Anti-Trump Temper Tantrums and Riots: Liberals Aren’t Losing Their Minds, They’re Revealing Them

-By Warner Todd Huston

For a week, now, since the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States, liberals under 30 years of age who grew up earning “participation trophies” for everything they did have been rioting in some of the nation’s largest cities in order to thwart the more than 200 year American tradition of the peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another. But this nation wide temper tantrum isn’t an example of the left “losing its mind.” It is actually revealing the authoritarian, violent, and hate-filled mind the left has inculcated in our youth.

Young liberals have been flooding the streets of America’s big cities crying, pleading for “safe spaces,” kvetching, and whining about President Elect Donald Trump. And if that was all it was, it would be a bad enough sign that the left so hates our system that they don’t want to accept the results of an election simply because it didn’t go their way.

Unfortunately it is worse than simply blowing off steam. Instead these “protests” are filled with death threats, widespread property damage, physical violence against those with who they disagree, and all around anti-American hatemongering. In a few instances people have even been shot by these “protesters.” And if these anarchists continue, it won’t be long before there is a growing number of deaths recorded.

The “protests” weren’t always on their minds, of course. Only weeks ago liberals were laughing their heads off when ever some suggested that Trump might win the White House.

There was Ann Coulter a year ago who said that Trump was the most likely to win.

And nearly every liberal member of the old media establishment (are there any other kind?) who insisted Trump could never win.

But the laughing is over. Now instead of scoffing, liberals are turning violent.

Indeed, nearly every single “protest” is replete with examples of these so-called more caring liberals acting in exactly opposite terms from the “principles” they claim to hold.

For instance, liberals, especially young ones, universally claim to be “feminists” who stand against “rape culture,” right? Well apparently they only want to prevent the rape and come to the support of women who are liberals as we see in Washington D.C. where these “protesters” are carrying signs proclaiming “Rape Melania,” the wife of our new president.

Speaking of how liberals insist they are the only ones who “care” about women, this election did have a female first. Trump brought us the first female manager of a winning presidential campaign in U.S. history. Surely, you say, the left has been celebrating this successful, historic woman? Yeah. You guessed it. Crickets from the left.

And in other caring liberal female news, Hispanic and black female students at a California high school decided to beat up a white girl because she expressed support of Donald Trump.

Then there are those “caring” liberals who claim to be all about peace shouting that police should be killed. “Protesters” in Indiana flooded Indianapolis and Portland, Oregon, Miami, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and other places some shouting for police to be murdered.

It isn’t only the police these ne’er-do-wells want to kill. In another report, this one on CNN, we hear “protesters” yelling for the death to Trump supporters.

There was also a lot of graffiti across the nation fostered by liberals who wish death upon their opposition.

Despite carrying signs that read “Love Trumps Hate” (do liberals ever engage in introspection?), up to 20 were arrested in Portland after violent protests in that West Coast city. The “protesters” hurled bricks and rocks at police and even attacked a news crews in street battles during an hours-long standoff starting around 7 PM.

But even as common, everyday liberals take to the streets to beat up those they disagree with, blockade streets, and destroy other people’s property because, you know, they are all so into “peaceful democracy,” their instigators in the left-wing media and entertainment biz are egging them on with one meltdown after another all because Donald J. Trump won the election for president.

Among many examples, two so-called “journalists” Tweeted (then tried to delete) their hopes that Donald Trump would be murdered.

The two “journalists,” one who hoped for Trump’s assassination and another who said Trump’s coming to power was *just like* Nazi Germany, were the Guardian’s Monisha Rajes and Mark C. O’Flaherty from the Financial Times.

Tweets like the above by these “journalists” have been echoed by regular liberals across the nation…

Of course, all this hate and destruction isn’t solely emanating from American liberals. Foreign liberals are also getting into the act. It recently come to light that foreign money has been flowing into the coffers of the dangerous American liberals.

Granted some left-wingers are starting to get an inkling that they are as much to blame as anyone else for Trump’s victory. One liberal in Canada, for instance, points out that the left has cried wolf so much that no one was listening to them any more.

One metric of just how badly liberals are doing on the U.S. political scene is the graphic put out by the Washington Post showing how the Democrat Party has been decimated politically.

“That whistling sound you hear is the party Thelma-and-Louiseing,” the Post quipped after revealing the graph above showing how much representation Democrats have lost in every single political venue in the nation.

In the end, if the Democrat Party careens even farther to the left imagining that not being left enough was the reason they lost, the party will be marginalized more than ever.

But the schadenfreude is all so darn cathartic for we of the center right. This hilarity of it all is summed up in this amusing meme appearing on the Internet…

Yep. Take that, leftists.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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