Dear Conservatives, Supergirl Thinks You’re Stupid and She Doesn’t Want You Watching Her Show

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week the premiere episode of season three for the CW network’s Supergirl debuted, and it had a very clear message for conservative viewers: you are stupid, and you should go away.

As season three kicked off were treated to an evil, sexist, capitalist, Trump-like real estate developer who hates poor people and told that only “morons” don’t believe in global warming, all in a show that treats all white males like villains. Well, all but the one who is a geeky, tech guy who is afraid of his shadow, bad with girls, and uncomfortable in his own skin (Last season featured a white guy, of sorts, as Supergirl’s needy boyfriend, but he was an alien, not a white human).

It is a long way from the easy-going, inoffensive, and fun show that debuted for a single season on CBS before moving to the CW.

The fingers in the eyes of conservative viewers began in the first minutes of the debut episode, “The Girl of Steel.”

The episode opens in the midst of a battle between Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and a bad guy. She defeats the bad man, of course, and saves her lesbian stepsister and her fiancée in the process.

Next, we are introduced to season three’s big baddie who shows up in a meeting as evil capitalist real estate developer Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar). He is, of course, a capitalist “exploiter,” we are told. During a meeting of city officials, Edge is accused of setting up a “development that would level the whole area and force people from their homes just to build high-rises for the wealthy.” Of course. They later call him a “stubborn sexist” who has “all the charisma of a Michael Douglas movie from the 90s.”

If you didn’t catch that latter reference, it was yet another dig at white men. It referenced actor Michael Douglas’ 1993 hit movie Falling Down, a film that cast him as a middle-aged, unemployed, white man who snapped and went on a psychotic shooting spree through downtown Los Angeles.

Naturally, Mr. Edge has also hired superpowered baddies to force his vision upon National City. You know, the way evil, white, capitalist, real estate moguls always do things.

Next, we get to the part where conservatives are called stupid.

In season one and two Supergirl, in her mild-mannered disguise as “human” Kara Danvers, worked as a journalist for a magazine run by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). When the show moved to the CW Flockhart’s big-name actress salary was too much for the show, so now she appears only in walkons and cameos instead of as a series regular. For season three, Cat Grant is now the press secretary for the president of the United States…. who is a woman, of course. Yaaa, girl power. (Granted, it’s way cool that the president is portrayed by former 1970s Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter — perfect stunt casting, to be sure.)

In any case, as presidential press secretary, Cat Grant breaks out into a wonderful little monologue where she essentially calls conservatives who don’t accept man-made global warming “morons.”

Reporter: Does president Marsden believe climate change is real?

Cat Grant: Yes. Yes, Carl, as a matter of fact, she does. She also believes that two plus two equals four and that the earth is round because the president is not a moron. Any third grader knows that global warming is the biggest threat of our time and I’m happy to report that the intellectual capacity of our president is not inferior to that of an eight-year-old.

Firstly, it is interesting that Mz. Grant thinks 8-year-olds are in a position to personally authenticate scientific theories instead of just being told what to believe by adults. But, you know.

Now, about that “biggest threat” business… Last season the Earth faced an invasion from aliens, and now that Supergirl and Superman are on our planet, the world is constantly under threat by powerful extraterrestrials that want to subjugate humanity. It seems to me that the threat of dangerous aliens is a bit more immediate than “global warming” on Supergirl’s Earth. Just as threats of Islamist terrorism is probably a bit more immediate than any climate change in the real world.

Anyway, after Mz Grant’s little soliloquy, we get one final knife between the shoulder blades for conservatives as Supergirl praises Grant as the best press secretary since Barack Obama’s. “Best press secretary since Robert Gibbs,” she says.

No, really. Conservatives are morons and Obama is great all in two minutes.

It all amounts to a superhero TV show that is all about leftist politics and doesn’t want conservatives as viewers.
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–Samuel Johnson

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