These GOP Senators Went to Dinner with Obama Instead of Supporting Rand Paul

-By Warner Todd Huston

Rand Paul excited conservatives, libertarians, and even some liberals with his filibuster performance on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday. It was some 13 hours of a discussion on Obama’s desire to use drones to kill Americans here at home. Unfortunately, there were seven Republicans Senators that decided it was a better idea to eat dinner with the odious Obama instead of assisting Rand Paul. Worse, two Republicans actually denounced Paul’s efforts. All these Senators need to be gotten rid of.

Rand Paul used the debate about the nomination of John Brennan as his “in” to begin his filibuster. Obama offered the nomination of Brennan as his next CIA chief and Paul used his turn to speak about Brennan as a launching pad to force Obama and the CIA to agree not to kill Americans with domestic drone strikes without trail, warrant, or arrest.

The excitement from rank and file GOPers hungry for some kind of victory was tremendous. Unfortunately, two foolish GOP Senators actually denounced Rand Paul for his successful and exciting effort.

The bobbsey twins, John McCain (Ariz) and his lapdog Lindsay Graham (So. Car.) actually attacked Paul for his filibuster. John McLame, for instance, called Paul “ridiculous.”
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These GOP Senators Went to Dinner with Obama Instead of Supporting Rand Paul”

Obamacare Versus the U.S. Constitution

-By Alan Caruba

In a nation where Congress has already determined how much water your toilet tank can hold and whether you can purchase a 100-watt incandescent light bulb, the assertion of federal power is now so great and so unbounded that a case concerning the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), brought by 26 states will decide whether, in fact, there are any rights or powers left to the states.

What many Americans do not know is that the United States of America is composed of separate and sovereign republics, each with its own constitution. What has occurred, however, has been the erosion of states’ rights and with that, the gradual distortion of the nation’s central instrument of governance, the Constitution, to mean anything Congress wants it to say.

At the very heart of the Obamacare case the Supreme Court will hear Monday through Wednesday, March 26 through March 28, is the question of whether the federal government can coerce the states under the threat of withholding funds—in this case for Medicaid.
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Obamacare Versus the U.S. Constitution”

Virginia Challenge of Obamacare Wins One in Court

-By Warner Todd Huston

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson refused to dismiss Virginia’s lawsuit against Obamacare, today, allowing the suit against the federal government to continue on to the next stage.

The federal government sought a dismissal of the suit that challenges the Constitutionality of the part of Obamacare that requires every citizen to buy healthcare insurance.

In his report, Judge Hudson said:

The guiding precedent [on the Commerce Clause] is informative but inconclusive. Never before has the Commerce Clause and Necessary and Proper Clause been extended this far. At this juncture, the court is not persuaded that the Secretary has demonstrated a failure to state a cause of action with respect to the Commerce Clause element.

The chief claim of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is that the mandate to buy insurance violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. The federal government was attempting to have Virginia’s lawsuit thrown out with the claim that it doesn’t and should be thrown out because it is obvious that Obamacare does not violate the Constitution.

The judge, however, disagreed that it was so obvious and has allowed the suit to go forward.

It is Attorney General Cuccinelli’s contention that the insurance mandates expand federal power to never before seen heights of power in violation of the Constitution. It is an obvious conclusion, too.
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Virginia Challenge of Obamacare Wins One in Court”