Black Writer Whines That White Hip Hop Fans Don’t ‘Give a Sh*t’ About Blacks

-By Warner Todd Huston

A fellow going by the moniker “Stereo Williams,” one who claims to be an entertainment writer from New York, is all weepy because he thinks white kids who are fans of rap music “don’t give a shit about blacks.” But a look at the lyrics of nearly any rap song pretty much proves that the blacks that make the stuff are really the ones who don’t give a shit about blacks.

In his May 5 article, eruditely entitled, “Too Many White Hip-Hop Fans Don’t Give a Shit About Black People,” the entertainment critique noted that at least two generations of Americans have now grown up with rap and hip hop music as their music of choice. But from that platform, Williams does a high jump straight to the riots in Baltimore.

Williams noted that many of the white friends he grew up with–those same kids who quoted Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac in middle and high school–now unbelievably “vote red” and have kids of their own. Worse in his view is that some of them have taken to social media to say that the criminals and barbarians who torched Baltimore are “thugs” (his quote marks).

“Kids who had worshipped 2Pac,” Williams whines, “were now voicing their unequivocal support for police who ‘put their lives on the line.’ The ’60s hippies became .80s yuppies. And .90s wiggers are now in the Tea Party.”

It all culminates in a betrayal, as far as Williams is concerned. “So many of these white people who were raised on songs of the struggle of inner city black folks just don’t give a shit about inner city black folks,” he writes.

Williams goes on to insist that rap music is the “music of the struggle” and treats the genre as a legitimate source of social criticism but says that despite growing up awash in the rhetoric, too many white kids haven’t inculcated the nonsense spewed in rap music to give the criminals in Ferguson and Baltimore a pass for their behavior.

Then, like many liberals and excusers of criminality, Williams piles on to attack the Baltimore mother who made news last week when she slapped her rioting son off the streets to get him out of the riots.

To take a woman desperate to keep her son on a lawful path that treat her like the problem is itself an act of hate for the black community.

Regardless, Williams is all about the “rage” of this and the “lack of empathy” with that and attacks all whites as uncaring about the rioters’ plight.

He ends saying, “This country will continue to burn long after Baltimore begins to rebuild, as long as we allow the souls of black folks to entertain the same America that ignores the very real scars it’s inflicted.”

Now, one can see all this whining and see that Williams may have missed something with his lamentation that white kids who grew up on rap never learned how evil their so-called “white privilege” is. Williams seems to miss the real point: rap music failed because it is junk. It’s garbage that has nothing to teach anyone. In fact, that white kids might grow up, become adults, and leave behind their interest in the idiocy that is rap music is a good thing.

Sadly, the fact that many blacks only get angrier with rap music and seek to emulate the criminal behavior that the “music” genre promulgates is rather the problem, not that white kids stray from it as they age.

But it is also indicative of another problem. Few whites grow up “living” rap music. They may think it’s kitschy and cool to be rebellious as kids, but as they age they see that all the BS in rap “music” is not real life at all. Eventually they see it all as fantasy and then often dismiss it.

But many inner city black kids grow up imaging that rap music IS life and they continue to act on it as if it is real life as they age. This is the true failure of black culture and rap music. Sadly, rap offers nothing but hate, crime, and misogyny to its listeners.

In fact, by looking at the hate for education and women, the love of crime, the disregard for even proper English not to mention the anti-social behavior pushed in this “music,” one can only conclude that far from white rap fans not giving a “shit” about blacks, it is the black rappers themselves who don’t give a shit about blacks. With their “hos” this and “nigga” that, it is rap music that is helping cause the trouble in the black community, not helping to solve it. Anyone who is a fan of rap music should be ashamed of themselves.

Further, with the long history of “sampling,” even the music itself celebrates theft.

In the end, one must realize that Stereo Williams himself doesn’t really give a shit about blacks, either.

So, get lost Williams. You aren’t any paragon of truth. YOU are part of the problem.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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