The Democrats Lies of Ties Between Russia and Trump Continue to Unravel

-By Warner Todd Huston

Since before Donald Trump won last year’s presidential election, Democrats have been desperately trying to fool the American people into thinking that Trump somehow worked hand-in-hand with the Russians to steal away the White House from Hillary Clinton. But thus far, after months of pseudo investigations, not a scintilla of proof has been revealed. And this weekend, Democrat Adam Schiff once again showed that Democrats have nothing but lies and innuendo against Trump.

Before we go on, I must address this 100 percent truth as straight as I can: There WAS NO hacking of the U.S. election. Not one vote was hacked. There was no electronic interference with the U.S. election. Period. So, whenever you hear someone say “hacked the election” just know that they are lying to you. Lying. They are not just misinformed. They are purposefully lying to mislead you into thinking the 2016 election was illegitimate.

Now, California Democrat Schiff has been at the forefront of attempting to fool America into thinking Trump is all mixed up with Vladimir Putin’s corrupt Russian government. Over last weekend, Schiff appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with host Jake Tapper to continue pushing his false claims against the president. But when Tapper asked Schiff about actual proof, the congressman’s reply was telling for its evasiveness and lack of specificity.

When Tapper asked Schiff to get more specific during the April 2 broadcast, Schiff mumbled that he “can’t say” if the evidence against any ties to Russia are correct. He also softened his previous criticism of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R, CA) for having visited the White House before he made his revelations that the Obama administration had, indeed, been surveilling Trump and his campaign before the election. Schiff dissembled further by backing off his previous claim that evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia was “more than circumstantial.”

It other words, Schiff pretty much proved that all the charges he has been spreading around for the last few weeks are all just political bomb throwing meant to hurt Trump but are based on no proof whatsoever.

Rep. Schiff has emerged as the Democrats’ chief attack dog in the House of Representatives — because everyone dismisses Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a loon — since Nunes made his proclamations about the proof of Obama’s surveillance of Trump.

One of Schiff’s main charges is that Nunes seemed to be coordinating with Trump because Nunes had visited the White House to look at secret intel the same day he announced what he had seen about Obama’s surveillance. Nunes and the Democrats called this visit to the White House “suspicious.”

But as the Democrats tried to make something out of Nunes’ visit to the White House grounds, the facts tell a different story. Nunes himself appeared on Fox News and noted that he often goes to the Executive Branch to view secret material and meet sources for his role as head of the Intel Committee.

“We go to the executive branch at least once or twice a week,” Nunes told Bill O’Reilly last week. “This is not unusual, because there are intelligence products that we don’t have access to in the House of Representatives, although we do have the clearances to see them.

Nunes also noted that he knew of the Obama administration’s surveillance of Trump even before last month’s revelations.

“So, we’ve known about this long before Trump actually sent his famous tweet out about the ‘wiretapping’ at Trump Tower,” Nunes added. “We’ve known that there was additional unmasking of Americans’ names. We’ve had sources that have provided that information. And so, what I had to do was that I needed a place that I could actually go and find this information and review it.”

For his part, Rep. Schiff was asked about this “unmasking” claim and once again he backed off his earlier harsh criticism saying he “can’t say whether anything was masked or unmasked properly.” Schiff said he disagreed with Nunes’ “characterization” of the evidence, but refused to go so far as to say Nunes was flat out wrong… despite he has essentially been saying Nunes is wrong for over a week.

Jake Tapper went on to press Schiff on whether or not there was evidence of “collusion” between Trump and Putin and Schiff backed off his past claims here, too, replying, “I don’t think we can say anything definitively at this point.”

Schiff’s complete failure to back up his and his Party’s claims is telling. It seems to add more support to claims by two Obama officials that there is absolutely no evidence of Trump ties to Russia and Trump’s own claims that he and his campaign were the victims of illegal surveillance visited upon him by Obama.

Despite this complete lack of any evidence… and I mean there’s no evidence at all… the left is continuing to push the fiction that Trump is all tied up with Russia. Indeed, after Nunes revealed what he has seen as head of the Intel Committee, Democrats floated a talking point that Nunes should “recuse himself” from the investigation.

Once again, this shows that Democrats are acting in a nakedly partisan political manner because there is no such thing as “recusing” oneself in a congressional committee.

After this ridiculous call for Nunes’ recusal began making the rounds among Democrats, the California congressman laughed it off asking “why would I?

“Why would I?” Nunes told the media when they asked him about the Democrats’ demands. “Because someone asks? That sounds like their problem.”

Indeed, Nunes is 100 percent right. It IS “their problem.” Because the House Intel Committee is a political entity, not a legal or court-related one. There is no reason nor any conventions for anyone to “recuse” themselves from a political committee. Only judges, police officers, or lawyers have to recuse themselves from investigations to which they have intimate ties of a personal or political nature. This is because justice needs to be impartial. But politics does not. There is no requirement of recusal in politics. Sure, congressman can recuse themselves if they like. But there is no legal requirement to do so.

But the whole campaign against Trump launched by the Democrats has nothing to do with facts, truth, or what is good for America. It is all just a naked, partisan attempt to undermine Trump.

As Daily Caller recent noted, a former clinical psychologist is pointing out that Democrats are practicing the politics of destruction, not the politics of persuasion and debate.

Psychologist Tim Daughtry, told the DC that Democrats are working to destroy the U.S. in a gross attempt to steal power.

The rise of vilification campaigns, as taught by Saul Alinsky, is reducing our civility as Democrats try to destroy, not debate, those who disagree with them, Daughtry explains.

Gaslighting is on display as arguments like the “Russians hacked the election” or “Putin is controlling President Trump” attempt to manipulate public opinion. Reality dislocation techniques can erode Trump’s approval ratings so as to slow the bold Trump mandates.

As always, truth and facts do not matter to Democrats. Only power does.

In the end, I feel quite comfortable predicting that there will never be any proof tying Donald Trump to the Russians. After all, Obama launched an illicit surveillance campaign against Trump way back in October, if not before, and his FBI, NSA, and CIA were sneaking around trying to catch Trump with a gotcha since then — and it continues still today with all the Obama quislings still in our government — and thus far there is no proof. Nothing, zero, zip, nada.

With the entirety of Obama’s police state trying to prove Trump is a Russian operative and with the subsequent complete failure to come up with even any circumstantial proof, one can’t come to any other conclusion than that this whole thing is just a mean spirited whisper campaign aimed at delegitimizing Trump in the eyes of the voters as opposed to a serious investigation looking for truth.
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