Wisc. Dem. Candidate for Gov. Plagiarized Her Jobs Plan And Many Other Positions on Her Website

-By Warner Todd Huston

It has been discovered that the Democrat candidate for Governor of Wisconsin plagiarized her entire jobs plan after claiming that jobs and the economy was the centerpiece of her campaign. As the national media ignores the story this is another fine example of “if a conservative did it.” We know that if a Republican had done this the story would be leading every newscast and filling front pages of every newspaper.

Wisconsin Democrat Mary Burke has cavorted across the state claiming that jobs and the economy is the centerpiece of her campaign and has pushed her “jobs plan” as the solution that Wisconsin needs. But now it has been revealed that Burke had little to do with this oh-so-important plan and that her staff wrote the whole thing. But, worse, we find that her staff just plagiarized the plan from other Democrat candidates across the country.

The whole plan is a mishmash of cut-and-paste passages from elsewhere instead of any sort of comprehensive and original work.

Burke has fired the staffer responsible for this, but what is clear is that Burke had no real hand in creating this vaunted plan in the first place and was totally unaware that her staffers were just stealing it all from others.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has it exactly right in his comment on this situation:

Mary Burke now has zero credibility as a candidate. The entire premise of Burke’s campaign was built around her supposed ability to create jobs, but it turns out she couldn’t even create her own jobs plan without plagiarizing it from other candidates. Copying and pasting isn’t how you create middle class jobs or move Wisconsin forward as Scott Walker has. So with just 7 weeks left before the election, Democrats are running a candidate that still doesn’t have a jobs plan of her own.

But it isn’t just her jobs plan. Burke has now been found to have plagiarized–or her staff has, anyway–many of the items of her supposed plans that appear on her campaign website.

What we have here is someone who took no hand in creating her agenda, someone who had no idea what was put on her own website, but someone who took these “plans” and claimed they were her concerted opinions for how to lead Wisconsin forward.

In other words, Mary Burke is an empty suit, a fraud being programmed by others.

Again, imagine if a Republican had done this! It would be everywhere. Full court press. Any GOP candidate who had allowed others to create his positions then claimed they were is most closely held ideas would be destroyed by these sorts of revelations.
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