Dem. Abandons House Bid After Saying ‘ISIS Isn’t Evil’ In Act of PCism Gone to Logical End

-By Warner Todd Huston

A Democrat candidate for the House in Minnesota has abandoned his campaign and fled his social media after saying that ISIS “isn’t necessarily evil” prompting an avalanche of criticism. He said his Tweet was poorly worded and didn’t relate what he actually meant, but his nonsense is a perfect encapsulation of the utter stupidity of left-wing, politically correct thinking taken to its logical end point.

Dan Kimmel, of Burnsville, Minnesota took to Twitter on Saturday to belch out the proper level of PCism as a response to Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. But unbeknownst to him his Tweet was to become the end of his own campaign for office.

The foolish Tweet read as follows: “ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community. Violence is not the answer, though.”

In minutes the Democrat was heavily criticized and not long afterward he deleted the Tweet. But the recriminations continued and got so harsh that even the state Democrat Party called on him to quit the race. In short order he did end up quitting his campaign and retreated from the public eye.

Kimmel apologized on his campaign website saying the Tweet “was poorly worded and did not convey my intent.” He also said, “the tweet was stupid.”

But, while the Tweet was certainly very, very stupid and made Kimmel out to be a moron, it most certainly did convey exactly what he meant and he meant it in only the best PC style.

Let’s parse his Tweet…

ISIS isn’t necessarily evil.

In proper liberal speak, nothing is evil (except conservatives and Christians) so therefore in proper liberal-think, ISIS can’t be truly evil. Only–maybe–a little misguided.

It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community.

This is an extension of the first part. Since nothing is evil (except conservatives and Christians) then nothing ISIS could do could be truly bad. So, everything they do is just an attempt to enrich their “community” even if it is misguided. And, gosh darn it, if we only took the time to understand these poor people, why we’d be able to help them better.

Violence is not the answer, though.

And then the final PC sentiment that violence is never an answer when clearly violence IS some times the answer caps his idiotic Tweet. This last bit is truly empty of any logic because you must understand he is applying it to both the Islamists and those facing their depredations.

The thing is, this Democrat was using proper PC logic. He absolutely did mean everything he wrote. ISIS can’t be evil because they aren’t Christians or conservatives, so they are just “trying” to “help” their community. Oh, and “violence isn’t the answer” and kumbayah and “Imagine there’s no heaven” and everything.

But this Tweet really isn’t out of line with Democrat thinking at all. This Democrat found his Tweet so easy to post because it is the empty, idiotic, immoral rhetoric that liberals use every single day. I am sure that when he posted it he thought he would be praised for his open minded and advanced thinking. He most likely thought that liberals everywhere would hold him up as a model of proper thinking.

And he should be, because as far as PC thinking goes, his Tweet was a perfect formulation of the corrupted liberal mind.
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