Pakistani Village That Murdered a Dozen Teens for ‘Honor’ Again Shows Barbarity of Islam

-By Warner Todd Huston

A story of the “honor killings” of nearly a dozen teenagers at once in a village in the Kohistan region of Pakistan once again reveals the backwards, inhuman, murderous, oppressive, barbarity that undergirds Islam and it again forces America to ask just why Obama wants to bring this horrid people into the U.S.A.?

So-called “honor killings” are every-day-common in all corners of the world where majority Islam nations perpetrate their reign of terror and the tale of the teens in Pakistan is a logical, though extreme, example of the reasoning — if one can call it that — governing the concept of “honor” in Islam.

A story in the Washington Post relates that a few years ago a group of five teenaged Pakistani girls dutifully covered from head to toe in traditional Muslim garb — head coverings and all — were seen in a video enjoying some music and clapping and laughing as a single teen boy danced around in front of them.

It was the sort of hijinks any group of teens anywhere in the world might indulge. It couldn’t have been more carefree and innocent and soon the cellphone video of the little celebration was posted to the Internet. That is when the evil of Islam kicked in with deadly consequences.

It appears that tribal elders and a local monster they called a priest or Imam decided that having a boy dance in the same room as these five girls was poof that the five girls were whores who had disgraced both Islam and their village.

And with that decision, the five girls who were innocently seen enjoying a get together were confined, tortured with boiling water and hot coals, eventually murdered and then buried unceremoniously somewhere in the Kohistan mountains.

But that wasn’t the end of it. The evil Imam of the village also decreed that the teen boy seen on the video and his entire family were to be killed to save the “honor” of the village. And so, the boy and many members of his family were hunted down and murdered.

It took years, but Pakistani authorities finally got around to launching an investigation into the incident. When officials from Islamabad, the benighted capital of this poor and dangerous nation, arrived at the village to look into the rumored murder of a dozen or so villagers, they were met with village officials who insisted that no one in their conclave was missing at all. To “prove” their lie, the villagers presented five girls who they claimed were the girls in the video. Investigators later found that this stand-in girls were just members of the missing girls’ extended family.

Villagers refused to cooperate with the investigators and no evidence of the murders — and especially no bodies — were found.

Eventually investigators from the central government just shrugged their shoulders and went back home leaving the murdered villagers without justice. After all, honor killings happened day in and day out in Pakistan. What was another dozen deaths at the hands of Islam?

THIS, folks, IS Islam. And it is what Obama and his Democrat cohorts are importing into our country by the tens of thousands.

Last year a report quietly issued by Obama’s Department of Justice warned that honor killings are a growing problem in the U.S. and that dozens of cases of it are now being seen every year.

But while the U.S. is seeing *only* dozens of cases a year, we should take a warning from Britain, a nation which has thrown open its doors to millions of Muslim immigrants, many of whom are Pakistani. Since it became inundated with Muslim immigrants, so-called “honor killings” in the U.K. have numbered over 2,000 a year.

THIS is what happens when Muslims are allowed untrammeled migration to western nations. And this isn’t even to mention the barbaric Muslim practice of Female Genital Mutilation that grows to unprecedented heights with a flood of Muslim immigrants.

All this inhuman, anti-woman savagery is what Obama and his comrades are importing into our country. And why are they doing this? Obama is doing this solely with the expectation that these people will vote Democrat and keep liberals in power.
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