Donna Brazile: Another Example That ALL Democrats are Liars and Have NO Integrity

-By Warner Todd Huston

There are some simple facts of life about members of the Democrat Party. They will say anything, they have no integrity, and everything the say is built on lies. It really is just that simple. And current Democrat National Committee Chair Donna Brazile just gave us a perfect example of this truism with her reaction to the latest FBI investigation against her boss, Hillary Clinton.

Late last week FBI Director and erstwhile Clinton operative James Comey shocked the Democrat establishment by sending a letter to Congress telling both Democrat and Republican committee members that he is re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server that she had hidden in her New York home when she was Obama’s Secretary of State.

We later found out that more of Hillary’s illegal emails were discovered on several devices owned by Anthony Weiner, the disgraced New York Congressman who is also the husband of Hillary’s long-time chief of staff Huma Abedin. The emails were found during an investigation into Weiner’s alleged sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old girl.

It appears that on these devices were stored “thousands” of Hillary’s emails likely containing classified material. Since Weiner has no security clearance that likely means these classified emails were illegally stored on those devices.

But when news broke of Comey’s letter to Congress, immediately the Democrat establishment cried foul and insisted that Director Comey was unfairly working to undermine Hillary only 10 days before Eletion Day. They also demanded that he release all he knows to “prove” that his new investigation is legitimate and not some illicit attempt to upset the election.

Yes, in other words, Democrats are saying that it was OK when Comey was on their side in the previous investigation after which he essentially cleared Hillary, but THIS time they are claiming he is a nefarious anti-Hillary operative seeking to undermine America’s election by launching this new investigation.

With this narrative we have no better example than the tweets about Comey from DNC chief Donna Brazile.

We start with a Brazile tweet from July 7 when she attacked Donald Trump for “damaging the rule of law” by questioning Comey’s original decision not to recommend that Hillary be indicted for breaking national security laws with her illegal, private server.

In this tweet Brazile was attacking Republicans and Donald Trump for criticizing Comey. Doing so, she insisted, was somehow destroying both the rule of law and the country.

But fast forward to October 29 after Comey launched his latest investigation. In her latest tweet she attacks Comey for his decision claiming his new investigation is “damaging” the country.

So, what do we have here? We have a July tweet where Brazile slams anyone who criticizes the FBI chief’s decisions saying that who ever does so is destroying the United States. All because she liked Comey’s decision… and yet, when Comey makes a decision she doesn’t like, suddenly its perfectly OK to criticize the FBI director, perfectly fine to say he is “damaging” the country with his actions.

At root what we see here is that Brazile is a liar. You can’t say a member of government is beyond reproach one second and the next that the same man is evil incarnate unless you simply have no integrity whatsoever.

Certainly Brazile is a liar and has no integrity, that much is clear. But the fact is, she is doing nothing different than any Democrat does. This sort of lying is standard operating procedure for Democrats. To be a Democrat, one must eschew integrity. Say anything to win. That is their only real ideal.
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