Beltway Hacks Like Bill Kristol Are Why The GOP Needs to be Eliminated

-By Warner Todd Huston

For weeks the Republican establishment was attacking Donald Trump for refusing for a time to pledge that he would not run third party if he should lose the GOP nomination for president. Then he signed the pledge. But now establishment hack Bill Kristol is claiming HE will support a third party candidate if Trump wins the GOP nomination. It is this hypocrisy that shows why the rank and file are sick and tired of the Republican Party and why the GOP needs to be torn down and rebuilt as a real, conservative party.

Trump did finally sign that pledge that the GOP establishment wanted him to sign. These hacks said that Trump couldn’t clam to be a Republican unless he pledged to run as a Republican but then also pledged to support the party nominee if he lost the primary. OK, this makes a certain amount of sense.

However, that was early in this cycle when Trump was only up a little in the polls. Now that he has surged to a commanding lead (for now, at least) the GOP establishment is getting nervous. Because their effort to force Trump to sign this one party pledge had nothing at all to do with party loyalty. It had to do with the fact that they fully assumed that Trump could never win the nomination and they wanted to prevent his third party run in order to eliminate the possibility that as a third party candidate he would act as a spoiler allowing the Democrat to easily win the White House in 2016.

But now that Trump is leading handily, as I noted, hacks like Kristol are growing worried. Now they are starting to wonder if it really is possible for Trump to win the GOP nomination. And in that case they are coming smack up against the possibility that they will be the ones who don’t want to support the party nominee.

So, enter Kristol to claim that he might vote third party if Trump wins the GOP nomination.

But here is the thing. The GOP establishment is always telling conservatives that it is OK for them to fight for their ideas, but if the liberal GOP establishment gets the votes, then the establishment expects the conservatives to shut up and fall into line “for the good of the party.”

Again, that makes a certain amount of sense. When you have a party, it makes sense that the smaller factions should fall into line if or once they lose a particular debate–for party unity. However, the problem is, the GOP establishment is filled with lying hypocrites.

Why? Because the liberal GOP establishment never, ever returns that “party unity” favor. Whenever the conservative faction of the party begins to amass any level of power, the liberal wing smacks it down as hard as possible and in the worst, most underhanded way. Further, whenever the conservative wing wins an issue, the liberal establishment works to undermine and destroy the conservative side. There is no thought of party loyalty in that case, no thought that the liberal wing should just shut up and fall into line.

It is this hypocrisy that has made internal policy disagreements that should be able to be settled with inter party negotiation into an all out war, a fight that seriously undermines party unity and has destroyed the GOP.

Liberals have not only turned the Democrat Party into a communist, Euro-like party without a shred of patriotism, but the same liberal mindset is attempting to do the same thing to the GOP. In fact, at this point there is no GOP. It has been dead since the party excised Newt Gingrich in the mid 1990s.

So, there is no compelling reason for any conservative to have fealty to the Republican Party. There just isn’t.
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