It’s Official!! Fox Revives Tim Allen Sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’

-By Warner Todd Huston

It is now official: Fox has greenlighted a seventh season for the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing since its controversial cancellation after six seasons on ABC.

Fox has announced that al the original cast members will be back for the revitalized series and a full season of 22 more episodes has been ordered, according to USA Today.

The popular series following the life of sporting goods store owner Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) as he deals with his wife and three girls while trying to maintain his manliness earned strong ratings during its stint at ABC. Yet the show was still cancelled in 2017 despite being consistently ranking as the second most-watched sitcom behind the liberal Modern Family at the time.

Many fans insisted that ABC canceled the show only because it was one of the few conservative-leaning shows on TV. Ever since the series was dumped, fans mounted a support campaign for its return to TV.

Fans rallied to rebuke ABC for ending a show that was nominated for two Primetime Emmys. Fans also started a viral petition which collected more than 430,000 signatures.

The idea of reviving the show got a boost after the often conservative-minded re-boot of ABC’s Rosanne debuted to 25 million viewers and then held strong as the top rated sitcom on TV for its inaugural season.

Soon, Fox began more seriously considering the idea of picking the show back up for another season. Series star, Tim Allen, recently encouraged fans to keep up the pressure.

Allen went further to express his shock over being canceled and his excitement over the Fox offer.

“Team LMS was in the sixth inning, ahead by four runs, stands were packed and then for no reason, they call off the game,” said Allen in a recent statement. “It leaves you sitting in the dugout, holding a bat and puzzled. Now we get the news from Fox that it’s time to get back out on that diamond — hell yes, I’m excited! When I heard the offer to create more episodes of Last Man Standing, I did a fist pump so hard I threw my back out. I could not be more grateful for the fans who wrote petitions and kept up the passion and incredible support for the show.”
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