orders that I not be invited to any live program, and that I not be allowed to write in the print media.

In Panama, a while back some media carried out a “free speech” campaign, but it was so fake that they had to suspend it. I criticized it for hiding the struggle for “freedom of expression”. I am not allowed to express myself freely on television or on print media. There is only one reason: because I annoy the President and I report his ties to drug traffic. On the other hand, the media do report acts of corruption among government officials, and revel when a subordinate employee is investigated or arrested; but they have never dared to reach the puppeteer, even though they know that in Panama a penny never reaches any government official without leaving a kickback in the President’s pockets. Similarly, they had the guts to report one of his ministers’ bribery, Jose Raul Mulino, the Security Minister, who was bribed by the Italian company Finmeccanica, when they know that the business deal was carried out between Berlusconi and Martinelli, through fugitive Walter Lavitola.

According to data provided by Panama’s Center for Strategic Studies, Ricardo Martinelli is director of 99 companies and underwriter of 139; his wife, Marta Linares de Martinelli, is director of 144 and underwriter of 46; his son, Ricardo Martinelli Linares, director of 18 and underwriter of 2; his son, Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, director of 36 and underwriter of 27, and his daughter, Carolina Martinelli is director of 6. These companies span many goods and services activities. Moreover, the President has the habit of sending officials from the General Revenue Directorate to entrepreneurs who refuse to sell their businesses to him, so as to ​​blackmail them.

Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal controls the entire country: the administration of the State, the mass media and the citizens through illegal personal phone listening. Our phones are tapped and our emails are monitored. Noriega’s arrival has regrouped the old G-2 (Military Intelligence Service, responsible for assassinations, torture and disappearances during the military dictatorship) again. I was kidnapped and tortured on August 21, 1985. Today, former agents of that institution are intimidating me. I have already submitted their names to third parties in case of any “accident”. On the other hand, I have asked Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal to allow an independent audit of his fortune.

My hope is that this article be read by an international institution interested in investigating the deadly drug trade.

Mauro Zúñiga Arauz was born in Panama City in 1943. Received the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the University of Panama in 1968, specializing in Internal Medicine. Arauz worked at the Rafael Hernandez Hospital in the city of David from 1973 to 1976, then moved to the Service of Internal Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital Complex Arnulfo Arias Madrid Panama City until 2007, when retired from clinical practice . He was Special Professor Internal Medicine at the University of Panama and worked in private practice in San Fernando Clinic. He is currently a researcher at the University of Panama.
Mauro Zuñiga Arauz Facebook Page

Now 91 Congressmen Have ‘No Confidence’ In AG Holder

-By Warner Todd Huston

Fully 91 members of Congress have signed onto a resolution of no confidence in U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the man that bears the most responsibility for Operation Fast and Furious — an Obama administration policy that allowed thousands of American guns to get into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists, guns that were later used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens and several American law enforcement officials.

As Matthew Boyle reports, “it’s not directly a call for Holder to step down, the resolution alleges that the nation’s top law enforcement official’s actions have proven he is not ‘competent, trustworthy and beyond reproach,’ and that he has sought to ‘cover up’ mistakes rather than cooperate with Congress ‘in disclosing the events and circumstances and transparently addressing the issues.'”

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AG Eric Holder: Death of a US Border Agent? Pffft, Just Racist My Opponents Playing ‘Gotcha Games’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Obama’s policy of forcing US gun shops in the southwest to sell American guns to Mexican narco-terrorists has already killed one for sure and maybe two U.S. law enforcement agents. Obama’s Operation Fast And Furious is also responsible for selling the guns that were used to kill well over 200 Mexican citizens. And as far as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is concerned, even talking about the disastrous policy is merely engaging in “gotcha” politics and — naturally — raaaaaacim. I guess the murder of US law enforcement agents don’t mean much to Eric Holder, our nation’s chief law enforcement officer?

In his appearance in Austin, Texas early last week, Holder whined that attacks on his incompetence is just politics meant to get at himself and Obama because they are black, an idiotic claim on its face. No one has argued that “the black Holder” should resign but all who’ve called for his resignation have substantive reasons. From his refusal to prosecute vote fraud, to his attempts to eliminate vote reform, and including his complicity in Fast and Furious, Holder’s critics have complained about his far left, progressive, race-driven policies not his being black.

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Congressional ‘No Confidence’ Resolution Filed Against AG Holder

-By Warner Todd Huston

A couple of new things have occurred concerning the deepening scandal over Operation Fast And Furious, the Obama policy of arming Mexican narco-terrorists that has killed so many. The biggest is, of course, that an official resolution of no confidence has been introduced in the House of Representatives that has more support than any recent no confidence resolution filed against a U.S. Attorney General in a long time.

The resolution (H.R. 490) was filed by Rep. Paul Gosar (R, AZ) who says that Congress needs to “raise awareness” of the failed gunrunning program. Gosar hopes that the resolution will spur needed discussion about the program. He also feels Congress has an important role in determining if an administration is on the right track….

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Proof: Obama DID Intend to Use Fast And Furious For Gun Control Push

-By Warner Todd Huston

Early in my coverage of the mounting scandal over Obama’s policy of arming Mexican narco-terrorists, I said that this was obviously a thinly veiled attempt to create a false narrative geared toward pushing more gun control policies on Americans in order to eliminate our Second Amendment rights. Looks like I was right if a new report by CBS News is any indication.

Sharyl Attkisson reports that newly uncovered documents from the Department of Justice indicates that Obama officials contemplated just that, an plan to use the fake crisis manufactured by them to claim that guns are too easy to get and therefore must be further regulated….

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Oh, So DOJ DID Lie About Fast & Furious — Plus A New DEA Criminal Program

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Friday the Department of Justice indulged a favorite Washington practice, one meant to hide the truth from the American people even while submitting the same info to public scrutiny. It is called the Friday evening document dump and this one tends to show that the DOJ did lie about what it knew of Fast and Furious. And in a second story we find that the Drug Enforcement Agency (SEA) appears to have helped Mexican narco-terrorists launder their money in another failed “tracking” program.

… The documents show that several ATF and DOJ operatives were trying hard to hide what they knew, were discussing the process of how to hide it, and were attacking members of Congress as they did so…

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So Much for ‘Transparency’: Obama Seals Records of Border Patrol Agent’s Murder

-By Warner Todd Huston

It has been almost a year since U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in part by criminals using guns — as many as three of them — obtained through Obama’s arming of Mexican narco-terrorists with Operation Fast and Furious. Now, all of a sudden, Obama’s DOJ has sealed records about that investigation, cutting them off from the prying eyes of those looking to investigate to learn the truth about Obama’s failed gunrunning program.

One might recall that Barack “Hope-N-Change” Obama ran for office claiming that he’d run the “most transparent administration” ever. Once safely in office Obama has done little to bring either hope or transparency to Washington D.C. Obviously his penchant for secrecy is now being extended to records concerning to Fast and Furious…

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Three More GOP Hopefuls Calling for Holder’s Resignation Over Fast and Furious

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week I noted that not too many of the candidates for the GOP nomination for President had said much about Obama’s murderous Operation Fast and Furious. But since then we’ve gotten two more than Just Bachmann to call for Holder’s resignation.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Michelle Bachmann became the first GOP hopeful to call for Holder’s resignation over the disastrous gunrunning program that armed Mexican narco-terrorists, arms used to kill over 200 Mexican citizens…

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Denver Protest Shows Incoherence of ‘Occupy’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Over this past weekend several hundred conservative bloggers, writers, political operatives, and Tea Patiers got together in Denver, Colorado to attend a conference aimed toward helping these activists be more effective n their efforts. But conservative activism wasn’t the only theme on the schedule when the event was crashed by denizens of Occupy Denver who came to protest. What they came to protest was a tad unclear, but isn’t that just of a piece with the whole Occupy “movement”?

The event, Blogcon 2011, was organized by Freedom Works and featured seminars on Website SEO, use of Youtube and Facebook, information on which candidates Freedom Works is supporting in the upcoming GOP primaries, panels of bloggers telling their story, and the like.

What it wasn’t was attended by Washington’s policy makers or catering to the rich and famous! The folks at these events are most assuredly not members of the so-called one percent. They are work-a-day folks that just happen to be interested in conservative ideas. Essentially the participants at Blogcon 2011 were similar to the Occunuts that invaded their event in that they are all citizen activists.

But that didn’t stop the Occupiers from attacking Blogcon 2011 hopeful of disrupting the event. Two separate times Occupiers came to Blogcon to yell their empty slogans, chant their prosaic chants, ply their “mic check” silliness, call names, threaten violence, and in general act like children.
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Denver Protest Shows Incoherence of ‘Occupy’”

Panama President’s Commitment to Drug Mafia Very Clear

(A friend of mine asked me to post this for her, and so…)
-By Mauro Zúñiga Araúz

When a President is placed in that position by drug trafficking, an inescapable commitment is acquired by the two parties. That is what is currently happening with the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal. It is a well-known secret, both nationally and internationally, that Mr. Martinelli Berrocal is linked to the drug mafia, be it through money laundering and through drug trafficking. His million dollar campaign was funded largely by drug trafficking. His cousin, Ramon Martinelli Corro, Treasurer of the ruling party, as well as one of his mistresses, Ninoska Escalante, are imprisoned in Mexico for drug trafficking. Colombian citizen David Murcia Guzman, arrested in the USA for money laundering, was one of his campaign contributors.

The President’s commitment to the drug mafia was very clear. Once sworn in power with full control of the Legislature and the Judiciary, the Comptroller’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, he intended to approve in the National Assembly, a law on Public Private Partnership (PPP), which would entitle him exclusively to give the international underworld all services provided by the State, such as concessions to exploit natural resources and the ability to perform the necessary expropriations. Indeed, Martinelli Berrocal sent Bill 349 (PPP) to the National Assembly. Articles 3 and 4 of the Bill define what can happen to the private sector: all of it, except financial institutions. They can privatize: the Panama Canal, the Social Security Agency, Public Hospitals, Education, the water utility, rivers, beaches, the National Police, the mines, the Primary Health Care, Tourism, the Institute of Culture, Protected Areas, the National Land Authority, roads, the borders, the National Lottery, the Public Registry; in short, all services provided by the State. Articles 6 and 7 stipulate what the governing body is: the President and the officials he can appoint and fire. The decisions of this body are absolute, final and not subject to any control whatsoever. We are talking about the most harmful bill that has ever been submitted to the National Assembly in 108 years of our country’s life as a republic.
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Panama President’s Commitment to Drug Mafia Very Clear”

Video: Holder Refuses to Apologize to Family of Border Agent Murdered By Fast And Furious

-By Warner Todd Huston

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has finally been brought before a Congressional investigative committee looking into Obama’s disastrous policy of arming Mexican narco-terrorists with Operation Fast and Furious.

Unfortunately, he refused to apologize for the death of Brian Terry, the U.S. Border agent that was killed with a gun sold to Mexican narco-terrorists by Holder’s employees in the BATF…

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DOJ Bosses Must Have Approved Fast And Furious Wiretapping

-By Warner Todd Huston

Recently we’ve been introduced to what appears to be the Obama administration’s sacrificial lamb for Operation Fast and Furious; Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

One of the interesting questions that arises over how high into the Dept. of Justice knowledge of F&F went concerns the approval of the wiretaps used during some of the F&F operations. For his part, Breuer says that anyone higher than he that had to approve these wiretaps could not have known exactly what F&F was all about because they had no knowledge of the total operation and so could not have put two and two together…

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New Docs: DOJ DID Know About Fast and Furious, And an Argument for More Gun Control

-By Warner Todd Huston

On Monday a new dump of documents from the Department of Justice revealed that a DOJ official named Lanny Breuer knew about Fast and Furious long before Eric Holder says anyone in his office was aware of the operation that armed Mexican narco-terrorists and has been responsible for the murders of at least two U.S. law enforcement agents.

Lanny Breuer, the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, is quoted as expressing “regret” that he didn’t tell others–including his boss, Attorney General Eric Holder–about troubling similarities between the Obama administration’s “Operation Fast and Furious” and an earlier gun-walking operation called “Wide Receiver,” which was launched during the Bush administration.

Breuer claimed to Politico that he did not alert his bosses about what he knew and regrets that he didn’t…

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FBI Pressed to Say Which F&F Gun Used to Kill Border Agent

-By Warner Todd Huston

After these many months, the FBI is still stonewalling the congressional committee investigating Obama’s Fast and Furious program that illicitly armed Mexican narco-terrorists. One particular bit of info the FBI refuses to confirm concerns the guns from F&F found at the scene of the murder of U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry.

This week Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Rep. Darrell Issa (R, Calif), sent a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller demanding definitive answers about the F&F guns found at the scene of the border agent’s murder. Issa specifically wants to know if any of them were used to kill the agent…

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Another Empty Obama Promise: Fast And Furious Screw Ups Will Pay

-By Warner Todd Huston

Obama has made a specialty out of the bald-faced lie, more so than any president in modern history. Obama has issued more pronouncements, floated more false claims and told more tall tales than any president and he’s done it again in an upcoming interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper where the President tries to fool America into imagining that he will be the one to hold accountable those that “screwed up” in Fast and Furious.

This is a joke since from day one he and his administration has lied, stonewalled, and covered up every aspect of their part in F&F.

Obama’s tells Tapper…

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Issa Now Probing FBIs Part in Fast & Furious

-By Warner Todd Huston

Looks like Congressman Darrell Issa (R, Calif) will next focus his gaze on the FBI’s part in Operation Fast & Furious and will be pressing the agency for more “gunwalking” information.

When U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry was murdered near the U.S. Mexico border last year it was initially reported that two guns that could be traced back to F&F were found at the scene. However, it came to light that the FBI had covered up the fact that there was not two but three F&F guns at the scene. Issa is seeking more information about this situation.

Issa told CBS he’s looking into this third gun…

-By Warner Todd Huston
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How Did Obama Know About Fast & Furious Before Attny Gen Holder Did?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Here is a question: Attorney General Eric Holder has said that he didn’t learn of Fast and Furious until May of 2011. Yet in a March interview, Obama said he already knew about it months before Holder claimed he did.

See the video at