Death by Entitlement

-By Gary Krasner

This is classic: Death By Entitlement.

But I’m not going to rag on these two people who met with a tragic end. The author correctly assesses why they died. Even some NY Times readers had it right.

Besides, the virtuous and laudatory beliefs of youth don’t deserve to be denigrated, even if one of those beliefs led to their demise.

However, this story has a very powerful message about how one’s belief systems, that lack evidence, can be dangerous for you.

Liberal ideology, for example, teaches that young blacks males are as non-violent as any other race. But inconvenient data says otherwise. Believe the data and act accordingly. Jesse Jackson does!

It’s not necessarily about liberals. I warn my friend, for example, to be cautious as he travels all over the world. He’s conservative.

But it is their blog entries about their travels and beliefs that provides a marvelous window for us to see how and why this ended tragically.

As the cliche goes, we’ve seen this movie before.

Indeed, if this story were made into a movie, and you witnessed their rank continuous naïveté and carelessness in scene after scene, it would be the kind of movie in which you wonder when they were going to get killed! You KNOW the kind of movie I’m talking about! Carefree people going about their lives unaware of the dangers abound.

Some will say–even some NY Times readers have said–that this naive young couple were killed by a culture. A culture that inspires people to kill infidels, as one of the killers actually confirmed.

I disagree. Evil exists all around us. The culture that did them in was the culture that exists on college campuses. Liberal multiculturalism teaches young people that all cultures are legitimate and worthy, and all people are too.

It’s bullshit, of course. The school of ‘Gary Krasner’ teaches that most people and cultures are decent, but some are dangerous to your life. ‘Watch your ass’ is what I teach!

Political Islam (Sharia)–the legal framework of Islam–is an evil ideology integrated into Islam, but it is nonetheless derived from its holy (theological) texts in its strictest (most literal) interpretations.

It is nothing less than mass murder and oppression of the human spirit.

But that wasn’t the culture that killed this couple. It was the culture that infects colleges, schools and the media. They were killed by accepting liberal pretentious babble.

A wise man once said:

“When you walk into a lion’s den, confident that you won’t get mauled,
you can’t blame the lion for what happens next.
Blame the person who convinced you it was safe.”
–Gary Krasner, August 8, 2018

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