Lifelong Democrat Operative and ‘Journalist’ Chuck Todd Says Supporting Trump is ‘Choosing Party Over the Country’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Having started his professional life as a Democrat campaign worker back in the 1990s, NBC’s Chuck Todd has been a lifelong Democrat operative. Now, this political hack posing as a “journalist” is saying that anyone who supports Trump in 2016 is choosing “party over country.”

You read that right. A guy who has played sellout to the Democrat Party for over 30 years is calling Republicans sellouts if they vote for Trump.

The startling and hypocritical statement came during an interview with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan–himself a sellout who has put party over principle–on this weekend’s “Meet The Press.”

After Ryan said he would support Trump for the GOP nomination and then for president, Todd blurted out this little gem: “you just made a case though for party over country.”

Ryan sensibly disabused the Democrat operative working for NBC that his claim was specious saying, “No I didn’t! I know Hillary Clinton won’t agree with anything we want to do. She’ll put a bad judge on the Supreme Court. She won’t agree with any of the conservative reforms we’re trying to do.”

As I noted above, one of Todd’s earliest career choices was as a Democrat campaign staffer. He was a member of Democrat Tom Harkin’s 1992 run for president, so he started his professional life as a party hack from the word go. Not long after his first job he morphed into a “journalist,” but as I wrote in a piece several years ago, he continued working for Democrats by his slanted “reporting” on political matters.

In any case, Todd’s charge is all kinds of wrong, regardless. A vote for anyone who can beat Hillary is a vote for country over party and politics. Especially in the case of Trump who is no member of the Republican Party in the first place!

Hillary will do nothing but carry on Obama’s destruction of the country. But where Obama’s goal was to destroy the country because he feels the U.S. is evil, Hillary will work to destroy it for greedy personal gain as well as partisan hatemongering against American traditions and life. She’ll add that one, even worse, layer to Obama’s destruction: avarice.

Now, I must reiterate that I am not a Trump fan. I was a Cruz supporter. But I have already written that one jettisons his conservatism if he refuses to vote Trump if the contest becomes one of Trump versus Hillary.

Hillary is the un-American choice. So, Chuck Todd can shove his partisan BS.

“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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