Pope Francis: The Catholics’ Commie Pope Problem is Growing

-By Warner Todd Huston

With his third major address infused with socialist buzzwords, it seems to be official. Pope Francis is the first Commie Pope. And this is a big problem for the Catholic Church and they’d better get a handle on it.

First of all it is disgusting that any member of the cloth would advocate for communism like this Pope seems to be doing. Communism and its sister ideologies socialism and Nazism are responsible for the deaths of more humans than anything man has ever done. Yes, even more than religion–In fact, more than all religions combined. If you are in favor of communism/socialism/Naziism (and there is no material difference between them), then you are an apologist for mass murder. It really is just that simple.

Now, the Catholic Church has enough of a bad history instigating mass murder, so glomming onto communism is not a good PR move.

In any case, this week Pope Francis issued yet another speech filled with communist rhetoric. This time he all about “redistribution” of wealth using the Biblical story of Zacchaeus.

Some Catholics are bending over backwards to explain away this, the third time Francis has indulged socialist rhetoric. For instance, ever the dutiful Catholic, Ed Morrissey at HotAir.com, is saying that there is more to it than just being alarmed at the socialist buzzwords that Francis used.

“In this case, the term “legitimate” is a limiting factor when redistribution is placed in the context of the Gospel story of Zacchaeus,” Morrissey insists.

“This may not be the most conservative or libertarian expression of economic policies, but it’s basic Catholic teaching on economics for decades, if not centuries.,” he continues.

Morrissey concludes saying, “Just remember–when the media provides only small soundbites of Pope Francis, it pays to read the entirety of his remarks, and to know and understand the teachings behind them.”

But all that ignores that Pope Francis insists on using the key communist rhetoric. And that rhetoric has a specific, modern definition. It isn’t a part of Catholic history at all. And in using those key terms, it seems pretty clear that Franics means them in the modern sense.

If he didn’t he’d not use them at all and would stick with that same terminology that Catholic teaching on economics has used for decades.

But Francis insists on using communist terminology, not Catholic rhetoric.

His socialist-styled mode of speaking is why Time magazine made him their Person of the Year in 2013. It wasn’t because he’d done anything–after all he’d been in his office for only a few months. No, it was because he speaks like a commie.

I think we are seeing that this Pope is a communist before being a Catholic. And this is a disgusting thing that the Church needs to tamp down and quick.
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