NY Post Columnist Michael Goodwin Says Trump is the UN-Obama. That’s Why He’s On Top

-By Gary Krasner

The New York Post has a new piece by Michael Goodwin entitled ‘Pendulum Factor’ could land Trump in White House. But is Goodwin right?

Well, not exactly. Most Democrats still love Obama. Whereas Trump is popular among conservative Republicans. So there’s no “pendulum” swing for them. Conservatives NEVER liked Obama.

So Goodwin isn’t on point. Rather, the mystery is this: Why is Trump on top with conservatives, when he’s the least conservative in the field? WHY?!

ENTER “Gary Explains”:*

Republican voters turned out in droves to swing both houses of Congress into the largest majorities in history. And what did they get?

Nada. Zilch. They got Mitch McConnell and John Boner. They got leadership that wont lead. Not even to defund planned parenthood of all things.

One useless republican “leader”, Sen. Bob Corker, managed to guarantee that Iran will get a nuclear bomb! 6 years ago he was just a local yokel Tennessee businessman.

We voted into office men who loved incumbency and praise from beltway media elites, more than fighting for their country and the conservative agenda they were elected to advance.

Yet with the support of Republicans, they don’t fight. With hurricane winds to their backs, they don’t fight. After 10 years of frustration, there’s a black hole vacuum for a fighter.

Enter Trump. These pussies CREATED Trump. They created his popularity. Because unlike these pussies, Trump is blunt. Trump wants a wall. Trump doesn’t talk like them.

I’ve said this before. Trump doesn’t know the language of politics. When he announced he’s running, the usual pundits published his political obituary the same day.

Even I asked “where was his set speech?!” He was presumed to be a flash in the pan. Yet with every press conference, his poll numbers rose. WHY?

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where George discovers that if he goes AGAINST his better instincts, he succeeds?

Trump is acting against the better instincts of the professional political advisors. That’s why Roger Stone quit the Trump campaign in frustration. No message discipline.

But like George Costanza, whatever Trump utters benefits him. If the professional advisors think he really fucked himself this time, you should bet on the opposite effect.

So Goodwin got it wrong. Trump is not popular among Republicans because he’s the opposite of Obama. Rather, Trump is the opposite of Mitch McConnell and John Boner.

Prediction: If Trump announces in the next debate that if he’s elected, he will send those two pussies packing, Trump will jump 15 points in the polls.

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