Hillary’s Lie About The Lie She Explained Was Not A Lie, But Was

-By Gary Krasner

The Clinton (“come with the cash”) machine came out yesterday saying that other (younger) staffers also came down with pneumonia.

It was an obvious attempt to show that whatever is ailing her now (pneumonia is the call today. Tomorrow, who knows?) is not related to her age or any underlying health problems that would make her unfit to serve.

(She is unfit to serve in any government position for myriad reasons, but that’s another story which MSM won’t publish.)

In other words, Hillary is saying that the pneumonia has been contagious. OK, that’s fine.

So knowing that she could transmit pneumonia, she nonetheless visited her daughter on Monday, following the 911 memorial service in NYC.

Her press people say that Hillary was playing and “running around the house” (yeah, right) with Chelsea’s infant.

This is a woman who clearly doesn’t foresee — nor care about — consequences. SERIOUS consequences.

Her daughter and granddaughter, by her machine’s own reckoning, was placed at a grave risk of disease and possible death by Hillary’s willful actions.

Most people with a contagious disease — and Hillary believes these diseases are contagious — stay home in bed. They don’t go out campaigning and thereby place other people’s lives at risk, including their own granddaughter’s.

But then no cabinet secretary had ever exposed our nation’s secrets to our enemies by setting up her own unsecure email server.

She claims that no lives were endangered because there’s no evidence our enemies hacked her server, despite every ranking national security saying that it had to have been hacked.

Not surprisingly, Matt Lauer on NBC let that lie go unchallenged last week.

Because as Andrew C. McCarthy wrote some months ago, no enemy is going to publicly announce that they discovered a US military secret. Instead, they exploit that knowledge — IN SECRET, DUHHH!

In fact, when the US suspects that our national security has been compromised, our government MUST ASSUME that it’s in enemy hands, and make changes to every ongoing and future policy or project which that secret could affect.

Hillary’s negligence went on for several years, on a daily basis. As McCarthy and others wrote, the amount of damage to our security has to be huge.

And that means there are probably numerous and drastic alterations to US policy and programs that are underway, as we speak.

Because unlike Hillary, the Government cannot take chances with human life.

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